1.16.4 Nether Update - 12/19/20

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  1. I didn't know it was a bug until now, but I recorded the bug by accident six years ago in this video:

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  2. Not complaining. I know bug fixes are hard...but I just got a silverfish to drop a steel spike. Only it burned up! Can I get some fake tears someone?
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  3. Will ghast tears do - that is about as fake as they get, lol!!! :confused:
  4. Apparently enraged creepers explode blocks while they shouldn't. This does not seem to be new behaviour, considering Ulti's video. It is possible that these are two separate bugs, and the one by Ulti was fixed before. However, judging from the following comments in this thread, I think it is fair to suppose that the bug was in fact intact between 2014 and 2021.

  5. Update notes.

    Updated to 1.16.5
    Fixed issues with enraged creepers exploding instead of being allowed to be killed all the way.
    Fixed various issues with mobs destroying AntiGrief protected blocks.
    Fixed exploding carrots being sucked up by hoppers
    Switched from string to Bones items to click on residences and be sent the /res info for that location.

    In the next day, there ought to be an update which will fix an issue with 1.15 Horse Spawn Eggs. The fix is NOT live yet, so I encourage you not to spawn them in till such time.
  6. Hopefully this is the right space to mention this. If not I apologize.
    We had some missing blocks (black glass) on smp6 last night in our public utilities. Found out this morning it was due to a player placing a bed that exploded and broke buildmoded blocks...
    Im assuming this is not a wanted intention.(moople and crystal both came out and looked at it at the time found)
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  7. Well. That would mean the person blowing up the bed had permission to break those blocks.
  8. The person who said they did it, did not have vouch or block break..(im 98% sure) I can double check with TheEllis about it though and get back to you.

    Also Ive been told you were aware buildmoded logs could be stripped(removing the original player buildmode and adding the new players buildmode), Just thought I would double check you were aware of that as well :)
  9. At the North Nether Outpost on Utopia Waste (-07 / 57 / -3978) None of the teleports to other waste directions and frontier do not work, yet the onw to town does appear to be working. Was checked by two members.
  10. Spawner mobs not spawning, "skelly spawner" above co-ords "14316 level 8 5016" <- this is a safe TP point
  11. Sorry. I think there is information missing here. Such as which server this is on
  12. I died swimming in lava yesterday mining in the waste.:eek: I had netherite tools and armor plus other items on me. Knowing that netherite doesn't burn, I went back to retrieve my armor and tools. To my surprise non of my items burned.:D I got everything back. Is this a bug or a change?
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  13. This happened recently to me, also. This is normal, but there is a time limit to retrieve your drops. It only works when you die in the lava. If you drop it in, it of course burns up. Congrats on getting your stuff back!!!
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  14. Dropped items do not burn in lava nor fire upon death. :)
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  15. Sorry your right, smp8 wild

    I am also getting an error code when trying to place hopper minecarts in an empty 16 x 16 chunck
    "A nearby summary could be the cause for this chunk to be over the limit"
  16. Well. As you pointed out. It is because there are too many entities in the area...
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  17. I am removing my bee hives at night, my understanding is that bees don't come out if you break the hive at night. My bees are coming out, not sure if this is a new mechanic or a bug
  18. Chickeneer, per our brief discussion last night, here is a brief synopsis of the potential bug I have been dealing with since around the time of the 1.15 update. I use cactus with a carpet tile on top to break minecarts. This cactus is surrounded by hoppers at the level of the incoming rail to collect the minecarts. Most, if not all of the minecarts, seem to be disappearing when they break - they are very seldom collected, they are just gone. Please go to our convo requesting SS assistance with removing Netherrack above Bedrock from a few days ago for the coordinates and more details . . . thanks for your assistance.
  19. Hoppers are slowed down on EMC such that the cactus will often eat the minecart first. I have this problem too. My solution has been hopper minecarts in the floor surrounding the cactus, as they are still fast enough. Hope this helps!
  20. Actually, I use a 3x4 bed of hoppers around the cactus - since the original design in 2015. But thanks, I have tried many modifications, all to no avail.