Speed Poll: Tutorial Issue Fix Choices

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Which option is your choice for a TEMPORARY fix?

Poll closed Mar 11, 2019.
A 79 vote(s) 78.2%
B 22 vote(s) 21.8%
  1. *Minecraft Pocket Edition. ;)
  2. I think the current tutorial is better than the old one.
    But it still is a bit long. Should be shorter.
  3. Forgot to post here, working on Option A. It's maintained a pretty clear majority throughout the poll.
  4. We could do a poll to find out.
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  5. A) I found more specific in terms of answering questions for beginners. Also I found it a lot more interesting in terms of layout.
  6. Hehehe I’ve managed to go over the mountain :p
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  7. Update: Completion of this expected tonight (if it doesn't break)
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  8. Can the maze that exists already be used? It's still there on nine
  9. I promise it's VERY similar. However, the old maze just doesn't work in the area.
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  10. This poll is a bit confusing as I have personally seen 3 different tutorials in my time here, my first one was the one I consider the "old" tutorial, where it showcased Momentus and Marlix and had beautiful builds, and you had to walk to the pressure plates for the right answers. Then I've seen the one with the questions you had to answer that was more streamlined, and then this current tutorial which is pretty bad, in my opinion. I've seen more trolls and rulebreakers with this newest tutorial than I've ever seen because they don't read anything, they just run right on through without caring.

    Also, you can walk off the edge of the current tutorial and swim to the nearby outpost, I did it on an alt before. But when you log out and back in, it brings you back to the tutorial again.
  11. From what I understand, Krysyy and staff are basing it a lot on the OLD tutorial, from way before you joined. It's the tutorial that existed for a large portion of the Empire's history, and was a sandstone maze.

    The maze has multiple choices and requires the player to either read the questions and answer correctly or guess a LOT.
  12. Lets base it on a really old tutorial: The No-tutorial, people just join. (Still half-salty of not getting a tutorial in the early EMC days).
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  13. Haha, there was a really narrow window between when you joined and when they instated it it would seem.
  14. There was - I joined 35 days later and did get to go through the sandstone maze. :D
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  15. i loved the old tutorial so i say A
  16. I didn't vote.

    But I will say this: one week to hold a poll? Why couldn't you guys build something new in the mean time? You have a generic structure, you have the information you think is required for new players but most of all: you have tons of existing feedback from players over the past years which you could have put to good use in the mean time.

    (edit): Even more: all the old material is still available today!

    Not to mention that the issues which have been reported aren't exactly new.

    To rule is to look ahead for whatever the horizon has to offer, and to try and anticipate for that.

    Note that I'm not just saying. In a week time you can do a lot of stuff, especially if you're with people who know what they're doing and who can really express themselves without having to worry about micro management.

    Just my 2 cents.
  17. The poll was ended on the same day that the thread was posted, the thread has just still been on the front page for reasons unknown to me.
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  18. I'm confused about that as well. I never watched this thread: I voted, and then left it, because I didn't think I had anything to add. Moreover, I saw it several hours after it was posted, so I assumed that the matter would have been decided on already or would be soon.
    I was rather surprised to see this thread pop up in the Recently Active box again, and then again, and now again...
  19. I stand corrected! :oops:

    Note to self: read better before posting :rolleyes:

    Still, despite the goof I can't help but still wonder about the available potential and how things are being used. Alas, I got it out of my system and I'm good with that.

    Thanks Tom!
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  20. B is what i and my alts want :)