SMP8 Public Town Utilities

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  1. SMP8 PTU (Public Town Utilities)
    Town based organization parallel of PWU. You can get to us by using /v +ptu or /v 17474!

    Public Utilities
    Cane Kraze
    Sugar cane (in large quantities) can be obtained for free at Cane Kraze. Players can craft sugar cane into paper here to get free emeralds from the paper-to-emerald villagers (there are villagers here, too).
    Location: /v +ck

    Emerald Exchange
    As the name suggests, Emerald Exchange is a place where players can trade emeralds in exchange for certain items (mainly enchanted books and XP bottles). The XP bottle villagers are from 1.7, and every enchanted book is at its highest level. There are also a few paper-to-emerald villagers here, too.
    Location: /v +ee

    Special 1.7 Villager
    On top of the two 1.7 Exp villagers at /v +ee we also have one located at the +ptu hub. This villager is very special because it has a 1.7 Exp Bottle trade and 2 Glowstone trades.

    World Flag Banners
    This is a non-profit shop where you can buy all of the world country flags made using minecraft banners
    Location: /v +ptu or /v +flags

    Snow and Ice Farm
    Here there are many ice platforms for the collection of ice, and there are snow golems for snow ball gathering

    Location: /v +ice or /v +snow

    ACME Industries (+anvil)
    Anvils, Anvils and Anvils, and maybe some easter eggs ;)

    Location: /v +anvil or through the +ptu hub
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  2. Community Additions
    This is the section to highlight other special locations or services made by other SMP8 citizens for the benefit of the community!

    Shear Madness
    100 Sheep for each color!
    Location: /v +sm
    Directed by FadedMartian

    Plaza Trading Center
    Trading place for enchanted books and other excellent villager trades
    Location: /v +plaza or 16262@public
    Directed by ItsDicey
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  4. It is awesome! I wanted to remind everyone, that if you want to make or already have made a service/structure you would like to share with the community, please just PM me with the details to see if I can link it up in the hub!
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