Bonus Chests are Not eligible items in the Marketplace

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  1. I disagree with this. I think that if people are able to know what's in the chests they can better understand the issue and what's happened. They will also know which chests have worthless items (for example 16 TNT), and which have really valuable items (like Marlix Leggings).

    The worthless items have perpetual value as a bonus chest, regardless of the limitations on trade. Even with trade illegal, they can still be used for drop parties or publicly displayed to stimulate conversation.

    The entire issue we are dealing with here comes about due to players not knowing what's in the chest. In the effort to hopefully head towards a direction of increased knowledge and hopefully a legal exchange of the lower-value chests as solely collector items between two people who know what they're getting, I am offering a free service to tell players what is in their chests. This is done by simply attempting to stick the item into a chest of bonus chests, and it will stack with the matching item. I've already opened one of most types of chests, so I know already what's in them. If anyone wants me to provide this service for them, send me a private message.

    I feel like the chests have a huge story involved and are an important part of the Empire history, especially due to all the commotion caused by these issues. It's easy enough to confirm what's in them if you know how the system works, and therefore knowledgeable players should eventually be able to knowingly trade them. If both players are able to know and confirm that the chests stack appropriately, then they are both knowledgeable to the contents and there should be no issues. Both the buyer and seller know exactly what they are getting and can confirm easily.
  2. It's only blind if you don't know what you're buying/selling, and it's easy to tell based on stacking.
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  3. That is the problem though, the seller can know what they are selling but the buyer may not. While your idea of stacking and determining what is inside it before selling has good intentions, it is laborious and requires that both sides have complete knowledge of how this event works. In general, when people come to the site to look it up, they will see that it is a random chest. They aren't going to assume that there is a way to differentiate the items in one chest from another. So while you may be doing things in a good way, others won't be. It would be pretty easy to scam someone and make the chat logs seem like the person knew what they were getting.
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  4. You guys are right. It would be cumbersome at the worst and from my experience talking to players, there would certainly be a lot of confusion. I think I found a simple solution that really solves all the issues.
  5. Apologizes to anybody upset or offended by my previous posts. I don't take back what I said, and I still stand by everything, but I realize now I should not have been so aggressive in my approach. Also, the theft incident I was involved in was still very fresh, and was clearly obstructing my opinion on things and becoming intrusive on an unrelated issue. Again, I'm sincerely sorry to anybody who was upset or offended by my previous posts on this thread.
    Thank you
  6. Same here. In general my opinion is also that the information is best shared to raise awareness. In general, and I feel very strongly about this as well. Enough to even publically vent about it.

    But there is a problem with this reasoning, at least where EMC is concerned. You can't educate the masses. From the moment that the 300k player stepped in we've had (looking it up): 1561 more people joining us.

    Now, a small side-step: I hope you can agree that we got a very nice New player guide, in-game /tutorial, and a set of strict and obvious rules to accompany all this. There are also failsaves all over the place to protect players from themselves. For example; the moment you give someone a container, admin or similar flag then all the bells and whistles start spouting off to warn you about the possible consequences. Better yet: this warning even strongly suggests that players use the command: /res default (reset flag permissions) A.S.A.P.

    In fact, let me show you exactly what happens. First:

    It cannot get any more obvious than this in my opinion. So I click the green wool after which I get this:

    Obviously I immediately removed it, no way that a new player gets this kind of access on my residence. Only reason I used her as example is because she's offline :p

    But back on topic. I hope we can agree that the information regarding the potential flag abuse is clearly out there, right? It cannot get more obvious than this I'd say. Agreed?

    Now, here's the thing.. I've been helping and talking to players a lot as some of you may know. And I can tell you, without any bias (important detail!), that there are still dozens of players out there who find themselves on the wrong end of a trust relationship. In other words: giving out flags to players who then abuse those permissions to steal or grief them. Even though the information is in plain sight, as you can see. I'm not making this up: just this evening did I hear from yet another player about how he got griefed and an item got stolen from him on his residence. I checked out his residence using /res info <name> (the player shall obviously remain anonymous) and for sure... 4 - 6 people with an admin flag.

    And this is a subject which is in plain sight. As I demonstrated.

    If such a fully clear and obvious issue like the admin flags, which has bells and whistles attached all over the place, still manages to haunt players then how do you think the whole thing will go with something as vague and obscure as these event chests?

    Don't get me wrong here. I couldn't agree more when it comes to the freedom of information. But there are places where it simply isn't appropriate. And unfortunately I have to agree that EMC is one of those places. The server is just too big and the community too massive. You can't "educate the masses" just like that.

    This probably would have worked on a server which has, say, a maximum of 30 - 50 players. But not EMC.

    There is another problem with this: doesn't that basically take away the whole idea behind the event chests? In my opinion its much more fun not to know what's in it. I've been opening chests with 2 - 3 different players and that moment where you both open a chest and then go: "what did you get?" while quickly opening up your inventory to check what you got... priceless...

    Instead of trading the unknown, why not enjoy the moment and then trade what you got in the open?
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  7. That was probably the intent, and a good idea for future events, but having cloaks like was done is a very poor way to do it. Much better that the chests actually give you a random item. In this way, they are all consistent and have a fair value (the average item you will get).

    Nobody is trying to trade the unknown. Rather, people would like to have a collector item from the 300k EMC event they can keep, show off, and perhaps sell or auction at a profit later. At every event in the past, promos could be bought cheaply and resold later. This is a business a lot of players engage in, and it's not fair for them to be victims of a rule change when they haven't intended to do anything wrong. In some cases, players paid up to 10k for bonus chests which contained as little as 16 TNT. Now, the staff rule makes it such that their 10k investment will never have a legal value greater than the 350r that the TNT is worth. The bonus chests will always have a value at least as high as the items contained within them, and that value is now gone.

    So let me ask you... If you had 100 bonus chests (worth 500k based on 5k/chest and likely a lot more now that the event is over and nobody can get any more), would you rather open them and get 1600 TNT (value 32k) or 6400 emeralds (value 192k) or even 3200 diamonds (value 352k)? Can you blame a player who spent a large amount of money buying bonus chests in the hopes to resell them for being upset to lose hundreds of thousands of rupees?

    This is the main reason I've made my suggestion here, which I feel will effectively fix the issues and make it clear for players what they trade when they trade bonus chests. For future events, I agree that a new system with truly random chests may be more fun.
  8. I can't help but notice that no one has commented on this: paraphrasing Aikar, "Bonus chests will be used in the future so they aren't unique to this event." "Bonus chests won't be used in the future" uh... so... I'm just gonna go with, that's aikar. :D

    Edit: Oh my bad... Kryssy said: bonus chests in the future and aikar said: no bonus chests in the future. sorry about that. I'm getting old dudes.
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  9. Hai guys! I've got a cool thread! Come to the Saturday party (I posted) to here it!
  10. How do you post your own thread made by yourself? (Just wondering.. Maybe I want too...)
  11. Help new players lets not get rich from people that did'nt know what might be inside the box. I still think it was a great to to do and arrange enjoyed taking part and at the end of day everything we do has rules good or bad it is to protect those who had not played before and to make them come back . Wisdom is a good thing i opened all my boxes and i will be keeping and using. Some sold boxes without looking inside and wanted back after .... to late sold.
  12. I don't understand. If you are buying the chest, for the chest itself, and not to open it, how do you not know what you are buying/selling? Both parties would then know the transaction involves the chest, and not the items within it.

    On a side note, It may be helpful in the future to add some sort of reminder when you acquire/open the chest that they cant be sold. Had I known this, I would have saved one for my museum, but because I didnt, it will forever be missing a promo that I have an ability to get.

    Also, what if the buyer and seller acknowledge that there will be no refunds should the box be opened, regardless of contents?
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  13. Would it be allowed to sell these if you inform the buyer what is inside the chest?
  14. Faith I have highlighted the important words in blue for you.

    you might know what is in the chest, but the player does not, and has no way too know. The only evidence they have as to what the chest is, is your word.
    As such we're not allowing them to be traded as the buyer CAN NOT see what is in them.
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