We did it, Top 10 on TopG!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. We successfully achieved our group goal of holding Top 10 on TopG for 7 days!

    Congratulations every one!

    As a reward, claim a promo "Lucky Bow" in game with /promo top10

    It is also in /shop!
  2. First?!!! And happy day to all!
  3. Legit.
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  4. Let's keep it up guys! :D
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  5. Keep voting everyone! :)
    For all of you who want to know a little bit about the bow before you get it, or want to reference it at all, samsimx, RainbowChin and I have put together this page on Wiki for y'all: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/lucky-bow/ :D
  6. Isn't this post a bit late :rolleyes:
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  7. I feel this is marginally relevant haha, but wow, Planet Minecraft sticks to the rules to the extreme!

  8. More like computer systems in general.
  9. But can everyone claim it/buy it?
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  10. Of course, this is a community hard earned reward. :D
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  11. Not everyone voted, I'm afraid :(
    By the way, I think people should vote because they think empire minecraft is the best server, not because they want a promo.
  12. Maybe in the next voting contest with a promo, only the people who have voted get one of the promo for free.
  13. Yes, darksuperlord. This is what I like to see. :p
    Screenshot (7).png
  14. This is not one of those /username things, right? :D Much happy wow
  15. How long is this promo gonna last?
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  16. I think it would be a bit cheap, if the next voting promo to only go to the voters. What about the players who cannot manage to vote due to an error or so?
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  17. Then they can buy it in /shop
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  18. I was just looking at what people were looking at to see if there was anything interesting, and when on your name I found that, and I don't know, just felt good to see someone looking at the new page so soon ;)
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  19. They won't get it. They didn't help to come in the top 10 at all.
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