Speed Poll: Tutorial Issue Fix Choices

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Which option is your choice for a TEMPORARY fix?

Poll closed Mar 11, 2019.
A 79 vote(s) 78.2%
B 22 vote(s) 21.8%
  1. Hey All,

    Okay, so this is a SPEED poll. Ideally, I really need to have an answer in a few hours so I can maybe get the fix up tonight. In the past, we've been able to see a drastic shift in feelings if present in just a few hours, so that's the plan with this.

    Evidently the current tutorial is breaking people on load. I'm just learning of this (thanks DragoneerLaila), but numbers support it. I'm not aware if this is related to the 1.13 patch not liking the holograms or what, but I have two options to temporarily put into place and while I'm at it, a problem could be fixed that some players have complained about. However, I want a more general sense of how strongly all players feel about it...

    Two options:

    A) Create a tutorial like the OLD days. I'm talking maze with 7 or so questions. Answers would be available on guide.emc.gs and about the same difficulty as the past. Use same area generally, but expand platforms to fit quiz ability bit.
    -This resolves some of ya'lls issues with players just running through, but WILL likely cause a fallout from the lazier new players OR people that don't/can't load up the website.
    B) Convert all the holograms into signs and leave everything in place as is currently.
    -The current layout is not very pretty with signs and players will be able to run through without reading, as they sometimes do now. Will seem off, but remove holograms.

    Not turning this into a large collection of ideas, because it's just temporary to fix the performance issues and we need to jump on it fast with more and more players logging on for spring break. Time is of the essence here.

    So what do you think?
    (votes public so I can deal with alt skewing)
  2. A so I can try to escape and do some exploring :p
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  3. A, sometimes old is good
  4. I'd go with A, because lately new players just run through, and then ask the questions that where answered in the tutorial.
  5. lol those were the fun ole days XD
  6. Would this help fix the issue with players running off the edge? I've seen players not officially finish the tutorial and they don't get access to their armor and such.
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  7. Running off the edge? They shouldn't be able to do that....
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  8. A, I never experienced the old tutorial, and I want to!
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  9. I say the old is better just because it forces you to read everything but with that said I like the new because its new and fresh make the sever look up to date. so I would say bring the old back but add the holograms!
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  10. I personally think Option A is the better choice here, as the current tutorial is not my favorite.
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  11. A for me, because thats the kind of tutorial that got me to stick around. We're too unique to fit all of the relevant stuff into a small space. I think 'old is gold,' here.
  12. Less than a half hour in and the results already seem pretty conclusive :p
    I personally prefer A because it forces people to actually learn the rules. Sure, we're going to lose some players because they don't want to go on the website, but the overall quality of players who stick around will be higher.
  13. Bad thing about old was that it required effort, new player thinks meh too much work lets see the next server.
    Good thing about old was that it required effort, troll thinks meh too much work lets see the next server.

    Also old tutorial didn't showcase some of the build on the server, it was just a sandstone maze.
    My vote is for B
  14. I am one who likes nostalgia so I am going to go with Option A for the old ways worked a bit better. And I also strongly feel players who are new need to take time to go through the tutorial for focusing on time through the tutorial must not be rushed.
  15. A.

    btw, I liked the old hidden secrets you could find.
  16. I like the old tutorial because of the hidden easter eggs... that small amount of loot was cool to grab as a new player. I also love the new tutorial because of the amazing builds that you can see. I once popped up to the /tutorial and saw a player run right through.. I think the new one is to easy and it needs to be a bit harder to finish in 15 seconds... I guess I'm voting A
  17. Think OLDER than that. We're talking sandstone maze era...
  18. We are talking about the OLD tutorial, the sandstone maze.
  19. I think the majority of players on EMC nowadays have never experienced the old one (including me), so option A is the one I would pick. I remember I've had to help one or two people thru the current one because they couldn't figure it out.
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  20. I wouldn't say all the way back to the original maze, but maybe a few revisions back...

    Personally, I really liked the interactive quiz aspect of the tutorial when it was in, and would actually like to see that make a return, as well as a possibility of reducing the number of lines on the holograms down to one or two, and linking them to pages with the information on the site.

    However... there is a much more technical, but possibly ideal option, which does require a bit of code to be either changed or added: Don't send everything at once. Sequentially send the holograms to the players as they move from island to island, and unload the previous island's holograms when they move on to the next.

    If I had to make a choice between A or B... I would choose B for the time being - I like the current tutorial build.
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