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  1. This by far has to be the simplest solution to the entire bumping issue. Just add a Recent Auctions section below the Recent Threads section, and then honestly bumping wouldn't be needed as often, so a 12-hour limit could then be implemented.
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  2. Simple in theory, but not in practice. We tried and something in the forum code doesn't allow it. I can certainly make the section, but something won't allow it to grab the data and actually display threads. Aikar tried too. Some players may have seen the section appear for a short while as we tested sporadically.
  3. Could someone possibly view a "copy" of the forums to test setting it up said sidebar themselves?
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  4. We can't give anyone access to the forum admin panel just to help work out this code. Too much damage can be done.
    I can tell you what we use to run the current one, but you'll have to figure out a testing platform on your own. We don't have an EMC forum test site.

    The module is called RecentThreads. Keep in mind we use old xenforo with that.
    The research we've done indicates we should be able to just create a copy of it and change a few reference names and it would work. However, it doesn't so something else in the background must be stopping it. There's a lot we have on the forums and we don't want to break them. Therefore, we have decided to go with a different path.
  5. (I used ethical in the broadest defenition of the word. I do argree I worded the rest a little bit unfortunatly and fixed that.)

    I was not talking about if it works. I am talking about the fact that when you bump all the time, you feel like the price is more fair as when you couldn't

    Let's not forget that, for evrything related to humens, there also is a phychological side? Have you ever wondered why medical drugs tend to have a colour? 99% of it is Starch: the working molecules only are a few μg, that is not enough to colour a pill. Pills actally are coloured with food colours that match what they should do, because the placebo effect is stronger then. (I actually did some medical rescherch on the Placebo effect - I would want to tell way more...)
    This is what I am talking about here. If you bump, you feel like the price is more fair as when you don't. - Or, anyway, I do. - Mainly as a new player, that can be very importand. You do want to feel like the price you gotten is as high as it could be.

    Also, the "An auction was never meant to be a process of caring; it was meant to be a quick and easy way to maximize the price for goods." I have never seen that written anywhere. Auctionning always has been "a way of selling" What you used it for does not nessecairly mean what other people thought about it. You see: for quite some time, auctionning also has just been a good way to sell something. In-game indeed works better, if you're online on prime-emc time. For someone like me, who usually is online when 2 other people are online across servers. (hyperbola) Auctionning simpely is the best option.

    [Too Long ; Didn't Read] for my two posts:
    Statisticly, you cannot be that sure that bumping doesn't work, and even if it wouldn't, or, what I think is most likely, if it makes some, but less than 10% difference on averege, bumping also has a placebo effect we cannot forget.
  6. Exactly drmadfate. in the military this is what we call an officer promotion.

    Edit: Finding it really odd that the people that seem to be more active with auctions are the ones that can easily make the glaringly obvious conclusions about what outcome happens when you do something blatantly detrimental to the system.
  7. Interesting statistic I'd just like to give: the current amount of running auctions, is a grand total of... 7. And two of those 7 will end in two hours.

    That does seem rather low, in my opinion.
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  8. And another 5 could be posted tonight. Taking a snip of time is going to give you weird data that is unreliable. There are so many factors that play a part that you may not be thinking of. This is the middle of the week. In the USA, a lot of schools have started and are now doing exams, etc. Not as many people have time to be on EMC. That's a trend every year.
  9. It's better to write - a better one. A chunk of code (200 lines or so) that reads the auctions section and extracts data could also display current ending time and current price as well. That would be something! :)
    It would update a html file every minute or so, so the forum section would just pull (or link) that file.
    It's actually easy.
    Just people would be required to always write the bid as a number (using K and M is allowed) as the first number in the posting - perhaps on the first (non-empty) line.
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  10. As stated in the other thread, we PLAN on making an auction system that is more sophisticated than the current posts on a thread one. However, it's not at the top of our priority list.
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  11. That is true. There were however zero auction that ended European today (--> past 20 hours), which isn't much either. :p

    I know, it's just a snip of time, but the data of comparing auctions in the first post in this thread is, due to the irregular nature of auctions pretty much also a snip of time [=price].

    I was just curious to see how many auctions there were now - and at this point in time there apparently weren't many.

    What I am most surprised about though, is that you say that there are exams already in the USA - why so early on in the school year? >.< Good luck to everyone suffering from those. :)
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  12. In my experience, the first week of school was kind of getting everyone settled in. Then the second week is time to buckle down and learn. 3rd week is usually the test week. It's normally the hardest from the beginning of the year because you haven't been in school for a while, and you have to adjust to teaching styles, etc.
  13. 6 weeks method for most Texas Schools prolly most American ones too.So 1st Six weeks is ending around now so test/exams going on.
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  14. Lol, it hasn't been 6 weeks. But we're sidetracking this thread, so let's leave it at that =P
  15. Just to make it very clear, drmadfate deleted his own post 9 minutes after my reply. Instead of trying to stir up drama try asking him why he deleted it.

    Now I am done responding to nonsense included Tom insinuating all americans are lazy. Tom, I find that comment from you to be beneath you .. I had thought it was that you may have just said it that way by accident but now see that's wasn't the case. :(
  16. That is not AT ALL what I'm trying to do??? The comparison I wanted to make was very different... You're taking this very personally, but again, that isn't AT ALL what I'm trying to say.
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  17. Hmm, ok so I kind of forgot what the old rules were and only have the new ones to go off of.
    What exactly is the difference? I think I'm understanding that bumps and advertisements of any kind have been banned. Has anything else changed that I'm unaware of?
  18. I believe that everything is listed in here:


    Bumps used to be allowed every 3 hours after the last post in the thread, that has been changed to no bumps allowed at all.

    And before most items had to be auctioned in full DC quantities, with sone exceptions. Now almost everything can be auctioned in whatever quantity wished.
  19. the irony...
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  20. She's right yall, to have reliable data you must have time as well.
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