That moment when....

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  1. That moment when you're looking at the live map and come across really neat looking pixel art of Jimi Hendrix.

  2. Well.

    That moment when you just wanna sleep but a teacher bugs you a million times...
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  3. When you see your old pixel arts rotting away
  4. That moment when you're just minding your own business and then...

    a lightning bolt comes that close to hitting you! :eek: Could've fried my feathers :(
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  5. That moment when you're playing a little game in 1.13:

    This is one of those many reasons why I'm so excited for 1.13: Mojang has really worked hard to give us features within vanilla gameplay which are right now only available through mods. And I think that's a very good thing.

    For example: on servers it's not uncommon to use the OpenInv mod which gives admins full access to a players inventory (including enderchests). Well... now we also got the /data command :)

    Now, in case you're wondering what I did here...

    I had to use 2 steps. First I used: /data get entity AyanamiKun SelectedItemSlot. This told me which of the 9 item slots in the hotbar Aya had selected. As you can see it was number 5, which basically means she had number 6 selected (Minecraft starts to count at 0).

    So then I used another data command to tell me the 5th item in Aya's inventory: /data get entity AyanamiKun Inventory[5].

    And voila :)
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  6. i witnessed lightning turn a pig to crisp bacon once not too long ago
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  7. *Zombie pigman

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  8. You're not being consistent here. ;) I suppose you meant the 6th item in her inventory?