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  1. Dear Community,

    It's been almost a month since the forum auction rule changes, so here we are again. We've allowed the changes to fully take effect and we're ready for the next step: getting a clear view of your thoughts post-change.

    I've spent a good portion of time combing over the auction forums and cataloging data related to auction bumps pre-change, auction frequencies, as well as overall auction activity. At this point, I'd like to share what the data shows, then ask for your opinion on where we should go from here.

    So without further delay...
    Two sets of data were collected. Dates were categorized based on the start date of the auction. The chosen dates are as follows, to allow any pending auctions to come to completion prior. Numbers may be slightly off due to this being a manual task.

    Pre-change (July 11 - July 31)
    Post-change (August 11 - August 31)


    Previous major points of contention in the announcement thread with accompanying data:
    1. No one will want to participate in Auctions.
      • There were 73 Auctions during the pre-change period. Post change there were 156. Increase of 213%. (when you exclude bucket auction spam, ~136 or 186% increase in auctions posted)
    2. Bumps are not as common as you think. It's not spamming.
      • During these pre-change auctions, 422 bump posts were created, 152 of which were after the sale had reached a final price (didn't go higher)
    3. Auctions will go for less money with no bumps.
      • Comparing the value of auctions held pre and post-change revealed that there is little to no change in value reached, with or without bumps. Examples:
        • Unused Pot of Gold. Pre = 12,345 (9 bumps), Post = 15,000
        • One DC of Gold ingots. Pre = 22,000 (8 bumps), Post = 20k and 16,200
        • One DC of leather. Pre = 16,300 (13 bumps), Post = 20,500
        • One DC xp bottles. Pre = 20,000 (4 bumps), Post = 35,000
        • One DC of Emeralds. Pre = 20,000 (11 bumps), Post = 20,000 and 21,000
    So now it's your turn. You tell us what you think of the forum auction rules and what you want to see, now that you've seen the before and after.
    Survey Link: CLICK ME!
  2. Ok il read it now :p
  3. I think I know what the consensus will be, but I'll throw my opinion in there anyway. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  4. Filled out the survey with my thoughts on the matter :)
    It doesn't really apply to me too much, but gotta get my voice out there lmao
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  5. If you would take the survey first, it would answer that question.
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  6. Literally the first question in the form
  7. Thank you for this... noticing community outrage and offering compromise.
  8. Frankly, I fear for unconscious cherry-picking. That data set was suspiciously small.
  9. Somewhat long post that you don't have to read.

    I don't want to start another fight, but can we get the sources for your information, because some of it doesn't seem quite right to me.

    For example: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-dc-of-xp-bottles.77611/ my auction for xp bottles that went for 70,000 rupees. This was between July 16th-18th, which is in your time period.

    I understand you said that the numbers might be slightly off due to this being a manual task, so it is entirely possible that you just missed this auction, but 50,000 rupees is a large difference which changes that entire statistic.

    Like I said, no fights intended here, I'm just interested on knowing where you got your information from, especially regarding bumping and auctions created. =)

    I'd also love to see this information, since the, lets say wilder people, on the no change side of the discussion would like to see the statistics as just plain data, instead of just being fed the data by someone that they might not trust too much on this issue.

    Also on a different point, in my opinion promo auctions should never be included in this discussion, no matter what side of it you are on, since the prices of those will inflate or deflate massively with no external causes changing this. I also looked up the other things in that list, and for things like the dcs of gold, I only found scs, and logically you cannot just assume that a dc of that same item would go for the same price if sold in dc amount, because people don't work like that.

    To show this here is the 16.3k auction for leather that you found, https://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-1-dc-of-leather.77689/page-2 (also this auction is one auction that massively raises the stats for bumps after maximum price) and here is a two DC that went for only 20k https://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-2dc-leather.77749/
  10. i legit had no idea there were auction changes wot
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  11. That's well above the market price for xp bottles at that time.

    For instance right now there are two different malls offering DCs of xp bottles for nearly half that amount.
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  12. The variation in price in auctions before the change is not my concern. I've noted multiple times that the auctions are finicky and value relies solely on what someone will pay. That had nothing to do with the info I'm showing. I didn't miss your auction. It wasn't in my comparison for that item. My comparison is to show there was no difference in price due to lack of bumps. Which for this auction, there wasn't.

    As for if you don't believe me, that's your issue to work out. The forums are public. By all means, you can go through and catalog the threads and get whatever data you want to have more of. I felt the appropriate amount of data was collected to address the concerns that were brought up immediately post-change.
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  13. I can let the rules go for 6 more months, then readdress with more data if that's what you want. It was my understanding the community wanted this survey 48 hours after originally, which we weren't doing because that data set was far too small.
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  14. Quite frankly that would be a waste of my time. However, the bit there I've highlighted in red just, yes? The price of items changes, yes, correct. Has auctions being bumped in the past changed the price of an item? Yes and no. Does this make this entire argument on both sides of the discussion irrelevant? Yes, yes it does.

    I don't want to fight with you on this, and I'm more than happy to believe your statistics. This'll be my last post on the matter.

    Read the red bit thanks
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  15. lol thanks for adding the bucket spam note..

    i am submitting one asap
  16. Glad you finally made a survey for us! In general I agree with the auction changes, but there was a little bit that I feel could've been done better
  17. I'm glad to see this but I have a question. If this server is meant to be a community, why wasn't this poll up prior to the change? I feel you may have gotten a more enthusiastic reception if ppl felt they were part of the decision.
  18. No data that way. As shown, the top arguments against the change were disproven with data. Making an informed decision for this requires knowing the true effects of before and after. This then helps to determine the good and the bad aspects, what we want to keep/change.
  19. the data does not show that the arguments are disproved but you have a quite the record for shutting down logical and relevant concerns. I did the survey but not sure why. Seems a useless endeavor since "statistics" are going to be used to propagate whatever decision it is you feel like making anyways.
  20. The survey results will be used to tabulate the opinions of the community after seeing the data. The 3 primary point of contention are shown to not truly be valid causes of concern, based on the 21 day period. There were just as many auctions and the prices were comparable for the same items being sold pre and post change. I don't make auctions, I just counted them.

    Whatever underlying bias you have against our rule changes isn't the issue here. Not everyone agrees with us, and we know that. We're trying to get numeric data to finalize the reversals/adjustments necessary. If we can show intent to work with the community, you can be a little less cynical.