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Dec 2, 2021 at 9:58 AM
Dec 20, 2015
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Massachusetts, USA
Cut flower/Produce farmer

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, Male, from Massachusetts, USA

Was working on stacking firewood. It's cool out and now I'm thinking of hot chocolate. Dec 2, 2021 at 9:57 AM

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Dec 2, 2021 at 9:58 AM
    1. farmerguyson
      Been mining in the waste. Going for iron ore and deepslate ores.
    2. farmerguyson
      Cooking burgers on the charcoal grill and listening to Iron Butterfly, at the moment. πŸ™‚
      1. SteamingFire
        Sep 21, 2021
    3. farmerguyson
      The big picture just expanded. Now that the original bead board ceiling is exposed I decided to add two more ceiling lights. Now to figure out the wiring when all I can see are the wires in the two light switches and at the original light. Oh, I am also mining in game. Fun!!
    4. farmerguyson
      My current irl project started as just repainting the wall area behind the fridge before we received the new one. I just expanded the project by ripping down the ugly ceiling tiles installed about 50 years ago. I can see the big picture and it is good.
    5. farmerguyson
      A hollowed out geode full lit up and chock full of large amethyst buds is something to just stand in the middle of and enjoy.
    6. farmerguyson
      This update is mind blowing! All the new blocks look awesome and it is tons of fun to explore the new terrain. I do proceed with caution though because I don't know if new hostiles came with the update.
    7. farmerguyson
      Crafted a few more netherite shovels yesterday. I have been concentrating on gathering sand.
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    8. farmerguyson
      Browsing this site with a cup of coffee by my side and a plate with fresh out of the oven currant scones with blackberry jam made from berries I picked moments ago. My wife is awesome!!
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    9. farmerguyson
      Well, that wasn't too bad of a storm.
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    10. farmerguyson
      Currently watching the wind pick up. What remains of the eye might pass right over us but it is too early to know for sure.
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    11. farmerguyson
      I'll try that initial thought again...Great just what I needed to finish off the worst growing season ever, a hurricane. The predicted high winds will topple any plant that already endured so much.
      1. Hoops_McCann
        Couple that with large areas experiencing exceptional drought in the west and upper midwest. High food prices are going even higher.
        Aug 20, 2021
      2. SoulPunisher
        Good innit? In the UK our springs are hot and sunny while summers are defined by the yearly monsoon, and things begin to cool in autumn before hurricane season begins in October and lasts until March. This year the spring was cold, punctuated by out-of-season hurricanes,
        Aug 20, 2021
      3. SoulPunisher
        and it was only a month ago we got warm and sunny weather - now we’re getting the yearly monsoon and the out-of-season hurricanes are back. Local bird, plant, insect, endangered amphibian, and vegetable/fruit populations have been absolutely decimated πŸ₯°
        Aug 20, 2021
    12. farmerguyson
      That's what happens when I try to type on the phone after slicing the tip of my finger off on the mandolin.
    13. farmerguyson
      Great, just what I neef
    14. farmerguyson
      If lightning rods are being added does that mean lightning strikes will be more frequent?
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      2. Nickblockmaster
        If we have a way of controlling strikes, we need a way of harnessing that POWER! πŸ˜‚
        Aug 12, 2021
    15. farmerguyson
      Is being first a game? I'm in.
    16. farmerguyson
      Does anyone else enjoy clearing brush irl with a sythe? I find it to be much more enjoyable than using a gas string trimmer.
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    17. farmerguyson
      Hello AncientTower πŸ™‚
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    18. farmerguyson
      Job well done to the creator of the EMC site graphics. They add a ton of color and life to the site. I especially like the trail of cakes left for chickeneer to find.
    19. farmerguyson
      Remodeling my town house while waiting for the reset to pass over the lands out of town.
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    Massachusetts, USA
    Cut flower/Produce farmer
    I'm a farmer in real life.