That moment when....

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  1. That moment when you're looking at the live map and come across really neat looking pixel art of Jimi Hendrix.

  2. Well.

    That moment when you just wanna sleep but a teacher bugs you a million times...
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  3. When you see your old pixel arts rotting away
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  4. That moment when you're just minding your own business and then...

    a lightning bolt comes that close to hitting you! :eek: Could've fried my feathers :(
  5. That moment when you're playing a little game in 1.13:

    This is one of those many reasons why I'm so excited for 1.13: Mojang has really worked hard to give us features within vanilla gameplay which are right now only available through mods. And I think that's a very good thing.

    For example: on servers it's not uncommon to use the OpenInv mod which gives admins full access to a players inventory (including enderchests). Well... now we also got the /data command :)

    Now, in case you're wondering what I did here...

    I had to use 2 steps. First I used: /data get entity AyanamiKun SelectedItemSlot. This told me which of the 9 item slots in the hotbar Aya had selected. As you can see it was number 5, which basically means she had number 6 selected (Minecraft starts to count at 0).

    So then I used another data command to tell me the 5th item in Aya's inventory: /data get entity AyanamiKun Inventory[5].

    And voila :)
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  6. i witnessed lightning turn a pig to crisp bacon once not too long ago
  7. *Zombie pigman

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  8. You're not being consistent here. ;) I suppose you meant the 6th item in her inventory?
  9. That moment when I discovered a new, fun, thing to do in Minecraft. And purely by accident.

    It is hilarious ;)

    This is a screenshot from the snapshot. Here I'm checking out an ocean ruin (actually 3 close to each other) and in case you didn't know yet: bubble columns are a thing here.

    If there's a block of magma on the floor then it will generate a downwards bubble column which pulls everything down from the surface. And if there's soulsand on the ocean floor it generates an upwards column; now everything gets pushed to the surface (which could provide a very interesting technique for water-powered item sorters).

    Now, see those fish? They swim without a care, almost like normal animals. Sometimes right into a bubble column, and guess what happens next? ;)

    It's seriously funny to see, especially if they're swimming in a group. Down goes the first, the second and the third and when they dropped several blocks down you can almost see them wondering "what the heck was that?!".
  10. moment when some1 shows u something cool ^.^

    And that jukebox really works!! ^.^
  11. A new wasteland, so new adventures to undertake everyone!

    So while exploring SMP2 a bit I came across a scenery where someone obviously enjoys the block protection which is now in place:

    Even the mobs are fighting over all this! :eek:

    Well, or maybe they're just enjoying seeing others fight over this stuff :D

    I had only set foot into the waste for a few blocks and got immediately attacked by skeletons and zombies who, as you can see, quickly started fighting each other instead! :mad:

    (also notice the arrow flying in the upper side (a bit right of the middle); that's two skeletons fighting each other, you can see because the skeleton at the top has his bow steadied).

    The things which a diamond platform can do to people and mobs. It's ridiculous ;)

    What? No, you can't have the location of this area because it's all mine, you hear? ALL MINE! Mwua ha ha haaaaa :D
  12. That moment when you spend 3 hours digging a huge hole in the waste and forget that you had homework
  13. That moment when....

    .... I wish I could summon Krysyy because I think she would love this. (yeah, it's definitely better that we can't do that).

    So here's the next best thing...

    The longer story

    Sit back and relax, uncle Shell is here with another story :D

    SMP2 is currently nearly exploding with new(er) players. And even better: most of them are having a good time and really enjoying themselves! (let's be honest here: EMC isn't for everyone, simple as that. And some newer players also had to adapt to the idea that on EMC you actually have to work (read: no teleporting)).

    But that doesn't mean that many of us won't try and help others feel at home.

    So when I noticed this guy I knew that I HAD to show him around the SMP2 spawn. So I did, see above. I can say that I'm convinced he was genuinely impressed with all the work. I also think he didn't even realize why I was moving around so jitterish (note: no posing or anything, but I do know when to hit F2), and here ya go.

    He made the skin all himself (I'm assuming it's a he) and please do pay close attention to the details. Right up to the elbow patches? That's solid.

    Beware SMP2 for the 11th doctor has landed! :)
  14. you find diamonds before iron...

    The diamond! :D

    The lack of iron needed for that pickaxe :(
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  15. that moment when you realize somebody has force claimed your res
  16. How could you know? I don't think you can see the difference between residence reset by force claim, by own choice, or by the system resetting them to free up room.
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  17. When it's a day after you went derlict, and there alredey has been build on it, you can bet it has been forceclaimed. Next to that: if those signs introducing EMC are on the res, you can bet it has been claimed by the system. (most people leave them) If it says "wekcomt to open res #" you also know it has been claimed by the system.
    The derect result is all the same, but you can see what happend due to what comes next.
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  18. moment im taking my doggies out for a walk ^.^

    those guys really cant behave, lol!

    what monster? oh shoot, Fido stop playing with that spider again pls! ^.^

    all safe @ home ^.^

    im really enjoying the new waste so far!
  19. Cute doggies :D
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  20. Sorry to double post, but I just want to say...
    That moment when you get the 1500th post on the That Moment When Thread! ;)