1.16.4 Nether Update - 12/19/20

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  1. Thank you for your feedback. So many things rely on this information sent to the client. Specifically being able to tab-complete people's names in chat.
    We are going to work to sort by smp. But any limiting past that would have to be done at the client level. A client mod or something :/
  2. As long as it's possible, the list would be so much better than it is
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  3. maybe leave it like it is and do shift tab for the server you are on to show up?
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  4. Wanted to note on this point of your reply specifically, that this update has been one of the biggest helps to EMC's growth we've had since Cross Server chat itself, so yes it was very necessary.

    Now new players can see the true amount of players on EMC instead of just their SMP, and gives opportunity for lower pop SMP's to have more players stick with them instead of quitting thinking its a dead server.

    These latest changes reinforce that EMC's community isn't bound to an SMP. Players can have a great social experience regardless of what SMP everyone is on.
  5. Something like that would need to be done by a Mod. Not something the server can do.
  6. At this point, my goal to get your attention was successful and got you to react to it. Yet your note is glancing over my other point.
    That's the bigger issue than my successful attempt for your attention
  7. Chicken already responded to it
  8. Thanks for the sweet, sweet update! :)

    I've crashed more recently, before the update very seldom (read: once a month maybe) but now almost once a day. This might not be update related per se, since I also updated Optifine and PureBDcraft. Anyone else experience this?


    Could we be allowed on the nether roof? If no, why not?

    Is it possible to add a counter of total # of players on EMC in the TAB-menu?
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  9. Game crashes like every first launch of the day for me. Is fine when retrying it. Running pure vanilla 1.16.4.
  10. Have you updated Java?

    1. We're not supposed to be on the nether roof, so we can't go up there.
    2. Let's see what Aikar/chickeneer says :)
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  11. Although, there are vanilla Single Player exploits which allow for access to the roof of the nether - it is not "intended". EMC has pretty much always disallowed access to build on the roof of the nether.

    Improvements, such as total connected players. Is planned for the Tab-Menu. There is a header/footer section that we will be taking better advantage of.
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  12. I know this but my question is why arent we allowed on the nether roof? Is it just because its has always been like this, no other reason?
    Now when we have a brand new nether update and why arent we allowed to use it's full potenial. Why does EMC throttle the vanilla experience in this case? It's not an exploit according to Mojang.
  13. Sorry. I don't understand why you think this.

    You are allowed to use the nether to its full potential. In vanilla Minecraft, without abusing exploits, there is no way to access above the bedrock roof which is how it is on EMC as well. Hence not throttling the experience in this regard.

    I will concede that Mojang may not consider "building above the roof" as an exploit. But I am not aware of any non-exploit methods to get above that roof in survival.
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  14. Just because it's an 'exploit' doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. This is meant to be a 'play your way' server so I don't see the reason for having so many limitations such as this just because Mojang maybe didn't intend for the game to be like this.

    Almost any mob farm is technically abusing exploits to get better drops, Mojang probably didn't mean for them to be that way but it's whatever. And getting more mob drops is way more advantageous than having a nice flat spot to build something.

    Personally, I feel like having so many tiny limitations and useless tweaks to the vanilla game is harming our ability to retain new players but that's not a discussion for this thread
  15. I don't think "it's whatever", actually, I recall that there were several occurrences during the past few updates where Mojang made a change that seemed to be done with the main purpose of making some type of mob farm impossible or infeasible.
  16. I don't know if it has already been addressed, but enranged creepers are blowing up buildmode'd blocks
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  17. Weird. Engraged creepers shouldn't be breaking any blocks
  18. I've watched them break glass and pistons, that I know were buildmoded..is it something easy to look into? =x
  19. It happens on the last big BOOM
  20. I am not sure what that means. But rest assured it will be looked into