[SURVEY] Recent Auction Changes

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. With the auctions going for less money, you're focusing on the big auctions. Auctions are starting to only play out for one bid before the time is over. I can name several people who are losing money due to the ban on bumps.
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  2. yeah gl im gonna get your auction for 1k lol
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  3. Oh really
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  4. Hello what happened to the survey and the votes????
  5. I have to admit I was slightly un-nerved by the auction changes, mainly because I bumped one and then realized oh you can't do that. However, I've had a few auctions turn out descent. I think the data collected is good to show for sure. Again as I stated in the original auction forum including the changes, it is just something we will have to adjust too. But I am glad that you guys felt compelled to help the community with the survey in order to receive more data for it. Again with change people can tend to get a little uncomfortable. But I think given the chance to allow the change to take place is for the best. Change is good. Not always, but mostly it is good and especially when deemed necessary. I believe a lot of our community lately has felt as if their voices aren't heard. And you guys proved it was heard for certain. Keeping an open mind is absolutely necessary especially when change is happening. It is also required even when EMC is going through their updates so we can upgrade to 1.13. Bugs are going to happen, things are going to be different. We live in a constantly changing and evolving world. We must keep an open mind about things. I still tend to want to bump my auctions just because that is what I am used to doing. But I have fared well. So I cannot really complain. Thank you staff for taking the time to allow the community to feel better about the change! Hope you all have a great week!!!!
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  6. I assume that they (= staff team) are viewing the results and discussing whether to change anything or not, and if so, what to change and to what. Give them some more time, as since it's taken longer than just a few days, I personally wouldn't be surprised if something will in fact change. :)
  7. It has only been 10 days since the survey was opened. Have patience and give it time. We want to make sure that everyone has their opinion heard and as Tom stated, we need time to review and discuss the results.

    I can't say that I have seen every auction, but I do watch the auction forums some and I have not noticed many auctions like this. At least, no more than the usual before the auction changes. Could you send me links to one or two of them in a pm, just so I can see what you mean? Thanks :)
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  8. The survey results have been reviewed and we're in the process of discussing possible changes to address the concerns expressed by the community. It will be a little while longer as we put the results into a chart for your review, as well as publish the changes. I will share that from the results we see, the community is VERY split on this issue, so it's taking a little longer than anticipated to formulate a plan from the results we have. Also some players thought they'd submit duplicate surveys so I have to clear up the results to prevent their skewing of the result. Please hold tight during this process.