1.16.4 Nether Update - 12/19/20

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  1. Amazing! Thanks so much for all of your hard work, Aikar and chickeneer (and the many others who made this possible). Time to get me some netherite!

    P.S. I love how RainbowChin is dangling on the bell in that picture XD
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  2. Credits to AlexC__ for the banner :)
  3. Awesome job Chickeneer, thank you! :D
  4. Woot Woot.

    Thank you for all your hard work on getting this out Chickeneer. Best Christmas present ever :D
  5. Issue with remote shop signs is known. It looks like we can fix it without everyone having to recreate, so please be patient until we do.

    But if you really want to fix your signs faster, recreating them will fix it. (Big mall owners.... just wait :p)
  6. So can someone open their vault full of promos and make sure they are ok :p Asking for a.. friend. :cool:
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  7. Remote shop signs are the only borked item :) And even then, placing into vault and then taking out makes em just fine again ;)
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  8. I'll let others try that out first :D
  9. Actually: there is a bit of an issue (just found within the last few min) with stacking custom items, e.g. vault vouchers, etc. They're tied to the remote shop sign issue though.
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  10. Hooray! what a great holiday surprise....

    "Dashing under ground,
    past lava carefully,
    through the nether portal,
    where from ghasts we'll flee!
    Hear that pick-axe ring
    gold armour shining bright,
    what fun it is to fight and dig
    in search of netherite!"

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  11. Awesome... thank you all for your hard work! I can’t wait to get home (I’ve been gone for a few weeks) and try out the new update. :)
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  12. while chickeneer is aware of it, heads up to anyone who is bed mining: if you were in combat before trying to bed mine, there is still the cooldown timer like before (even though you cannot sleep in the nether anymore). FYI :)
  13. no bed spawning in the End now??? Say it so, I love my End base.
  14. Tbh. I want EMC to have a block that acts like a bed just for the end. Since the Respawn Anchor is the solution for the nether.
    It seems unlikely to me that Mojang will implement anything for the End since it is end-game. Not really designed for base building. Maybe we will come up with a solution at some point.
  15. CHICKENEER and Company you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. How does this change affect Endertopia?
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  17. Full Netherite - oh yeah

    Great job on the update :+1:
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  18. I don't know what you mean. Sorry.
  19. Most, if not all, of the larger houses in Endertopia have beds in them.
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  20. I guess the answer is that you can't use them anymore, then. :p