SMP8 Public Wild Utilities

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SMP8 wants ???

XP Grinders 137 vote(s) 46.1%
Iron Farm 55 vote(s) 18.5%
Gold Farm 52 vote(s) 17.5%
Guardian Farm 38 vote(s) 12.8%
Other (leave in comments) 15 vote(s) 5.1%
  1. With the wonderful help of Sadie.. *dies of laughter* how humbling, I went back to guildorn and youtubed for a bits... xD Thanks, though... I'm moreso waiting on Where the heck do the apartments go? (on that plot)
  2. Ok, so I’m beginning to be active again and have a couple in projects in mind including updating FeII and other stuff. Yesterday I also added new elevators to the nether hub! Let me know what you think! (Only upward elevators, its faster to jump down from second floor)
    If you have design suggestions or ideas PM m!
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  3. If you need any help digging for fighting off mobs so you can build let me know.
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  4. downside to upgrading feII is so many people involved ya pretty much have to have khixan there and maybe a mod as well if there are any older players who didnt friend khixan.
  5. Yeah, BankingClan exist (it was our failsafe incase khix is not there, but it doesnt have evryone). i was also thinking if its better leave FeII alone and just create a whole separate structure/build
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  6. I think it'd be nice to leave FeII as a monument of sorts- tho may need to remove the villagers, either way.
    Good news that iron farms are so easy- aren't they a bit more powerful, too? Dunno-
    did any of the other farms break in the update? I have a scythe that needs a repair soonish, so pigmentus may see me again soonish xD
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  7. I am miserably sick, but slowly on the mend. I refuse to inflict myself like this on anyone. I am in pain, cranky, and mean right now. My head is killing me, my nose is raw, my throat hurts, and I haven't been able to breathe through both nostrils in days. Now I'm coughing too on top of all that. I am just not a graceful nice person when I feel this crappy. Ripping people's heads off sounds fantastic to me atm, and that is why I'll just hide for now. I'm in nasty uber jerk miserable mode.

    I hope to be around this weekend, but we'll see how it goes. Y'all are welcome to tear down spawning platforms and villager cells at Fe(II), and leave the blocks you can't break to me for when I feel more human in a few days. The golem ice transport to the center can likely stay in place and just remove lava, etc. Toss supplies in block "locked" chests out there please or take them to the PWU storage on my 3rd. Thank you!

    EDIT: Update from Ben and WitherDoggie - They are testing one of the new iron farm designs. I'll probably be testing a different one out at SnG once I feel human. The testing has begun on EMC for the best PWU design. I have a long history of refusing to do AFK for PWU. We'll see if I stick to my guns on that or not for this build ONLY.

  8. Totally fine, been there before- hope you feel better soon!

    I can work on that later, then- but i'll likely have little to no one on my friends list for it. But i can still try, ye?
    I would rather love to see a monument to the past but yeah i suppose the old design just takes up space now.
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  9. Can say the design we tested works very well lol.
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  10. downside is designs that work well tend to be bad for pwu. we tend to have to weaken things that work great cause so many people ignore the do not afk signs.
  11. Totally not bumping a 2 year old post (friendly reminder to everyone)! With renovations coming to FeII and big plans for future of PWU its very nice to have a second person that can vouch on your behalf :) If you aren't friends already with me, please send me a request <3 :D

    (this is optional, but its greatly appreciated)

    PS: also figured I can do some self promotion in the same post. If you didn't know smp8 also has PTUs available! more information here:
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  12. Yeahhh I foresee me needing a walrus... xD (Uh. Wild s. Remember that, anyone?)

    I'll be on in a few, need to find my backup backup toolset.
  13. I think the water at the Skellie spawner at Sushi Drop is busted. I can hear a bunch of skellies, but they are no longer dropping down to be killed. Sticking this on the TO DO list for PWU stuff that needs fixing from the update.

    Has anyone checked Bone Machine yet? I haven't and need to soon.

    EDIT: Bone Machine needs to be recalibrated. Skellies are dying before they get to end.
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  14. This sounds like the "undead now sink in water" for the sushi drop. I can go get soul sand out there and edit the water tower, if you'd like.
    As for bone machine, idk. I could look tho.

    This makes me curious about the other grinders...
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  15. bone farm under sushi is fixed and bone machine issue is just skeletons fighting the water current.
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  16. I was informed by khi of the former, thank you for the update here corrupted
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  17. If any help is needed with the builds and fixing things due to the update, just tell me. I'm officially back and ready to help once more!
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  18. Thanks CatNap! :D

    Right now I am concentrating on getting the BuildTeam stuff done for the Annual Spring Event. Once that is completed, I'll turn my attention fully to PWU builds. Roughly end of next weekend (3/5).
    (Asking me about all this before then folks is likely to result in snark - from me :p Priorities folks, priorities...)

    Here is the PWU To Do list.
    • Design a public iron farm for EMC. It can't too good or too bad (let's not break the server... again). I have to find that balance. I prefer something without AFK, but it will probably turn out AFK is a better answer for iron farms and server performance. We'll see. BenMA and WitherDoggie have one design up and working. I need to collaborate with them and see if they've already found the best design, or if we should test a second one. My first try was a cat farm far more than an iron farm. That was... well that was terrible LOL.
    • If you are reading this and have an iron farm working well on EMC and would like to send me the design, awesome! The PWU Discord link is on the OP of this thread and here it is again.
    • Once we have a design for Fe(II), execute it. Tuq and Corrupted have started the take down process for the existing build.
    • Assist TBird and KatyDidBuild with smp7's PWU by Cube for the same iron farm once we know we've got one that works.
    • Inspect all the PWU builds at Wild North and NHG at /nether. I know Corrupted has run by some, and I've run by Sushi Drop and Bone Machine. We need a written list on this thread please to make sure they've all gotten looked at. Telling me in chat is like tossing a bottle into the sea. I'm not gonna remember folks. If we don't write it down here, it didn't happen. CatNap - If you wanna take this job on and document it here, that'd be awesome, thank you! Recruit whoever you'd like to help you. Sadie sounds like she's interested in it too.
    • Bobby has done a drowned farm out at SnG. We'll decide if we want to turn that into a PWU build at a later date.
    • Wild North SgtPepper's old area - This still needs completing. It is close to done. The PWU Discord has a schematic on it and all that. It does have a small generic mob drop farm at it (no XP, just drops). Paging Faded, paging Faded... ;)
    • Sadie has donated a DC of blue ice to PWU. Her first idea was to use it for the Nether Express ice boat paths. Considering the lag on EMC, I do not want to move players faster. However, it might be fantastic to shove drops and mobs faster. Once we get everything else done, may retrofit some places.
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  19. ah damn alright getting on to take a look at things at Peps area

    take 2
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