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  1. What will your story be?

    There are many custom things added to EMC to make an extravagant experience, that is not only unique to this server, but unique to the player. There are innovations everyday that our players create that have no help from YouTube videos, that have no advice from those around them, because the situations and hurdles they tackle can be found no where else.

    We see farms designed to harvest things that do not exist in vanilla, combat strategies to attack creatures no one will cross but those that are here. So I ask from the community, from this, the past, present, and magnificent promising future, what will your story be?

    Will you be the adventurer who travels into the wilderness attacking everything that crosses your path, just simply to tell the stories of the giants and the beasts you brought to their knees at your will?

    Will you be the Emperor? The one who finds land that not only they want, but they want to share. To build creations that tower to the heavens that town simply can not contain. Raising your defenses to with stand the greatest of the threats that exist in our world.

    The Entrepreneur maybe? You see profit in every thing. We can all sell vanilla items, but you, you look at the exciting curve balls of unique items this server brings as a challenge. You will see what items are in high demand and find a way to stock your shelves, as you expand your commercial empire across multiple servers.

    It does not have to be what you have done. It can be what you will do , or wish to do. What updates do you expect in the future? How will you handle them in your story? Real or not.

    Everyone has a story.

    I want to hear them.

    Guess I should add this in here to get some more... serious >.> replies.

    The story I like most (yeah, its that easy... no voting, no other prizes.. I will just pick the one I like) by lets say... Friday night, I will spend the weekend drawing a picture of their 'Story' to the best of my ability. I will sign, and hand it over to you, and I will personally not post it anywhere.

    It will be a special gift to you. So... woohoo! Stories.
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  2. I would count myself as the Entrepreneur. I love to make a profit on everything I can.

    It first started out when I found out how to build an emerald farm. I would produce large amounts of emeralds then liquidate them into Glowstone and XP Bottles. That is still how I make a huge portion of my profit but alas it has gotten rather boring to trade 10 double chests of paper.

    After the survival update I started spending a ton of time out in the wild slowly becoming more of an adventurer. Trying hard to spawn a Momentus or Marlix. I would make tons of profit off of the diamonds they dropped. I still have never gotten the tooth pick, bow, or armor but I am still trying to accomplish my goal of having full Marlix armor and a Momentus Toothpick.

    One day if I ever get diamond supporter ship I hope to build extravagant mega malls on smp6 and smp5 to help boost their economy and give players a reason to visit more often.

    One day I hope to gain enough money to be able to buy a Dragon Egg from a player. And to do that I will have to let my inner adventurer show by concurring the bosses of the wild and slaying the demons of the nether then selling their precious loot for a decent enough profit to fund my goal and please my inner Entrepreneur.

    That day may be weeks from now or maybe even months. But I know that it will happen one day or another. And getting there will be just as fun as every other day on EMC.
  3. I count myself as an adventurer, but not one that kills everything, but one that finds the stuff that only those who go out to find them, will find. I wander the wild looking for treasures it has that only exist far out, along with land to settle and flourish in.
  4. I am... Me. My story unfinished, with one page complete.
  5. Going to go ahead and make this the theme song for this project. :D

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  6. I would be The Entrepreneur, i want to try selling everything but to do this i don't let people sell it to me... to make more profit i go to be the adventurer/ farmer and come back with riches for all :)
  7. My story is one quite quick story... but yet very intersting.... CORNER THE MARKET ON CHICKENS!!!!
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  8. I am EMC's radioactive hamster... not much more to it, really.
  9. I'm teh streaker...
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  10. I am Sky I guess. I am no good at a ton of stuff like Building, Mining, or cave exploring. I however do like to Farm. I am also good at falling in lava.
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  11. Errk, umm, I'm the one guy, who umm, does stuff?
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  12. Guess I should add this in here to get some more... serious >.> replies.

    The story I like most (yeah, its that easy... no voting, no other prizes.. I will just pick the one I like) by lets say... Friday night, I will spend the weekend drawing a picture of their 'Story' to the best of my ability. I will sign, and hand it over to you, and I will personally not post it anywhere.

    It will be a special gift to you. So... woohoo! Stories.
  13. Story of The 'Clipsys:

    A long long time ago, I joined a server (back then quite unknown), to find myself in a world of joy. Friendly staff, friendly neightbours and lot's of free items for myself as freshly joined new member!

    I started my EMC venture on a snow covered residence, 841. First I got rid of all the snow using buckets I got from my Neighbour, when that was done I started thinking of stuff to build.

    Slowly my house began to take shape, high walls, spatious and stylish. When I was done with the build, I thought I'd never change it again, that was until autonamus gave me a big load of wool in many colors. I started building again! Upgrading the main facade with a colorful wool dome part! The wool part houses an old shop and a gentlemans club! The dome is still the core of the whole build. I have upgraded it over the time, both underground as above ground. It now houses 2 spleef arena's a Gentleman's Club, a Fortress of Eden and a Zen garden.

    I won one prize with my 841 residence, Ismooch's build contest! (Oh the great memories!)

    I've been with many groups during my EMC time. Red wolves & Blue wolves (later united into '"Brotherhood of Wolves'', Delta team, Dutchmen Club and a few others I can't remember that well. I remember when I went to the wild with maxy969 and Hash98 to build the first Red Wolves outpost. It was an island close to wild spawn, and an easy-to-grief target, but that wouldn't scare us. We managed to preserve our fortress trough 4 griefing attacks, before the wild was reset.

    I've acquired many residences in my EMC time, one of which being Dragonia (Utopia 5002), which was a gift from MR2R2M for my 18th birthday. I still got that conversation on my profile page :D

    Thus I created what was later known to EMC as the ''Sandmonster''

    It's main walls built out of sand, combined with glass and wood, Dragonia was the project with the highest sand quantities I ever built.

    ISMOOCH was a regular visitor at the building site, checking in daily to see how much progress had been built and how this hotel progressed to higher levels with more floors, more sand and more manhours.

    After Dragonia I built my ''Midnight Mansion'' for Hasorkos Distr. 67. This build was also a milestone for me, it took forever to build. The schematics I used were from a site, and weren't clear. (I wasn't using schematica, It were 61 Images, showing me where to place which block)

    Apart from the Midnight Mansion I also built the Moonlight Mansion, on a residence given to me by powerdan. It was a huge birchlog mansion in Distr. 67 that went high above some other Distr 67 builds.

    I later obtained 104, which houses Lunarios, and I'm building two huge projects on 108 & 208 to be finished in 2months or so.

    I've had and am having one of the greatest MC times on EMC, 1year+ of great experiences behind me. Lot's of friends (and enemys?) richer. The great community that keeps you wanting to come back when you're not there. Always vivid and thriving.

    I'm sure I will encounter much more adventures as EMC grows and my EMC day counter goes further up and my Veteran status increases.

    Vivat, Floreat, Crescat, "EMC" in Aeternum!


    How could I forget, my Faithcaster 1781 mega structure that is still under construction!

    Faithcaster hired my building service to fill 4 SMP residences and combine them into one big structure. It's still undergoing construction (coz it's a mega structure that I really dont want to look ugly)
    http://empireminecraft.com/threads/eclipsys-faithcaster-building-project.14413/ <- more info can be found there :D
  14. Chapter 2: Story of the 'Clipsys Master Building Services:

    My building service started out as a ''not official, but hireable service, which could be hired via Conversation''. I've built many projects for free (or a small amount of R) before I launched it as an official building service. After Dragonia was built, word spread about my building skill. Lots of people wanted me to build small projects for them on their SMP residences.

    Thus the story of ''Eclipsys' Master Building Services'' begins.

    The first ever assignment I got (before I officially launched my buildings as a ''service'') was from Mrsmiley99, he wanted me to fill his Utopian residence with a huge castle. I think he got banned, and that project never took place. The second was Derek_Fawns and his enchantment shop. (I dont have screenshots of that one anymore). After that one I got a request from Faustlauncher, which turned into an epic modern ''Dischouse''.

    After that I built lots of other projects:

    A few can be found on my IMGUR:
  15. My story started as a new player with 1500r in my pocket. I placed 3 sell chests on a small cobblestone plaza and had a small tree farm hiding a small house. Since then, 601 has become a real plaza with tall buildings and lots of visitors. More and more being built in order to become a "mini-city". Using business skills, I've went from almost nothing to almost 1 million rupees without stealing, cheating or even becoming a supporter.....it was all done by my own hands in under a year. Wheeling and dealing is my story :p
  16. I am Emc luckiest player ;)
    (Leperchaun skin lol)
  17. I don't count myself as any of those. I prefer to think of myself as an adventurer but a more withdrawn type. I've had my fair share of fights and I have hundreds of days of experience under my belt, and now I like to relax a bit more. I like to think that I'm a helper. I try to help both the new and old members of the Empire however I can, but that doesn't mean I spend all my time in the town.

    Sometimes I organize big expeditions with my friends, and we go mining and adventuring. I've fought Deathtomb and Marlix, and I've also been killed by Momentus. A lot >.<. I once had dreams of becoming a huge, popular member of EMC, but now I'm happy to sit back and help where I can.

    I'm not very rich, I'm not very popular and I'm most certainly not very important, but I enjoy playing on EMC and making my own self, and that is what matters :)
  18. Well, I did build a mud hut :p
  19. My story as no title nor even a full story written yet, but still it contains the tales of adventure and generosity.
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  20. Do I detect a heavy ;)
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