Unable to play 1.17 on Windows

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  1. So I tried to play MC 1.17 today and got the following error message:

    GLFW error 65543: WGL: OpenGL profile requested but WGL_ARB_create_context_profile is unavailable.
    Please make sure you have up-to-date drivers (see aka.ms/mcdriver for instructions).

    I followed the link, downloaded the driver updater application for my Intel software, and made sure everything was up to date, but it didn't resolve the error.
    A Google search brought up this discussion board, where it seems that the new graphics Minecraft is using are incompatible with OpenGL 3.1 (which, from what I understand, most Windows computers that aren't brand new are using).
    Has anyone else encountered this issue and/or found a way around it? Or am I just SOL unless I buy a new computer? :confused:
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  2. What is your system setup? What GPU do you have?

    Edit: Just did a quick lookup. OpenGL 3.1 is ancient. It is from 1992. The latest stable release of OpenGL 3.1 is from 2017. My current GPU (GTX 1060) is running OpenGL 4.5 I hate to say it but this is most-likely a GPU issue. You will probably need to replace your GPU. (Unless you're using integrated graphics on your CPU, then yes, you will need a new computer, unless you know how to replace your processor with a more modern one.)

    I would try updating your graphics drivers first. If it is, in fact, an iGPU, then yes, a CPU replacement or a new computer will be in order.
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  3. Intel HD Graphics Family (model WDDM 1.1)
  4. Ouch, then you may need to upgrade to a more recent processor, or get a whole new computer. I believe Mojang stated that Minecraft is now using a more modern version of OpenGL in one of the previous snapshot releases for 1.17.
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  5. Yeah, that was the feedback I got as well. Hate to have to buy a whole new computer since this one works perfectly in every other respect. Time to see if updating the processor/graphic card is an option I guess.
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  6. If possible, try to get a dedicated GPU that you plug into your motherboard. Most GPUs from the past 4 years should be okay to run Minecraft. I am fairly certain that even if you got a 900 series Nvidia card, you would be fine. (I'm not 100% sure what your budget is)
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  7. Ah, nope. Just did a little more investigating and everything is integrated so I'll have to just get a new computer.
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  8. Oh boy đź’¦

    Good luck!
  9. Thanks for your help!
  10. No problem, I wish the best for you and I hope to see you in-game when you get your issue sorted out! :D
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  11. I wrote a longer post, to see you have already figured quite a lot of stuff out... oh well :p

    In 1.17, the entire rendering system has been overhauled. This does indeed mean that older chips can no longer support it, as it now requires a newer version of OpenGL.
    This incompatibility does indeed only apply to "ancient" computers, I think everything made after 2010 should work fine, as I think it requires OpenGL version 4 or higher. 4.0 was released in 2010, not too long after 3.3. (3.1 is from 2009.)
    I also really doubt this is used by all "windows computers that aren't brand new." In the gaming community, I would have a really old computer, with the motherboard and processor being from 2014 (With the i5 4670 being first released in 2013.) It all runs fine. Looking at version numbers, it seems like the integrated graphics you're using were no longer supported when I bought my computer. (HD2000 or HD3000) It also seems like there are a few people on this server who are less old than your computer :p
    To be clear: your computer doesn’t even officially support windowns10 and most, if not all modern games wouldn’t launch, as quite a lot of them require the latest version of OpenGL and DirectX12

    The exact problem lies in the fact that there have never been dedicated windows drivers for HD3000 that support the newer OpenGL versions.
    One solution *might* be to switch to Linux, as they tend to have support for obscure hardware, but windows usually does too, so I would really research that before doing anything.

    Something I am more surprised by is that you managed to actually run Minecraft for this long with graphics this old. I would expect the average person to have quit already because of the horrible framerates you must have been getting… I do have one laptop from before 2009, which does probably have HD3000 graphics, but I decided that that computer was unfit to play Minecraft on several years ago, as the frames per second frequently started to become seconds per frame.
    I guess Minecraft relies on single threaded processor more than graphics. Apparently, you seem to really have a good processor in your computer, at least for the time. :p

    If you have a desktop, this problem might be fixed in another way: buying a new graphics card. I know what you’re thinking, aren’t those really expensive? Well, yes, but also no. You could just buy a Nvidia GT 720, for example, which supports OpenGL 4.4, a way newer version, and which you can pick up from EBay for less than 30 bucks. If you want to be able to play other games than Minecraft, which frequently rely on graphics, a GT 1030, for 100 bucks, might also work for you. You won't be able to play the latest titles, but at least you will be able to play an art game from 2016 every now and then. :p
    Probably more importantly: this will also enhance your minecraft experience, as it might allow you to put some minecraft visual settings up a few notches, making the game look a bit better :)
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  12. I thought the same thing when I started doing more research on the game requirements. I do get some lag when there is a a lot going on around me but not enough to really affect game play. And from what I can tell looking at screenshots my graphics are about the same as everyone else, even though I'm only running an Intel i3 at 3.1 GHz and with 4 GB RAM. shrug I can't remember when I bought this computer but I guess I didn't realize how old it was. Inside I imagine there's a little hamster on a wheel with a cane and gray hair barely hobbling along and begging me to let him retire. :rofl: :lmao:
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  13. Ouch. Could you maybe post a minecraft F3 screenshot, so we can see what CPU and GPU you have, and see if there is maybe still some option to try to fix this? :)
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  14. I had to upgrade when 1.8 was in development. I was using a desktop though, so I asked a graphics card for my birthday. Fun fact: this graphics card is in my current desktop, because its processor is so good that I never bothered to buy a graphics card for it, until I found out that its integrated GPU couldn't record RVGL (an OpenGL rewrite of the 1999 video game Re-Volt) with Fraps (an outdated OpenGL recording program). When I put the old GPU in my current desktop, the Minecraft performance actually decreased. :p
  15. I did some research on new computers and found that I can buy a new one that is 3x better than my current one in pretty much every capacity but still within my budget, so I think this is just the universe telling me it's time to upgrade. :)
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  16. Good job KaliaLlama! I hope to see you in-game soon enough! :D
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  17. Ah, that sounds good. :) I'm still interested in what your current specifications are (it might be relevant for a few of my machines as well), so if you would like to share, I'd still care. :D I'm also quite curious what new computer you found. :D
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  18. Update: Finally got my new computer up and running! Nothing too big since Minecraft is the only newer game I really play. Got an HP with an AMD Ryzen 5 4600G processor with Radeon Graphics (3.70 GHz). Reasonably priced and 3x the RAM of my previous Intel Core i3. Bumped my fps up from an average of 15 to around 60.
    Got those fancy graphics on and the render distance up, now just waiting for EMC to upgrade to 1.17 so I can add axolotls and glow squids to my zoo!
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  19. I'd like to see what that gets up to once you add Sodium to it. :)
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  20. Or alternatively Optifine, which might work better for you. :)