1.16.4 Nether Update - 12/19/20

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  1. It was brought to my attention that this post was not updated to reflect config changes post update.

    At release the mob limit was 65, we later bumped it to 75 over every 5x5 area, which is fairly proportional to the original 250 for 9x9 areas.

    Additionally. Added in some documentation on misc entity limits. It is the mob limit plus 50 in the same 5x5 chunk area. (So 125 for mobs+misc entities)

    /entc view probably does not reflect this precise explanation yet. It is on my todo list.
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  2. Something else to add onto the enraged creepers. Even when you kill them (with sword at least) it says that the mob can't attack you so the drop won't be given....This has been a problem for a very long time
  3. Oh update note. Sometime recently, we release the new 1.16 mob heads! Just forgot to mention that it was live.
  4. Strider hunting time it appears >:)

    EDIT: stop turing into a face. i dont want that.
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  6. >:) > >:)
  7. Congrats on successfully using [plain] in a post with formatting.
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