1.16.4 Nether Update - 12/19/20

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  1. Here is an early Christmas present for everyone, the Nether Update 1.16.4!
    Also wastelands are reset, so you can go explore the new nether terrain.

    Noteworthy technical changes
    • Enabled vanilla bed explosion mechanics. Beds explode in non-overworld, so no more nether/end bed respawns. Respawn anchors can explode in non-nether if overcharged.
    • Loosened the list of blocks that tnt can explode outside of town.
    • Enabled entity cramming damage for non players (vanilla maxEntityCramming).
    • Pig zombie renamed to zombified piglin; their mob heads will only be updated for new drops.
      We did NOT get new mob heads added for new mob heads. We will get those added 'soon'.
    • Removed nearby hostile mobs check for bed interactions – to mirror vanilla change.
    • Expanded /changebiome command to all overworld biomes.
    • New Flags: use:anchor, use:target
    • Added /removespawn and /deletespawn commands – alias to /removebed and /removebed commands; works for respawn anchors spawn deletion as well.
    • Preliminary Social Interactions integration. Cross-server tab list is a future goal, technically difficult to implement still.
    • Fixed the bug with the command /res info !####
    • Skeleton horses will now be eggified/spawned as tamed (so they can be ridden)
      This change happens at the time of their eggification, so existing eggs would need spawned/re-eggified.
    Code Refactor Areas
    • Chat message system. No new features, but had a minor refactor. (relates to color/clickable/hover)
    • Cross-server syncing. (changed mechanics to resolve issues with /tell breaking). Should no longer hard-break.
    • AntiGrief. Changed the code surrounding auto protected blocks. Closed various loopholes in the system.
    • Entity Limiter: Completed a major rewrite.
      Town limits should seem the same with the exception of boats and minecarts are now counted as misc entities. The misc entity cap has been boosted to 40 from 30 to offset this.
      Frontier/Wastelands worlds operate on a new formula to resolve inaccuracies in counting. Before there was a 250 mob cap for a 9x9 chunk area around the player. There is now a 75 mob cap for every 5x5 chunk area. This is essentially proportional to the limits for the 9x9 area.
      Miscellaneous entities are limited from the mob limit plus 50.
      Auto kill for going over the limit is still disabled but these changes/rewrite are to hopefully get our entity counts accurate/consistent enough that we can enforce the limit for abusive players.
    • A new command "/entc view" is added to give a new more detailed summary of nearby chunks and how they are affecting your effective limit.
    Remember to report any bugs to the dev team. https://pmdev.emc.gs/
  2. Overused but I had to :p YAY!!!
  3. Woohoooooo!! Time to build some epic stuff with the new blocks :D Thank you for all of the work you have put into this update!
  4. Wooooot!!
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  5. Still no budgies...
  6. #BlameMojang.

    Awesome update though. Now time to make my OP version of a Brute. :)
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  7. I see I will be spending part of tomorrow removing beds from PWU nether builds rofl
    Can't wait to check out the new blocks!
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  8. yay!

    already got full netherite and tools
  9. Amazing!! Well done!
  10. Here are a quick few questions,
    What are the changes to bartering?

    Are Striders eggable and or can be stabled?

    What are the rates of ruined portals?

    Has there been any conformation on new voter gear?
  11. I don't think there are any changes to bartering. Couldn't think of anything that would be strictly necessary.
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  12. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh
  13. Thanks for all your hard work!! :D

    Something funky is happening with structure spawning...

    I found a nether ruin in the middle of a village, a shipwreck with only the mast exposed, and a stronghold in the middle of the ocean with a pirate ship breaking through it. I understand that this happens on occasion, but I'm seeing this in nearly every structure I'm passing.

    This is in smp5 waste overworld.

    edit: the platform which you spawn on when you enter the end right next to the portal in the waste end. This should not be right?
  14. Not sure if it's a bug as such but...
    Beds in the nether still suffer from recent combat even though you can't use them to set spawns still, I feel like it would make more sense if you didn't have to wait to blow them up.
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  15. Good job! I'm sure people will enjoy it.
    Nice changelog, too! This is the only oddity that I spotted. :p
    It's pretty obvious that the missing command is /deletebed though, I reckon.
    Oh, and I haven't looked at the graphic yet!
    It's really cool! :D
  16. Great job!! I'm having fun exploring the changes. Thank you for your efforts. 🙂
  17. Chickeneer will now go into hibernation - I imagine he is pretty much toast after all of that coding . . . :D
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  18. Blackstone, Blackstone, Blackstone, Blackstone!!!

    (also BIG THANK YOU to Chickeneer :))
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