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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. It isn't just a vote. It is a discussion thread for each appeal
  2. As long as there's some proper discussions, I'm happy :p
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  3. I assure you that every staff member has the ability to Voice their opinion. We had to move the appeal threads to a separate section because they were spamming our staff forums =P
  4. If that single person has a strong case, they should be able to convince the other staff members too, and then therefor they will vote accordingly.

    Essentially for it to be a 1 vs the rest vote, the 1 voting to appeal would have to fail to convince the other staff its a good idea to unban.

    I believe that is really about as fair as we can make it.
  5. But here is the faulty in your statement, no matter what she did, it doesn't matter anymore. R0bbie is no longer staff member. This thread basically revokes the "never to be unbanned" message because we have a new policy. I am not dissing the staff that were demoted/left, but they aren't staff anymore, so some stuff they did doesn't apply to today anymore. (4-15-14) We aren't in the past, we are in the presents. The demoted/leaving staff no longer have authority.
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  6. Well, lets be clear that just because they are no longer staff doesn't mean we dont respect their thoughts.

    but the point being, is that anything a player has done SHOULD be on the square profile, and that should be used in staffs judgement on voting for the player.

    So it has nothing to do based on where the staff who banned the person is now - but more so on why was the user banned, under what context, and how does the context apply to current day EMC.
    People banned for criticizing EMC should have a real chance at appeal now that EMC is being more open to criticism and thick skinned.
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  7. I am really happy about this. :) I am loving the direction EMC is going.

    Yeah.. I was a little too harsh on my post. Every staff member has done amazing stuff while they were staff members. I was just trying to explain how that Robbie's note doesn't really have a real affect right now, because now people can try and get a staff vote to appeal via now with this thread.
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  8. I've been seeing a lot of old threads being bumped lately...... I said I'm missing out so let's get pumped for second chances woo hoo also it seems dragon tombs was on the horizon as of April last year well I think that isn't even close yet it is still midnight here so get pumped for second chances!!!
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  9. I feel like this should be pinned to the news sub-forum so it is easier to find.

    To anyone who still has doubt, the staff are too smart to let someone on who will cause issues.

    This thread let me play on EMC again, and others should have that opportunity.
  10. So not as a result of this thread.. I actually forgot about the email for site-banned players. But if anyone actually noticed, I was permabanned and site-banned for probably about a week maybe up until yesterday morning.. I emailed Aikar about it and found out that it was caused when I accidentally marked several EMC emails as spam unintentionally while I was cleaning out my email while being half asleep. This action can cause negative effects on empire even if you don't intend on it. As a result, I was banned and up until talking to Aikar, I had not known why, as the spam marking was accidental and unintentional and I had not realized that I had until I searched my spam folder after the convo with Aikar yesterday morning. Aikar even told me to "please be cautious about reporting as spam. It's essentially calling the email police on the sender saying they did something illegal", So yeah, Everyone should be careful with the email that EMC sends you as it can cut you away from Empire if you are reckless with them.. :\
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  11. I wonder why we are doing this. It seems sort of vindictive for something that seems more likely to be done by accident.

    I don't often check the email I have associated with my account so when I clean it out and have to delete hundreds of unread messages from EMC at a time it does seem pretty spammy. I wouldn't intentionally flag them but there is a chance that I will click the wrong button someday.

    I can see my alerts when I log in so I tried turning email alerts off a long time ago in Preferences but they keep coming: Does anyone know of a way to stop them or am I doing it right and it is just not working?
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  12. This thread brings back memories of being banned... Thanks to this thread I am still here today. :)

    As for what happened to autumnrain, no words. Although I understand why it happened, I don't think you should have been banned for that, because I don't see anything in the rules about marking EMC emails as spam...

    I think that if that is something you can do to get banned it should definitely be in the rules.
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  13. I know I hate having my email cluttered with stuff I'm gonna be seeing anyway when I do my daily log on to vote and check out the forums.
    You can turn off the email alerts by going to Preferences (from the selection while hovering over your avatar located to the upper right of the screen) this will bring you to your Browsing Preference page. Be sure the box next to the (in this post only) yellow lettered selection, below, does not have a check in it. I hope this has helped. =]

    Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply...
    • and receive email notifications of replies
    One last thing and it's important ---> Hit The Save button before you leave that page. :)

  14. Wow I remember this thread.
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  15. I also remember this thread, April 2014 I made a feeble attempt at an appeal and it failed. Per the rules, I waited a year (actually over a year) and tried again, this time letting it sit for a few days so I could make sure not to waste the attempt, and it worked. I'm very thankful for this :)
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  16. The rules say you have to wait a year inbetween appeals? :confused: Then that was one I certainly broke way back when xD
  17. Thought it was only 6 months?
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  18. I got really lucky. I was told I'd have to wait a year to appeal, then aikar said I could appeal early, then this thread came out and he told me to appeal here. I was on my alt, so I had to wait a few more months so the staff could observe me there. It was stressful, but I am very thankful of all the work krysyy put into trying to get me unbanned and dealing with me.
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  19. Well... Per what I was told when the first one was denied it was a year

    (April 26, 2014)
    I'm curious if it's changed..?
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