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  1. Hello everyone! As it's been stated, the Token system released is only the start of a major system. Killing Enraged/Minibosses will not be the only way to earn Tokens :)

    Tokens are designed to be an alternate currency that players have to earn through action and activity on the Empire, and can't be simply 'given' them by other players.

    Were going to be dropping the "Challenge" word associated with them, and make them more of a fun currency for overall activity on the Empire.

    So this thread is to discuss ideas on how to earn Tokens, and improvements to them in general

    Some suggestions that is getting implemented:
    • Groups get an even bigger bonus, but now splits tokens earned with all nearby group members. you can expect around a 33% reduction in tokens per kill when in a group (so that means lots more tokens overall for grouping though when adding things together - which will be a focus for the future in Empires!)

      This means players who are doing things such as helping with Guardians on Momentus will still get the reward.
    • Maintaining a high Mining or Attack score (Ie: constant group attacking/mining) will now occasionally reward Tokens for group activity. So big group mining trips can earn some tokens.
    Ideas suggested I'm comfortable with and will implement soon as we can get a solution:
    • Voting - Day Streak bonuses will include tokens too. Some baseline amount and then reaching certain levels giving a bonus like rupees
    • Shop Activity - Token Rewards every X unique player sales per X timeframe maybe?
    • Killing normal monsters on 8+ Difficulty - Not every mob, but maybe every X mob, where X is smaller on higher difficulty?
    • Forum Activity such as trophy rewards - reaching # of post goals, etc.
    Some ideas of my own that wasn't suggested that I've seen:
    • Consecutive login bonus - Constantly playing on the Empire will reward Tokens.
    • Supporting - Login bonus based on supporter rank? Not going to do this.
    • Monthly "Birthday" bonus - reward for being on the Empire for a long time.
    Already sort of in place:
    • Official Events can give token rewards.
    Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?
  2. I hear that Mob Arena may feature token rewards as well.
  3. 2nd and cool
  4. Added to post. Any official event could give token rewards.
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  5. What about redeeming dragon stone frags?
  6. Can we have the tokens difficulty start from level 7? For maybe every 7 normal mob kills you get 50? Dunno
  7. I like the look of these, one concern though. With consecutive login bonuses, it should also require a certain amount of activity so that someone doesn't have to simply join then disconnect.

    I'd like to see a way of possibly getting tokens for traveling or constructing in the wilderness. Say if you've built a lot in one area, you could get tokens. It would of course have to have some way of knowing that you haven't just placed a pile of stone. And for traveling, it would be a certain distance from spawn.

    another idea is that when a player establishes an outpost or "Empire", they could receive an amount of tokens to help them out to claim land or do whatever.

    Just some ideas to consider.
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  8. I was actually considering traveling when writing it haha, but that involves a new system of tracking how much a player has traveled.
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  9. Loving it so far.

    I just know that some players never do a thing in a group. Sometimes it is hard for me to be in a group even though I play with others as much as I can!

    I would recommend something along these lines for the players who prefer to be a bit more... alone.
    For certain numbers of blocks mined, per a specific schedule, tokens would be awarded.

    every 256 coal ore mined, 10 tokens
    every 128 redstone ore mined, 20 tokens
    every 64 lapiz ore mined, 20 tokens
    every 128 quartz ore mined, 10 tokens

    Emerald, and diamond ore, no tokens.

    To keep things 'fair' only breaking the ore to its components would count towards your tokens. Hence if you silk touch the ores, and bring them to your res, the ones you break at your res will count towards your token level, and not anything you silk touch. This is why Iron and gold do not count towards tokens.

    Whether I go mob hunting (1-2 enraged per night = about 20-45 tokens), or mining for a night (how I came up with the rough numbers on the number of stacks of ore you 'should' be able to get)... It would be about equivalent whether someone chooses to go mining, or mob hunting.

    This would bring a little more balance, as the time you spend, regardless of mob hunting, or mining, would reward approximately equally.

    Now is the programming of having ores breaking trackable and tied into tokens? No idea.
    Is this even a good idea? I have no clue.

    What yall think of it?
  10. Seems pretty hefty to track the number of ores you break and other stuff like that. Seems better to put a percentage on receiving tokens a Percentage of the time you break an ore.

    Actually Mojang kind of already made XP work like this when they made it obtainable from other sources (ores, smelting, breeding). Why not just throw a percentage onto receiving a token when receiving new xp? Then could still have the higher amounts for enraged/minibosses.
  11. I really like the idea of being able to gain tokens by voting/shop activity because it gives players who aren't good at fighting enraged mobs (*cough* definitely not me *cough*) a chance to gain tokens :)
  12. I like any idea of earning them that isnt group based. as a new player I dont know enough people to be grouped all the time or go fight with a large group
  13. That is actually a big reason for doing it this way - push players to ask strangers to group with them and make new friends :)
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  14. I can see the benefits of that. But along those same lines I play at very late or random hours so normally there is only two or three people on. If its made to "play our way " we shouldnt be pushed to "make new friends"

    just my 2r worth
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  15. Idea 2 Of the day. If tokens will be more common. You don't want a chat notification each time. Instead associate a ping to them. Then if you pass a significant number (I don't know every thousand), you may get a chat message informing you f reaching that threshold.
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  16. It wouldn't be so common that your chat log is flooded, but scruffy did request a PS to disable getting alerts about tokens.
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  17. You could just use a basic system of splitting the wild into "blocks" or "sectors" and as a player passes between these, they get extra tokens. So, the area up to 1000 blocks from span would be the first sector, when they pass the 1000 blocks from spawn line, they get 50 tokens or whatever. When they pass say, 5000 blocks, then they'd get 500 tokens. This'd be a very rudimentary system though :p
  18. How about this...

    • Once the Empire Achievements are implemented, the rewards could be tokens.
    • 5 tokens per 10 kills in PVP. Discourages farming due to the amount of work it takes to farm 10 kills for a small 5 tokens, and allows token gaining from having fun.
    • Easter Egg tokens found throughout the Empire Site that can possibly encourage people to explore all the wonders of the site and maybe more forum members.
    • Mob Arena Prize
    • Currency Exchange (Player Currency Exchange and the Official Empire Currency Exchange) Place-able signs.
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  19. My only gripe about tokens so far is that you get *so much less* when killing enraged mobs than you do with bosses. I think the disparity should be lessened as it's not exactly easy to find bosses and even enraged mobs are not very common.

    It would certainly help if killing regular mobs gave tokens as currently I just run away from regular mobs so I don't waste arrows or durability on them.
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  20. Hm, I'm not sure about the the consecutive login bonus. Things like this made me quit so many games, just because the only reason I came online was because I didn't want to fail my streak, and that really isn't good for the way you play that certain game.