Speed Poll: Tutorial Issue Fix Choices

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Which option is your choice for a TEMPORARY fix?

Poll closed Mar 11, 2019.
A 79 vote(s) 78.2%
B 22 vote(s) 21.8%
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  2. The player not in question, didn't mention having any issues with the tutorial. So now i feel bad for leaving in a hurry.

    Maybe another way to help is when a new player joins the server sends them an announcement to check the wiki, assuming it doesn't already.
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  3. Was just putting it out there as a long-term option, doesn't have to be done right away :)
    But yeah... option B :p
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  4. As a long term solution, what about a hybrid...

    Something with information so the player can learn about the server without having to open a browser and read text. And builds so it looks like fun instead of just a sandstone maze.

    And questions to verify that they actually learned what they were supposed to learn.
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  5. In that case temporary band-aid with signs for the current one.. So vote B..
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  6. I wanna weigh in on the tutorial that wasn't the sand stone era.. the last one was great.. it had builds and yes, momo and others may have been absent at times but it still gave the allure they were there. Lets not forget about the adventure side that went along with those eggs and getting some fun stuff from the start or even later when you went back to it. I'm just a big, big fan of that kind of tutorial.. it really had everything for the different type of players and kinda weeded out the trolls without being laggy as all heck.
    Yes, we still get questions from the new player but.. that's to be expected.. we are after all not your typical mc server.. we are so french vanilla and here for the long run. <3

    oh yea.. :p it would be A for me.
  7. I may be a bit late but I'd say A. If a new player is willing to go through it, then it shows that they want to stay.
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  8. I loved the old tutorial, it was one of the reasons that I fell in love with the server! :D
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  9. I like turdles.
  10. I wonder if all the people voting for A actually remember how many new players quit emc before they even finished the tutorial. that sort of thing would be great for an event but its just a deterrent for new players
  11. Option B the maze and questions is the ones I remember
  12. I'm voting A. I remember when I took the tutorial, I had to guess on nearly all of the questions, because the answer choices were too large for my screen, and I couldn't read what the choices were (if that makes sense). It took much longer and had much more wrong answers than it should have, but that's just because it wasn't wholly compatible with my screen. Anyways, hope that doesn't happen to anyone else!:p
  13. im confused, you didn't like the old one but thats what you want now?
  14. No no, I liked the old one. I think it's the best way to go to educate new players. My screen just didn't work well with it. But I'm sure it worked well for other people, and I think it's worth my vote lol
  15. I am seeing an "interesting" combination of many people who don't appear to know what Krysyy means with the tutorial of option A, and others have just plain bad reasons for their choice (and, of course, there are some more well thought out choices too)... :/

    As for me, I really don't know. I remember I didn't learn much from the maze tutorial either, but that could also have been because I was young, knew little English, and was stubbornly lazy. :p
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  16. I actually read through the tutorial but still had trouble with commands and such, but it definitely made everything easier :p

    Also could EMC make a bedrock survival server because that's where the majority of MC players are right now? Think of all that money that could be made ;-;
  17. We do not have the resources to divert to focusing on the setup of a separate server when we are trying to get to 1.13. We want to put effort into what we currently have and keep our vision going. There will always be something new, but staying true to our roots has always been the smartest option.
  18. I liked the one I went through before this one, I don't know what the old one was. I'll go with A.
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  19. The old tutorial was great! :D
    Except I never escaped and I never remembered anything because I'm not very smart but no one cares about that haha hah... ha.....
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