[SMP8 PTU] Snow and Ice Farms /v +ptu

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  1. Hi everyone!
    This is a thread to announce two of the SMP8 PTU farms
    Discord: https://discord.gg/sHUBDQr

    Ice Farm
    Ice can be mined with silk touch pickaxes here on the res. Many platforms of ice forming at the same time, which means that you don't have to wait!

    Snow Farm
    Snow can be obtained here by mining the snow under the golems

    These 2 farms can be accessed by using the PTU hub using /v +ptu

    forum tags:
    Public Snow farm
    Town Snow farm
    Town Golem
    I need snow
    I need Ice
    Ice farm
  2. I have done a major add ons as a shop(now if you want easy money, here is where you want to go!!!) and easier instructions to people that don't know how to use a snow farm
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  3. This sounds gr9!
    Gonna use it thanks
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  4. *sees title*
    Who on earth would make a public snow farm?
    *checks thread*
    OK, yeah, that makes sense.
  5. How do you protect it from griefers?
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  6. furnaces...(i made a special design) guess you'll have to come and see ;)
  7. ah ok. That makes sense.
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  8. Love it! Hope you like my sign at /v +bulk.
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  9. Just came by! It looks nice! I made some money too :D
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  10. Nice that you liked it! :)
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  11. Bump Snow farm has been redone because of the existence of residence subzones, which means multiple farms can be on the same residence!

    An ice farm has been added as well!
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  12. Glad I could donate 2 reses!
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