1.16.4 Nether Update - 12/19/20

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  1. Probably best to leave it as beds for now in case they do add something. It was unlikely they would add a respawn anchor since they disabled beds in the nether, but there it is.
  2. Bug Fixes that should be out now.
    • Aikar has fixed more issues with the old custom items being considered different than new ones.
    • Fixed bug with bed explosions checking recent combat activity.
    • Jumping will mark your player as active (not away)
    • Fixed mob spawners mobs not attacking players (now the first few waves will).
    • Fix a bug with Ghasts not attacking players.
    • Allow misc entities to take up mob limit spots. But not the other way around.
      This means that they can you could get (in town) 100 chickens + 40 minecarts. Or 50 chickens + 90 armorstands. But not more than 100 chickens regardless of the number of non-mobs.
      Also adjust wild mob densities to be closer to pre-update.
    • Fix an issue with fortress mobs spawning in the overworld.
    • Fix marlix's bossbar.
    Remember to send in bug reports if you notice something wrong.
  3. Overnight there was a bug fix update containing...
    • A fix for ghost boss/event spawning in messages. They were supposedly giving a message without spawning in. I probably fixed it despite not being able to recreate it. Please send me a message if you see it happening still.
    • Fix the world reloading when leaving vehicles.
    • Backend work for christmas promo #Spoilers.
  4. :o New functionality? :eek:
  5. Is this a new mob? 🤔
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  6. There was an issue where the Spawned-in message got put into chat. Some players dubbed them ghost mobs.
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  7. Ah ok. Thought I missed a new mob. :D
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  8. Did an update last night. With a bug fix update inbound today for it.

    • Cross-server tablist is now live! This should also bring tabcomplete for chat. (Will work on commands in the future).
    • Enraged Ghasts are now less destructive.
    • Beds in the end now work again for setting spawn. Ceasing to explode.
    • Fix the water flow flag.
    • More fixings to items. Specifically witches gem issues should be resolved.
  9. wait why is the server restarting? 0.o
  10. It was for some fixes to some bugs in my earlier post. Should be fine now.
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  11. It is worth noting, to address questions received.

    We do plan to improve sorting of the Tab list. It was just complex enough that it would have delayed release.
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  12. Off topic a bit.. is there any word on a fix for /vote fixitem for banners? Still gives errors when there is a name change. All other items are working fine.
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  13. If you could send me a pm with the error. That would help. I didn't specifically know there was an issue with it still.
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  14. Ya no problem. I will take some screens for ya.
  15. My apologies, it works now. I must have tried it just before the update and it wouldn't let me fix the banners.
  16. I'm actually quite fond of it being sorted alphabetically by name rather than by server, the only issue I see with it is Utopia always being last. <-- this was wrong <-- this was only partially wrong

    Looks like players on your own server are always shown last in the tab list :confused:
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  17. it would be cool to have server headings if possible for tab list rather than the server number/ letter at the beginning of tab list names
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  18. This is probably one of the updates that was never asked for to be pushed and unnecessary to add. If you are going to add a tab system including all smps, separate the players based on smps in the tab. The tab player list is so messy with players it's hard to see which player is on what server. Really don't understand why this wasn't thought up initially with this update
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  19. No, it was requested. Imagine a new player joins and they see 5 players online in tab, when there are actually 50. Said player might leave immediately, thinking EMC is completely dead. Cross-server tab is good for new player retention.
    They're working on improving it.
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  20. I have fixed my statement and I hope they are fixing it because it's just so messy
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