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  1. Not sure if someone made this already but oh well. You say something that you remember EMC had or did a long time ago. If you remember you can like their post or something. Then you can comment something you remember from emc a long time ago

    To start em off... Who remembers when you got a player head every time you killed someone in pvp?
  2. Who remembers buying animals before eggification? Pepperidge Farm remembers..
  3. Ha, yeah, I've seen lots of these threads before :p
    Moving animals around before eggification was added seems to be one of the most popular things to reminisce about.
  4. log? I don't keep logs... I have logs in my back yard that i should maybe use for a fire but other then that i don't have "Logs" :p
    Sorry on to my real point here, I miss the days of diamond being 60-70r
  5. I do still remember diamonds for 45r :p and glowstone for 8 :p
    who remembers the 10 ruppees every 5 minutes of playing? (long long time ago, I think this accound wasn't even joined)
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  6. Am I the only one who bought diamonds for 32 rupees? :p They were out of stock quite frequently, though :rolleyes:

    Huh, I never heard about that, actually!
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  9. *bumps*


    I remember when JustinGuy and IcecreamCow were still "the big leaders" :p
  10. I remember when pascal told me that 9000 cost him 200k or something like that
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  11. I remember when I was offered two Dragon Eggs for 700k total and I said no. Oops!

    EDIT: I guess that one isn't really EMC as such as it's a personal one to me. Alright... here is another one.

    I remember when you had to PM Senior Staff to get a derelict res unclaimed if you wanted to claim it. I did that for my first ever res :p
  12. Anyone remember the good 'ole days of trading with librarian villagers to try and get that perfect villager the unlimited paper villagers oh those were the days lol and having to craft just so much paper
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  13. annyone remembers the good old days krysyy wasn't a moderator jet?
  14. Who remembers when having 1mil+ TEXP and/or rupees was a huge deal..? :p
  15. When the server was always so full you had to donate just to get on.

  16. When the LLO was insanely active.
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  17. I am very, very old. ;)
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  18. Who remembers those days when we had to worry about griefers in our outposts?
  19. Screw that, I remember living in constant fear of them and losing an entire outpost to one.

    EDIT: It was this: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-epic-survivors.3828/
    I remember diamonds being 20r... :rolleyes:
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  20. Do you ever remember when you ever caught and reported a hacker, because I saw and reported one