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  1. These pages were long overdue for an update. Due to multiple players not reading these fully in their past format, we've updated the look and defined everything just a bit more to clear up any confusion regarding the use of mods on EMC.

    Note: This is not a rule change. This is a redesign of the wiki pages with rule clarifications that date back to 2016 in this thread:

    We hope this clears up any confusion regarding use of mods on EMC.

    Using Mods on the Empire
    Using Mods on EMC
    Learn what mods you are and are not allowed to use on Empire Minecraft.
    If you don't see a mod listed on any list, consider it disallowed. To have it considered for addition, you may Request a Mod.
    Mod Classifications
    Empire Minecraft decides the classification of mods based on how they affect the gameplay of the player. There are 4 primary classifications. Please note that even if a mod is approved, using it in an abusive manner to cheat/bypass any intended gameplay is never allowed. Example: Use of any modification to see in the dark during a blind maze event.
    • Approved (Legal)
      • May include mods such as Shaders and Inventory Tweaks, or other mods that have no effect on physical game ability and are focused on player aesthetics. Most are client-side.
    • Conditionally Allowed
      • Includes mods such as Schematica, World Downloader and Macros, that while they are usually harmless, there are some restrictions in place regarding the use of them on EMC in order to prevent abuse of certain aspects of gameplay
    • Disallowed (Illegal)
      • Mods such as x-ray, speed hacks, etc that are never allowed because they allow an advantage over other players.
    • Incompatible
      • Mods that when installed, will not work on EMC. This includes mods that are geared specifically towards Single Player or mods that require server side plugins that we do not have installed.

    EMC allows modifications that don't give an unfair advantage over others.

  2. I like how this is looking already! :D
    Although, maybe need a bit of a margin between the bottom of the list and the bottom nav

    Edit: Wait... I was the first to respond!?! :eek:
  3. Nice design!

    When I hover over the links, they do some glitchy stuff
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  4. Just a really dark highlight for some reason. I'd have to check the template.
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  5. Sounds good! I appreciate how mods like these are cool with you guys!
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  6. Question: it says auto-respawn is not allowed, but if we have a macro that, for example, respawns ONLY when you press that key combination, and ONLY respawns once, is that allowed?
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  7. Yes. You pressed a key to perform 1 action. Perfectly reasonable.
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  8. When you are with two people and two computers, are you allowed to have two accounts performing (continuous) tasks on the same computer, and none on that other computer, in order to decrease lag on that other computer?
  9. No. Keeping two accounts clicking simultaneously from one computer is not allowed. One clicker per computer and per person, and never when AFK.
  10. Okay, thanks for the clear answer.
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  11. Small message that came up in pm/status posts and I think needs adding here:

    The ONLY reason we allow macros/auto-clickers is to save our players from the real danger of carpal tunnel syndrome. Fighting a super turkey can be painful and damaging to nerves in your wrist. As a scientist and fellow game player, this is the last thing I want to happen to any of you. So we're okay with you using auto-clickers to save you that pain. What we are not okay with us the use of auto-clickers/macros to interact with the world without actively paying attention to that client screen. We're saving your wrists here, not allowing you to mine or farm xp while playing another game. Keep that in mind and common sense lays out the rest of the limitations.
  12. May I ask what caused this clarification? I mean this was not as defined before lol at least from my viewpoint.
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  13. It was defined when we originally said auto-clickers were okay and clarified at multiple points, particularly in reference to the wrist-killing super turkey.

    I am reminding you that auto-clickers aren't intended to allow you to mine without 'playing' Minecraft. If you aren't actively looking at your screen, then you are AFK. Bathroom break? Normal players wouldn't be able to keep clicking, so neither can you.

    We don't want to remove the help that these mods give to the players that use them responsibly. They are allowed, but only if you follow the guidelines of use.
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  14. Understood! I sill utilize my accounts since I have a bunch just to sit at multiple places not interacting at all except being connected to the server. Anyone can do that and does not have anything to do with autoclickers. I appologize for making this difficult for you.
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  15. Answering questions is not difficult. I'd rather you understand fully not just the rule, but also the reason for it. As I do with my work trainees, if you understand the why, you'll be more likely to follow protocol than forget later.
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  16. I appreciate it! I will pay closer attention as I now understand. My roommate does oftentimes play on some of my alternates, so if that is why there will be two accounts moving around at once.
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  17. Another question: I don't use any macros, but I will do something on one account then, for a second, switch over to another tab of Minecraft to do an action and switch back to the other tab, I'm assuming because I'm not actually in both tabs simultaneously, it's allowed? (sorry for the questions, just don't want to be banned)
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  18. Understood. Thanks for giving clearer descriptions; the clearer, the better.

    Yes, carpal tunnel syndrome is very common, and while it can resolve on its own and is easy to diagnose, it usually takes months to resolve. Plus, it's also more common the older you get, and even teens are at a pretty high risk.
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  19. No problem in asking. What you describe is perfectly fine. You are not interacting simultaneously with multiple accounts.
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  20. I think this is really great! I love the new updates to the wiki pages and I think they needed a revamp at some point :p
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