1.16.4 Nether Update - 12/19/20

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  1. Enraged creepers are like charged creepers, they explode multiple times with 1 final large explosion.
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  2. can someone tell me what the hell the difference is between an enraged creeper and a charged creeper? thanks :)
  3. Enraged Creeper = custom mob
    Charged creeper = vanilla
  4. ok, sweet. what is the difference between the two though? they both are affected, i assume, based on one's diff?
  5. Charged creeper gets its powers from the lighting that hits it changing it from a regular dinky old creeper to a charged mother ready for action.

    Enraged creepers are born already super charged and ready to destroy. Plus they've been given an enraged name by lord Aikar.

    Otherwise no real diff... Maybe mob drops but that all folks.
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  6. Then I guess they got changed at some point. I do recall enraged creepers not destroying blocks, as chickeneer said, and I recall them exploding multiple times, creating fire, whereas charged creepers only explode once.
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  8. Ah, maybe they have always exploded blocks on that last explosion? It could be that I've never let 'em live that long. :p It's to be wondered about that chickeneer didn't know that, though. I guess he didn't participate in designing the enraged mobs.
  9. Enraged Creepers are designed to be "creates fire only" and explosion damage to players, but is not supposed to damage blocks.

    So them damaging blocks yes would be a bug.
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  10. I meant their final explosion... The one that occurs right before they explode and disappear.
  11. There isn't suppose to be a concept of explode and disappear, that in itself is the bug.

    An Enraged Creeper is supposed to forever survive explosions and must be killed by damage.
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  12. OK, so on the same topic as Enraged Creepers, I'm finding Enraged Silverfish to have the same bug. I'm guessing it's for the same reason. I've killed a few this week and when it says that it dropped an item, the item is destroyed on it's death. I'm guessing that it's because of the fire that it uses. So I tried to place a water on one of them and that just simply made the Enraged Silverfish disappear altogether. I'll wait until this bug get's fixed to try to get anymore Enraged Silverfish. It would be really disappointing to get a spike to drop only to find that it was burnt into oblivion.

    Looking forward to the fix!
  13. Oh, also, the silverfish have the ability to destroy buildmode placed blocks.
  14. Same with withers
  15. Will it take a while for the update to 1.16.5?

    Since its 2 major bug fixes and mojang won't tell us what they are im assuming its easy and massive bugs
  16. As mentioned in Discord. 1 year.

    Jk. We actually already have the fixes that Mojang included in 1.16.5.
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  17. Can we continue to use a 1.16.4 client when 1.16.5 launches? (Asking for mods - or alternatively, would 1.16.4 mods work with 1.16.5? :p)
  18. Yes; protocol version did not change
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  19. Well, this is interesting; through this update we've found a six and a half year old bug?
  20. ?