Residence Update Log! The latest changes in the Empire Town!

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  1. Sneaky Aya, snooping around, make sure she doesn't break any thing ;)
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  2. I have seen that device on soem residence. it's very nice one. not seen the new expanded one.
    Only what is the use of it if the resources are so hard to get :eek: Otherwise i would like to have one myself some day.
  3. alright... can I say that I have a challenge for yall? I want my res to be of some help so I am going to donate it to a group (its a blank res but still its a place to build) anyone what to take it and build on it? I give yall the flags (I only live in the wild right now) and I lack inspiration I will help a bit If u want but mostly I just want to help the community right now... quote this if u are interested or have a group that would do well here.
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  4. You know what's the most fun about rebuilding a structure from a friend or Youtube (short: something which you didn't design yourself)? Trying to figure out how it works so you can add extensions to it (if needed). And I did just that today.

    My potion brewer is also sporadically used by some friends of mine, who got reminded about its existence for reasons I don't know :D And it created a problem: you need to use gunpowder every time you use dragon breath because the potions get brewed in one go. So if you forget the gunpowder it can stall a bit. And the solution?

    The potion brewer extension adder extension :D

    I know it doesn't look like much, but building this was only possible thanks to all the time I invested to figure out how things actually worked. The extension strip does 2 things: when you select dragon breath then it will automatically select gunpowder too. So there can be no more mistakes, ever...

    Second: it actually extends the mechanics another 15 sections! If you want to you can extend this machine indefinitely.

    The only problem I haven't managed to solve (yet?) is the blaze powder requirement. If you put a stack into the brewing stand it'll send out a redstone signal which triggers other stuff, and it's so compact that there's hardly room left (it doesn't help that I placed it at the edge of my residence, so I simply cannot build further on the other end ;)).

    But I like this a lot better than simply removing the whole thing and building something else :)

    ha ha ha, yeah. To be honest I'm more worried about what she was brewing there. Looks like a lingering potion of poison, uh oh! :eek:
  5. 20 days from now will mark a very special day for me... Then it'll be 2 years ago since I first set foot on this amazing server we're all part of. Why I share this? Well, apart from it being a very special moment for me (one I like to think back off) it makes this extension I have to share also a bit more special ;)

    You see.... After nearly 2 years of playing on the Empire I finally managed to finish something...

    My main residence finally has a real roof :D

    Of course there's also something under this roof, but that will be shared at a later time (when I'm done setting it up & decorating it).

    BUT... no more rain for me! :)
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  6. As I've mentioned a few times before already: Empire Minecraft is the de-facto server I play on, I'm only active on one (excluding my private LAN server of course) and this suits me just fine.

    So when I design & build something useful you can count on it eventually appearing here as well. Some weeks ago I took on a bet with a friend and designed & build a pumpkin farm. I shared some of the design stages here, and once I had a more final build I shared that here. And even that more final build / design was open to further improvement.

    Anyway, a few weeks have passed, I tested this design quite thoroughly in my private worlds, so now it was time to take the next step...

    /v 3544, go left and you'll see this :)

    I rebuild the whole thing on my residence, including all the required redstone circuitry. The only thing missing are the observer blocks, and I'll be able to add those once EMC upgraded to 1.11.

    It's a little weird not being able to fly if you've build things mostly in Creative ;)

    What makes this design special (or so I think, I'm not an expert on farm designs) is that it doesn't rely on clocks or timers which (as far as I know) most pumpkin farms do. Instead the observer blocks will detect any new pumpkins, signal the control area which counts them until a certain threshold is reached (maximum of 8) after which all pumpkins are automatically farmed, the controller section resets to default and is then ready for the next batch.

    Of course this is fully configurable. By default it waits for 8 pumpkins (or melons) to grow, you can also lower that to 1 if you'd like.

    And no, you won't find this on Youtube because this is a custom design :D

    My only problem... I'm not that great at designs. Meaning... I was right when I estimated that this contraption should fit on my residence, but I did have to make a slight adjustment to my auction pickup area ;)


    And now for some sleep, been a rough week so I'm taking off early today.
  7. When ShelLuser gets bored...

    /v +4inarow @ SMP2

    Was finishing up on a redstone project, had some left overs, got bored, build this :D

    Each player buys 32 pieces, either red or yellow, and then you're ready to play. Simply check a column where you want to place your blocks, then use a teleport sign (located at both sides) to teleport up to the platform where you can drop your game piece. Everyone has a place flag on this residence.

    You may need to get used to this a bit, and also look carefully down (in the gaming area itself) but yeah, it's doable & playable.

    When the game has ended simply click the reset button (see 2nd screenshot) and the field gets emptied, the pieces collected, and after a few moments the whole thing is ready for the next game. One thing I haven't sorted out are the left-over pieces. For now it's best to simply empty them all into the playing field after you're done playing, or just keep 'm.

    Originally build for 2 players but because you can get concrete powder in 16 different colors you can always bring extra friends along, just ask them to bring their own powder (or sand).

    As usual for my redstone stuff everything is accessible, just use the teleport sign at the back.

    Key are the hoppers and torches on top; this makes the powder drop itself

    The playfield is kept in place by a series of sticky pistons

    The hoppers push the items into an item elevator

    So basically you fill up the area with concrete powder, doable because of the place flag. Then when you're done you click the reset button, this opens the play field at the bottom (retracts the pistons). Because of the torches the powder drops itself as a block (Item entity) and is then picked up by the hoppers.

    These transport the stuff into an item elevator which in its turn pushes the whole thing back up into the main chest.

    So yeah... If interested you can visit /v +4inarow on SMP2.
  8. im really confused on how this works.... ima come look
    edit: ohhhhh its sand i see
  9. Oh my gosh, I love this so much. Like, the simplicity of it all is what makes it so amazing! Love it when players come up with great ideas like this and actually implement them on EMC, makes me happy.
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  10. Ooh, that's lovely!

    I want to try that, but I'd need a second player. :p

    Does the powder get sorted into the right chests? Is it possible to change colours of powder using a machine, actually?
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  11. Yes, it is, you need some 0-tick mechanics though, I'm not sure if shelly knows how to deal with that kind of stuff :p
    and shel, using some concreat converters you can also make a system that automaticly swaps colours, so that you only have to press a button :p
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  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Well, for the full experience yes but you can always try it out. Of course then you'd probably also always win (I'd start getting worried if you didn't ;)).

    Nah, it doesn't have to. The shop system on EMC is extremely nifty for that: it allows you to tie a shop sign to a specific item, and it also allows you to use multiple shop signs on the same chest. That's basically what I did here. So all the items get dumped back into the chest and the shop signs handle the rest.

    Not from mind, but I have a hunch what you might be hinting at here. Even so, I'd be a little hesitant with anything other than a command block to change / swap out items on a server because you're somewhat (ab)using a glitch. That is, if we have the same mechanic in mind here.
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  13. Yeah, it's indeed a glitch, but one that has been in the game since 1.7 and I don't beleve they're activly trying to fix it, I usually only tend to not use inconsistand glitches, but this here is totaly consistand, so, it's fine by me :p and, even though I am able to program, I have never really used command blocks, and it doesn't look like I am going to use them. I just really like the challenge of making everything work with pistons :p But, that wasn't really my question, do you know how to work with 0-tick mechanics and update order, as that makes you able to let blocks instantly move and such, wich can be really quite usefull for really fast things (or just making things overcomplicated becuase you want it to be fancy and fast (The only thing I nowdays do with redstone, picking an easy idea, and making it ways faster and way to fancy))
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  14. Before:


    Hi gang!

    What I like best about Minecraft and redstone is to come up with your own designs which should "do" something. Of course that can also result in contraptions which don't work as well as they could have, but that's part of the game. At the very least you can learn something from that. And an example is shown above.

    The first picture is a pumpkin farm which I build quite some time ago but it had a few bugs. Most notably the inability to survive "chunk unloading"; sometimes the device would stall after you left and re-visited your residence.

    So I redesigned and then rebuild it:

    This is an automatic pumpkin / melon farm and the best part is that it's fully modular. So you can expand as much as you'd like. Fair warning though: it consists of two levels. The top side is where the stuff grows (and gets squashed using pistons), the level below is where the items get picked up by using a minecart + hopper:

    So how does this thing work?

    The concept is actually quite simple:

    • The observers spot a new block (pumpkin or melon) and then sent a signal to the back.
    • This signal is picked up by the circuit you see above: the lamp actually triggers both pistons at the same time.
      • This also triggers the minecart to make one pass and pick up all the items.
    • The circuits on the left and right get delayed by the repeater (8 ticks) and then block the comparator in the middle.
    That last part is required because observers even respond to a piston getting shoved in their face :D Without the blockade this would get triggered forever.

    The fun part here is that both "trigger circuits" (left or right top circuits) are exchangeable and expandable. In other words: you can leave one out, which ensures that you can build another module right next to it.

    Good question!

    Note: this is an ad-hoc guide. I'm writing while Aya is building it so things could go wrong (and they have! ;)). I'm in creative, Aya is in survival which makes sure that we'll spot problems.

    What do you need:

    Warning: you need 9 redstone and best ignore the rails for now :)

    I prefer to use both regular and course dirt, this makes sure that you won't suddenly get grass blocks in your contraption (I think that would look dumb).

    Step 1

    Place 3 dirt (the plant will go in the middle). I prefer using course dirt on the sides to prevent grass from growing. Then place an observer behind both coarse dirt blocks, a repeater behind that set to 2 ticks (right click once), another block, a comparator and yet another block. You can see this above.

    Don't forget the water between the observers: this is to make sure your (soon to be): farmland block will stay saturated.

    Step 2

    Place blocks above the observers and all redstone components behind them. So 4 blocks on each side.

    Step 3

    Place the pistons facing downwards above the observers (see picture) and also place a block in the middle (at the end) on the ground. In the example above Aya already used the hoe to turn the middle dirt into farmland.

    Step 4

    Place 2 blocks in the middle middle ( :D ) and the last one between the observers (above the water block). Then place 1 redstone on the middle block in front (the one above the water block) and 5 redstone in a u shape as shown above.

    Step 5

    Place a comparator in the middle hole, two repeaters set to an 8 tick delay (right click until the pin is all the way back) and set the middle comparator into subtraction mode (right click so that the pin will light up). Also place the redstone lamp on top of the redstone on top of the block on top of the water :D

    And now your single module is ready.

    This is how it looks in front

    Step 6

    Aya was right: the material chest above didn't list all the required items for building the rails.

    You have 2 options...

    First you can set up a hopper + cart which simply keeps moving back and forth. Just make sure to place a powered rails (which is actually powered) at the end and a block behind that so that the cart will bounce back.

    Do keep in mind that this won't work very well for a melon farm because a melon block will break into slices. Your minecart + hopper won' t have much problems with picking up those multiple slices, but when it moves over a hopper while in motion then only 1 item will get taken by the hopper.

    So I prefer not to have the minecarts moving all the time (this will also cause less lag!) and instead have them triggered by the machine itself. This is very easy to do:

    Just place a line of redstone dust right under the blocks at the end, and have them go to the block next to the minecart (make sure there's powered rails next to it).

    Now every time when the system detects a block this will also send a signal to the minecart which will then make a sweep and pick up all the items. Easy, right?

    But yeah: you may want to experiment here.

    Bonus: what about adding extra modules?

    Just leave out the top level on the side which sits directly next to the other module and replace the middle block at the end with a comparator (as shown above). The circuit continues to work without any problems. Better yet: if you continue the redstone "control line" below (to make the carts move) you only need to 'catch' the signal on the left:

    And there you go!

    For the record: I don't really mess with farms myself, especially not on my residence because I have a tendency to forget all about them and then discovering that all my chests are full. Now what? I usually end up giving stuff away (or force feeding paper into my villager :D).

    So don't ask me how (in?)efficient this is ;)

    I can say that I managed to get quite some stuff from this, even while I wasn't fully around. And because the carts don't move all the time I also think this is pretty efficient where possible lag is concerned.

    So yeah, there you have it. Hope this can also work out for you!
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  15. My Res/Shop on SMP5 which is still very much in progress.

    Day Shots:

    Night Shots:

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  16. a lovely build! The shaders compliment it very well!
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  17. Thank you! I use Sildurs Vibrant Lite Shaders and Flows HD 64x64 texture pack.
  18. I honestly didn't realize that Shel didn't make this thread until tonight. Hot damn, I've been bamboozled
  19. Finished 4565 today. 3 residences down, one to go. If you don't know what I'm talking about,