Another Chance on the Empire

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Each case is different.
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  2. Can we get a re-ban on this rule breaker ^^^

    kidding of course.

    So... I just read way more than I needed to know about bans. Don't break the rules dudes. ;-) As far as the email thing, that's just silly. It is spam because you aren't asked if you want to receive alerts so it is deceptive advertising for the site. A legal case on that note would be easy to make especially when repercussions come about when it's called out as it is, spam. :p Facebook, twitter all those sites that never ask you if you want alerts and send them to you anyways: they get the spam button. As emc would if people loved me enough to fill in my mail box. I guess I'm going to go turn off my notification settings in hopes that one day someone will love me :D
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  3. Impressive. Truly impressive. When I spotted this thread (I wasn't aware of its existence) because it got pinned and while I skimmed it my first reaction was:

    (first reaction, please continue reading!): I'm not too sure I like this. I do think it is a good idea to open up an option for players who redeemed themselves to appeal but at the same time you're also risking to "devaluate" the meaning of a permanent ban. It's permanent but... not for real because there might be an option to appeal. I can't help wonder if moving away from permanent to timed also couldn't help? So: re-adjusting the punishment rules. Thing is: permanent means that you did something really wrong... So yah...

    Then I read this:

    Which eased my mind a little more.

    Then came Aikar responding to my exact same issues mentioned above:

    [About: Perm = (long) timeout?]

    That hit a nerve with me because... Well, it was the one thing to which I had to heavily adapt to when I came onto the Empire (blame my previous server, but that's not a fair comment on my end). The server I came from was filled with, as I believe, more teens / grown ups. And with that state of mind I entered EMC and this small tidbit was a culture shock for me (no joke).

    However, Aikar's comment also raised some new doubts with me:

    [About: Moderators in the past made wrong bans?]

    So moderator (who doesn't like $player) bans, player has to appeal with $moderator, then what?

    Well, then I came across one of Aikars other comments:

    I can't make any more counter arguments here. Well, perhaps one: so; we simply sit it out, make a good story and we'll be let back in? Kryssy sorry: Krysyy got that one:

    Why I'm commenting? Well, you pinned this thread for everyone to see first ;)

    Nah; because going over this thread has got me to respect EMC even more than I did before. It also reconfirmed that EMC isn't the kind of server like any overall server out there. Now, I strongly believe in transparency so I'd also like to share why all of this hit a nerve with me... A place I used to frequent did a major rehaul and went from 1.7 to 1.8. I left because of it (map wipe) but that was my choice.

    They also did what EMC has done here, but more extreme: a full pardon for permanent banned players. Lets just say that I was lucky not having to live through this, because when this happened I was well within the protective cloak of Empire Minecraft.

    Some of those unbanned players were rebanned the very same day.

    Here's my problem: Some say "(other) staff got onto it pretty quickly". I say: "innocent players got on the bad end of a (IMVHO): utterly poor decision and they will now have to cope because they aren't getting a refund either way".

    I am so happy to learn that EMC approaches all of these issues a "little" different.

    Like I said: it almost seems impossible but my respect rose even more.
  4. Not kidding when I say I probably should have been.

    Yep. I was that guy. I am sure everyone has pitiful stories from their nub days, but mine put everyone's to shame. Or not-shame. You know what I mean.
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  5. I don't know whether or not I know to that extent... XD glad you got your appeal though. Maybe they should have unbanned you, then rebanned you as soon as you logged on for spamming staff. Then after you spammed them again been like... "well we either keep getting messages or we let him go bug the community instead. Here you go boozlenub, you are unbanned again."

  6. That link in my previous post is a screenshot showing the "receive email notifications" box unchecked. I just tried checking it then saving it, then unchecking and saving it again to see if that fixes the problem.
  7. Honestly, I sent so many ban appeals to poor crazy they could have confused it with a DDoS attack =P
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  8. What happened there? Ready, set, Go!?
  9. Just read what /p says. Everything else is unnecessary.
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  10. Dragon tombs!!!
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  11. Please don't bump old threads.
  12. Why not?

    It's better to comment at a newer thread with the same topic but to my knowledge there is not threads like this one :eek:
  13. Does it count as a bump when the thread is pinned? :)

    In any case, he seems to just be randomly posting anyhow.
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  14. i think its best to keep ontopic. but i also dont think bumping old threads is bad every time, some ppl may never have seen it b4. this thread sure showed me that staff puts a lot of thought & effort into the server, and i think thats really admirable. also b/c only very few ppl will realize all the effort they put into this.
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  15. why was soulpunisher banned :D
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