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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Hey Community!

    With all the new features the Empire is offering and Dragon Tombs on the horizon, many of our perm-banned members have contacted us regarding a possible fresh start on the Empire.

    After careful deliberation over the topic, along with a staff meeting discussion, we have agreed to allow perm-banned members to appeal once more. This appeal will then be presented to the staff team and a majority vote for a final chance will occur.

    Site-banned Players:
    Email to appeal your siteban.

    In-game bans:
    Invite Krysyy to a conversation on the forums.
    *Note: This pm should follow the standard ban appeal process.

    Please be patient, as the staff vote may take days to finalize the results.
  2. Yay! Soulpunisher can appeal!
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  3. This is wonderful news! I can see some oldies again. :p
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  4. So - if you're not currently permabanned, but have been permabanned in the past will this raise your chances of having things not reviewed as critically?
  5. Nfell can come back!
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  6. It would be good to see him back again, but that would make his ban reason pretty ironic. :p
    No matter how strongly one says "NEVER", there is always still a chance.
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  7. *PTHagaard: Hey guys I'm back!
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  8. I know. I have been talking to soul, and both his labeled and descriptive ban reason are ironic.
  9. what did ssoul even do?
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  10. For those not banned... can we put this in our pocket as a get out of jail free card? I mean.. strictly hypothetical.
  11. *breaks screen lid off and puts in pocket. robs bank*
  12. What did soul even do?
  13. Yes, I can appeal!

    -I mean, what's a ban?
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  14. As a note, it's best not to talk on the reasons why some players got banned, as that's not what this thread is for.
    I like to think this thread is for those players to move forward, not dwell on the reasons of their past. :)
  15. -_-
  16. Hooray! I can appeal early!
  17. Well, it's true though, we are not meant to look at what they have done, but what they hope to do in the future.
  18. Should we hold a welcoming party for Copherfield? (Woo Delta Team)
  19. Does that mean that "Jumble Eternity" can potentially return..? o3o ...Is it too late to hire a lava wall contractor for the entire continent that my Utopian Outpost resides on..?
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