SMP8 Public Wild Utilities

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SMP8 wants ???

XP Grinders 134 vote(s) 46.4%
Iron Farm 52 vote(s) 18.0%
Gold Farm 52 vote(s) 18.0%
Guardian Farm 36 vote(s) 12.5%
Other (leave in comments) 15 vote(s) 5.2%
  1. Thanks Benny!
    If your friend wants to help you excavate the new room, or place chests in /noprotectmode, that's fine by me. Anything placed in protected mode needs to be you because you're part of PWU (on my flist, on the OP list, etc).
    All the supplies are on my 3rd res (/v khixan-3 pwu). All chests for locker rooms have to be placed in /noprotectmode or people can't lock them. All signs for locking go in the chests (toss one in each chest). The chests do need to be spaced out for anyone to be able to lock them. Look at any existing PWU locker room and how we have them spaced apart.
    Other Locker Room Specs -
    Your design must prevent any spawns. You probably already know what that means, but just in case you don't... It's the overworld, so you can do a well lit room or floor (in floor lighting always looks nice), bottom slabbed floor, or a floor made of non-spawnable blocks such as glass, leaves, glowstone, sea lanterns, etc.
    Please leave one area for further expansion if feasible. If your room bumps up against other builds, that won't be possible, but if it doesn't, just mark off a section of wall (or floor with ladders) for "future expansion".
    Avoid any items that cause lag or entity count increases. Things like banners, heads, hoppers, armor stands, etc. One or two of these items isn't gonna be a problem, but don't fill a room with them please.

    There should be at least one area out there already ready for future expansion. If you can't find it, holler.

    I look forward to checking out what you come up with out there! :D Thank you very much! I'll log on and get you into the PWU storage. Take whatever you need for the room from it. There are tons of chests, signs and other stuffs.
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  2. Thanks! Will start soon.
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  3. FadedMartian has initiated a "Clean Up Wild North along Roads" initiative. Faded, Agennt, Sadie and I were out there for about 4 hours today. We made it to Bone Machine.

    CarolMoss came and helped, and then Boulder came out to handle locked chests. Thank you both very much!

    For the rest of this project, it would probably be far better to get the coords of places we need a mod or an SS ahead of time, and provide them with a nice organized list. That way we won't take up so much of their time. Cheers all :)
  4. March 2019 Newsletter
    Hello everyone!

    Khixan, as many of you know, is quite busy with Build Team duties here on the Empire, as well as real life (Gotta love Moms! :p). With this being said, while she will still be semi- active, she will be stepping back from day-to-day operations of PWU temporarily. In her absence she has placed responsibilities on ItsDicey and I. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or ideas!

    Wild North Road Clean up
    The ending of this month has been fairly busy towards the end. As of the last few days, ItsDicey, HopeWarrior, Khixan, Agennt, and I have cleaned up along the Wild North Road, which connects /wild N to all of the major builds including FE(II), Sushi Drop, Bones Machine, and Pigmentous. The road had multiple derelict newer players building along the road, oftentimes ending up destroyed due to griefing. Those builds that were connected directly to the Wild North Road that were not permitted by Khixan, were removed with assistance from carolmoss, and AncientTower due to a large amount of buildmode protected blocks. We greatly appreciate all staff assistance, as we could not impact the community without their assistance. I ask that everyone refrains from building along this road, as all areas within 100 blocks from the road exits or PWU builds are a no-build area. Please report any new buildings/ builds to me and Khixan.

    Wild North Road Apartments
    This Wild North Road clean-up is followed with plans and designs being currently worked on by Agennt, from my idea for decorative apartment buildings for those who utilize PWU builds as well as those who are a part of PWU. Please reach out to me if you are interested in helping with this project.

    Poppy Abundance issue at FE(II)
    Additionally, while we are waiting for the designs to be completed and planned out for the apartments, corruptedsmile has brought the issue of FE(II) and the poppy abundance. We are actively seeking out an idea/ design from those in the community and PWU for help with either discarding the poppies or a bulk storage for them.

    Revitalization of FE(I) Area
    Another project currently in progress is the complete demolition and renovation of the FE(I) area, originally headed by Sgt_Pepper4 (who is now derelict but given the area to ItsDicey before leaving). This was not originally part of PWU, but I threw the idea of renovation of the tragically griefed/ broken area, and some Senior PWU members as well as Khixan loved the idea! This area is going to be redone completely in the original manner Sgt_Pepper4 envisioned—a convenient area, close to spawn where the community could quickly farm various items all in one place. Currently, a few of us have started taring down the ruins of old miniature farms as well as all houses that were unpermitted to be built in the area. Please reach out to me if you are interested in helping with this project!

    Nether Express Addition
    Last but not least, Khixan and I are looking for those experienced PWU players that originally helped with the Nether Express to help again if possible! We are needing to construct a rail with calculated and linked portals that connect the Nether Express to the Tree Farm built along the Wild North Road by BenMA. The plan is to then have an overworld rail then link from the Tree Farm to Bone Machine towards the west along the Wild North Road. Please reach out to me if you are interested in assisting with this project, we’d love all the help we can get!

    I am currently also in the process of creating maps of all the current builds and attractions of PWU—I will post the maps when they are ready!

    That is currently the wrap for this month's newsletter-- please let me know if I forgot anything!
  5. Well done Faded, thank you!
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