Eclipsys & Faithcaster Building Project

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Faithcaster, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Eclipsys & Faithcaster's Building Project

    Hello everyone.
    Eclipsys and i is working on 1781. It's 4 residences combined into 1 large residence of SMP1. I've paid Eclipsys 570,000R to help me design & build this project. We have weekly updates coming at this post, and we have an Imgur album which will have all the images =)

    -=Imgur Album=-
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  2. What is it going to be?
  3. Stay Tuned For More Info :)
  4. Well, if Eclipsys is building, than you know it is awesome. :p
  5. That Is Why He Is My Workman xD

    He Is The Best Builder I Have Ever Talked To :D
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  6. I guess you never saw 10216? My best build so far xD
  7. Cool Build :)
  8. You saw it? It is not finished though

    But let's keep this on-topic ;)
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  9. I Will Post A 1 Picture EveryDay Of This Build.
    So You All Can Watch The Progress.
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  10. Finished For Tonight :)!

    Alot Of Progress Have Been Made.
    Pictures Will Be On Tomorow. (Making A Imgur Album)
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  11. faithy who won the idea thing and got 50k?
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  12. We Are Doing Eclipsys Idea :)
  13. :/ i wanted that 50k lol
  14. What...what is it? 0_0
  15. A Mystery.
    A Secret.
    Call It What You Want :D
  16. When are the first pictures going to come in?
  17. 2012-08-29_16.17.55.png
    Day 2
    New Photo Area :)
    Thanks To EMCasino :D
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  18. 2nd pillar is being made :D I'm working on it as much I can, and as much as uni allows me to XD
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  19. I would like to see a picture, nice guy... ;)
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