SMP8 Public Wild Utilities

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SMP8 wants ???

XP Grinders 145 vote(s) 46.2%
Iron Farm 63 vote(s) 20.1%
Gold Farm 52 vote(s) 16.6%
Guardian Farm 38 vote(s) 12.1%
Other (leave in comments) 16 vote(s) 5.1%
  1. Ides reported he accidentally broke a block at the cave spiders at 3 Grinders. He's trying to fix it, but we'd better check it.

    Yep the dual cave spider is busted at the kill area. We'll have to crawl in there and turn it off to fix it I think.

    At the zombie spawner, they aren't falling neatly anymore. I mean, it works, but it's kinda sucky and not fast.
  2. I was out there not to long ago. Rates seem pretty good, I think maybe we could do better. I might take a little bit of time to adjust the spawn zones. If that's okay with you. :)
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  3. I can definitely do that, I'll get on later today and tomorrow to start doing that.
    Sadie can help me with that and whoever else wants to!
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  4. As for my take on things, I am having a pet emergency today that may last for a couple of days. I will handle my things as I can. I will join the discord, if you need me for something, and I haven't changed my nickname, I am Dragon of Hope.
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  5. Alright, I'mma start by swingin by 3G, if no one else has. I can't wait to do my old flight again.
    I'm not top game, please be patient.
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  6. Update: I think i know how to fix 3G. working on it now, then will climb in and see if there's anything else that needs fixed inside just in case.
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  7. Ben, feel free. That place is just weird because it's a very old fortress merged with a slightly newer fortress. Why spawning is a tad screwy there. Don't ask me how that happened and I have that info secondhand. It predates me joining EMC. Thank you and good luck!

    Thanks Katy! I think what is left to do out there are the leaves on the big tree, and interior decorating/lighting in the houses, and planting the greenhouse. The generic mob farm I did is in more of a test state than a real one, so I'd just leave that bit to me.

    Thanks CatNap! Much appreciated, that really needs doing :)

    Sadie, sorry to hear about your cat. No worries, nothing is on fire. Corrupted and I already put out the "on fire" type problems. You missed the regular hilarity of me getting poisoned a couple of times by cave spiders early this morning lol. Everything else will just get done as it can.
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  8. I so forgot the joy of being in there and trying to work on stuff... xD geez. Also don't think running up a ladder will save you.

    But, 3G is currently fixed. will do a last check while here, then I need more coffee.
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  9. Did someone say coffee?
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  10. Yes, coffee and food. Finally. Don't ask.

    I think i fixed one, i may have goofed it (i think i did now that i think about it) but I can easily re-fix it.
    I also left my shulkers at 3G because I'm still in a spawner waiting to break a block that is blocking water which is allowing mobs to spawn (namely oh hai mr. skele why are you in with the spiders?). I so hope no one's a jerk....
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  11. Status report, as done by BayLaurel (me)
    Nether Rail Entrance (overworld)
    • Skeleton horses are gone. :(
    • 3/4 anvils are in poor condition
    • Farm has poor crop variety (no beetroots, carrots, potatoes)
    • Farm could use composters (block from Village and Pillage, allows excess crops/seeds to be made into bonemeal)
    • Farm water sources are not covered (Trapdoors are handy here)
    Nether Rail Hub

    • Informational signs appear to have been griefed – they have offensive language when the buttons are pressed. khixan has removed the books until a solution can be found.
    • Rail to Hot Rods slows down. Returning rail does not.
    • Derailed minecart on road to Screeam For Me

    • Mooshroom is missing
    • Missing lilypad at farm
    • Zombies hard to reach
    • Cave spider grinder surrounded by spider heads.
    • No chest at other spider grinder
    Hot Rods

    • Odd sign near mooshroom
    • Info signs can be hard to read due to height
    Fort Wart

    • Witches trigger "low risk detection" and resist attacks
    • Witches take forever to crush
    • Mooshroom missing
    Sushi Drop

    • Slime head near portal
    • Jack-o-lantern in hall to skeleton grinder
    Scream For Me

    • No large issues, though pigmen do spawn
    Bone Machine

    • Many skeletons dying before they reach the player
    Tree Eater

    • Far from the Nether Rail
    And, of course:

    • Being revamped

    • Will break in 1.16
    That concludes my report on all utilities accessible from the Nether Rail. Happy to answer questions or help fix stuff!

  12. That's a lot of griefing, uhm. I did not notice any of this when I did my check.
    Do note someone has to climb into a cave spider spawner at 3G to get a block if y'all think that's in need of fixing and hasn't yet been done.

    I will say the mooshroom was there when I was last there. (I'd think, especially because corrupted didn't point it out to me when he came to save me?)

    If anything needs done that I can do, pokes, and I'll work on it tomorrow, please.

    edit: khixan, if they were chris's (i suck at possessive) then how? he buildmoded those... And he's not happy to hear that update
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  13. Can anyone DM me privately as to what was said...? Only person that should've been able to break those was me and a few other friends with buildmode, so I'm going to assume it was someone who went rogue on me because, well, who else could it have been?

    It might also be reportable because they deliberately misused my trust and probably figured it would be okay to do this to PWU builds on my behalf since I don't play much on here anymore.
  14. Geez that's a lot of issues - the books and missing items are particularly concerning.

    If you or anyone else overseeing the public utilities want to report these problems as a rule violation, feel free to contact any staff member by forum PM or in game for assistance.
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  15. I forgot to mention that a couple of slabs were missing from the floor at the Nether Hub – khixan replaced them, but one was a full hole going through the floor. I don't know the full logistics of the build, but just from eyeballing it looked like a very long drop down with no chance of survival, barring the possibility of elytra. If that was in any way intentional – especially if there's lava down there – that's griefing with intent to harm and destroy.
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  16. Thanks Chris!

    Thanks Pineapple. Crystaldragon came out and couldn't trace the book thing unfortunately. I really do not know how the heck they even got into the chest with the book.
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  17. All of what I've heard about this was most assuredly after my flight around.

    i'm sorry to see all of this.
  18. So I went to check on Hot Rods for the lolz, I didn't expect much. this turned into a full flight around. So here's what I've found.
    Note that jaqque checked on every block (but the chest).

    Hot Rods:
    - missing mooshroom. Same room, -722 36 -1711 missing sandstone block. (also a random fence?)
    + Sandstone showed nothing. I also couldn't replace it (and I was too sleepy to fix it). The fence I noted as random wasn't fishy either but it is over the suicide drop. Hence me pointing it out.
    - I honestly feel like 2 flower pots are missing on the shelves (same grinder)
    + I didn't check these. May have been poor memory.
    - fires were put out along one side of that room > the other one. (that may have been a PWU? I didn't check)
    - storage room 2, leaves above the right side anvil are missing. (this is the one that's right before the beautiful "cold" side of hot rods)
    + I didn't check these.... woops! I think this was old anyway.
    - first grinder on the cold side of hot rods, random ender chest before the glass to watch the spawner
    + yeah ok i didn't check this one either. It was wicked late when i went out there.

    Fort wart:
    RIP Mr. Mooshroom 15. Need yet another mooshroom out here.
    (also one cauldron has no anvil buddy that i saw, but anvils break so I didn't bother)

    Sushi - Hot Rods - Fort Wart > From the Fort Wart station there's only boats, no minecarts -.- (guess who had to walk like a chump!)

    Sushi: Dicey's piston door got exposed.
    + That was a bust, due to pistons requiring you to not use bmode. (Double edged sword there). We tried to fix it up but I literally didn't expect to have to go out and do a full flight.

    Pigmentus: RIP villager, and also who put a crafting bench there? Also random chest on the catwalk too... -.-
    + I have removed the crafting bench but because I had no supplies i left the chest where it was. It's non-obtrusive, so I wasn't concerned with getting it removed immediately. I removed the crafting bench cause you had to hop over it to cross.

    3G: rip mooshroom if he was replaced. (poor mooshroom) But I didn't see any other oddities here (and honestly didn't dig)

    NOTE: I do not check all of Sushi's locker rooms. Only the bottom layer. I actually don't check any of the locker rooms unless I'm taking inventory of direlect / banned locked chests (which i plan on doing again in June), as these hardly ever get touched.

    Wow. Guess I need to start back up a weekly flight around, eh?

    Also I checked the kiosks Chris wrote and they're perfectly fine still.
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  19. Thank you Sadie!!!
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  20. No problem. I saw the missing mooshroom and decided to check the rest for missing mooshroom. That was a fun midnight run...