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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. We have decided to get rid of awarding one rupee every 6 minutes. Instead we are now giving everyone 100 rupees instantly each day (that would have taken you 10 hours of playing before). You will recieve the rupees the first time you sign-in to the server that day (a green message will confirm). The new day begins at midnight ET (4:00 GMT).

    Supporters will also continue to get their daily bonuses at midnight just like before (even if you don't play on the server that day).
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  2. more money for ME! lol
  3. Yes, because it is highly unlikely that you would have ever been on for ten hours, well atleast while I've been on the server
  4. Yep work and school take up most of my time
  5. Yay, now I don't have to hop on the server and sit there will I play another game until I get enough rupees to buy stuff so that I can complete projects :D
  6. Yep the stupid timer that my mom put on this computer takes up all my time
  7. Lol, your mom put a timer a your computer? What does it do?????
  8. I can only get on from 4-8 in the week
  9. Really? That must suck!
  10. I'd reach my arm out in sympathy for you, Duck, but I wouldn't know what it's like to have time limits on the computer, as my mom is cool :cool:
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  11. Lol, all my mom ask's is that she doesn't see anything........ inappropriate, be it talking with friends over skype or other things, on my computer screen when she walks in.
  12. Im in school right now:D my teacher knows nothing
  13. Disgraceful, Tommy. ;)
  14. hey justin i have just been refferd to this server by R34P3RZzSKiLLZ props to him but he has not got any reward i feel bad for him because other people got a bonus and he didnt.
    i eaven put his mane in when i made an account
  15. I just checked the logs and he did get the 1,000 rupee bonus. He does have over 26,000 rupees so perhaps he didn't notice?
  16. Heh heh, I am a new member so I suppose I cannot relate to the old system.
    But I'll take your word for it. Long live rupees!
  17. should i be in part of this
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