Bonus Chests are Not eligible items in the Marketplace

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  1. Just a note that giving these away for free is allowed, specifically because it means that you cannot scam anyone if you are giving it for free. As for passing it to your alt, there's definitely nothing wrong with that :p It's just that if goods or cash are involved in the trading of the Bonus Chests then there will be consequences.

    I still have a lot of my chests unopened, I'll probably open some more later and then keep the rest just for show :) As much as I hate not being able to sell these even in the future (unless there is an amendment to the rule in the far future), I do agree with this rule because it prevents scamming and other problems. Good call.
  2. For all of those wondering what to do with their chests. Open them... they were meant to be open and still hold items with value. While the chests aren't able to be sold the items inside them are. They aren't worthless just because you can't sell the chests... My suggestion? Open a bunch and leave a few, that way if you ever open a museum or just like collecting them you have one or two for that. Here's a short list of what you can do with them, while some may not be agreeable to this they still are some options.

    Drop Parties
    Loaning to Museums
    Prizes for Events or Contests

    They're pretty great filler for something you got for free, and those will alts got quite a bit. Take the rule in stride cause as Simon stated, the rule is final, and in the best of intentions. It's hard pleasing 300 thousand people, but this helps keep 300 thousand people safe from being scammed.
  3. Ah, then this actually makes this item more interesting! Just think about it... an item that you can only get if it's given to you... quite cool! ;)
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  4. Not trying to be rude, but the blind auction thing has been a rule at least since I started here. It was actually the first thing I thought of when I saw people buying/selling the chests. But I'm not a staff member, so who am I to tell people what to do?
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  5. Yea you stop using your common sense :p
  6. Yes sir... :oops:
  7. Staff will not be doing anything like this. Bonus chests are not a special item and will be used in the future for other events. They won't be a rare item and we made it abundantly clear from the beginning that the new event system will be used again for other events. They are meant to be a vessel that stores a random prize for the event for simplicity's sake, not a prize themselves.
  8. *pours one out for all the players who went around buying up everyone's chests*
  9. And also a vessel for rewarding multiple items at the same time, which is the main reason they were created :)

    And note... we really didn't need to use the chests for this event, but the original plans on how I envisioned this event going needed them to mask the reward, but I changed things and was to pressed on time to recreate all the prizes outside of chest form (I was up till 5 am to release this and I wanted it to be an entire weekend thing)
  10. I don't want to start anything, just more of a suggestion, Maybe in the future make it so like chests wont stack as then that would make it impossible to tell what chests are the same. Just my thought.
  11. I think you did very well and hope to see this in the future as it will allow people of all time zones to go and get items, Very good work. In My Opinion i like this better than a drop part as you are surly able to get a few items at random
  12. This sums up the issue well.

    Anyone buying these chests would be "taking the sellers word" with no ability to confirm it themselves until after purchase.

    And yes you can give the chests to your own accounts or as a gift.

    This is the same rule we've been doing for all promos - don't go soliciting to buy/sell to players.
    Open it up, enjoy the rewards. No ones chest is "worthless". Just open it, and potentially get many 10s of thousands of rupees.
  13. In the future we would just stock the item itself as the reward, no chest involved. A main benefit of the chest though was that moderators had 0 chance of unfair advantages.

    But in future we can just stick to Sr Staff (as we learned a few inefficiencies in this event with filling the chest we will work on for next one lol, we wasted 30+ mins trying to find an unaccounted for chest only to find it was a message sign >.<)
  14. I'm a sentimental guy when it comes to promos so I'll always keep one of the bonus chests around as is (especially since i got an alt account on the loose in EMC - plus I know it's a silk touch I book so nothing too valuable lost), but am more than happy to tear open the rest of them. :)

    Truly a fantastic idea and a great event. Thanks so much for all of your hard work Aikar.
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  15. I bought some earlier in the week for the future, but I see why this rule came into place. It is a good rule to stop scamming.
    Sorry to all the people (like me :p) who bought them before this was announced.
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  16. Is this being enforced? because I recently complained about the annoyance of players jumping from server to server spamming the economy chat asking to buy the promos and I was shunned.
  17. 2 of my bonus chests had a diamond supporter voucher and a gold supporter voucher! :D
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  18. I personally think this was supposed to be a fun scavenger hunt to celebrate a very very big milestone, not to be a new scamming method. I mean seriously, people have been trying to buy my chests for 50 a piece. >.<
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  19. I would like to know how this is possible if the drops are apparently random.
  20. The less people that know how to identify it, the better. The chest item you got from the physical chest was a random chest item. The chest item itself contains a set item.
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