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  1. Basic rules for everyone to follow
    • Don't advertise on other peoples threads. Example: Don't reply to a thread selling beacons with "Come to res #### I sell them for cheaper."
    • Don't attack others or their goods or services. This includes false accusations, rude comments such as "this shop sucks." Follow the schoolyard principle, "if it's not nice, don't say it."
    • Don't spam with threads or posts. Instead of making multiple posts for multiple items, combine them into one post with a few items that you're selling included in the title.
    • Don't "bump" (posting to push your thread to the top) threads unnecessarily. Saying "price dropped" or "no longer selling this item" is fine, but consider following the same auction rules and only bump after 3 hours have passed since the last post by any account.
    • Don't scam or falsely advertise. Scamming is against Empire Minecraft rules. False advertising is still scamming.
    • Don't beg. Asking subtly for donations is okay if you're starting a big project, but asking for donations just because you want more rupees or items is against the rules.
    • Remember to click that "Report" button below posts if things get out of hand.
    • Listen to the staff! They're here to protect and serve online. If they are asking you to do something, it's for a reason.
    Additional Rules for Buying/Selling Threads
    • You must provide a secure pickup location in the Town world for the buyer to collect the items within a reasonable time frame. We recommend you use [ACCESS] signs or Shop Signs to do this. You may offer delivery.
    • The standard maximum time a player should wait for their items is 48 hours. You may work with the buyers to determine an extension to this, at their discretion.
    Formats to follow
    • Title - titles attract people to your thread more than anything so creating a clean, direct and understandable title is important.
    • Example: [SELLING] Beacons for 10k at /v #### SMP#
      • Tags - tags can be used to determine what you're looking to do regarding the title. Example: Adding "[Selling]" to "Beacons for 10k" will attract the correct audience to your thread. Not only this, but when people search for a specific post it will be more likely to show up. Keeping tags short is the way to go. These are a few examples, but feel free to use others:
        • [Buying]
        • [Selling]
        • [Service]
      • If you feel that your price is somewhat expensive and you don't want to include it in the title, add it to the body (see below) of the post and explain why it's a good deal. Adding the price isn't always appropriate for [Service] threads.
      • Try and include: Tag, item/service, price, location of item or service
    • Body - the body of the post is used by your threads audience to determine why they should buy/sell your desired item or service.
      • Example: Hey guys, I'm currently selling beacons for 10k at /v #### on SMP#, just turn around at the spawn. These are a fantastic deal but hurry, they won't last long! I'm currently accepting offers too.
      • Try and include:
        • Further detail expanded from your title on the item (and price possibly)
        • Screenshots if necessarily or they can be used to lure the reader into what they could be buying
        • Directions to where the item is, ect. such as "behind the residence spawn"
        • If you're offering a service, go into a lot more detail regarding prices, deals, completion time, ect.
    • Response is important when you're offering/selling a particular service or item. Example: If someone asks "so what if I wanted ..." It is in your best interests to respond to this person politely and helpfully as it will build up a good reputation and possibly earn a sale for you.

    Tips to gain maximum attention for your posts

    It's really easy to gain a lot of more thread viewers than you currently are, just by following at least some of these tips:
    • Using correct grammar and punctuation makes the reader realize that you would be a mature and easy-going person to trade with.
    • Sometimes replacing words such as "good, fun, quick" with "incredibly good deal, extremely addictive and gripping, so efficient that you'll be asking for more!" can help your posts so much by giving the viewer more confidence in you but also something more exciting to read.
  2. Selling Spawner Locations
    This guide will outline the selling of mob spawner locations and public coordinates in the wild. It will highlight the proper procedures and what you can expect from the staff in regards to these actions.

    What exactly can be sold?
    There are a few things. You can sell the location of a found mob spawner if it is VERY clear that nobody has already started doing something with it. Should you so much as see a torch on it or around it, consider it to be in use of another person. You may also sell services of setting up a mob grinder for another person to be a functional mob grinder.

    Where can I sell the locations?
    You may use the Community Market place and for a set price. You may NOT use the auctions to sell locations. You may not sell the same spawner to multiple people, unless you make it clear in the post that the spawner is shared.

    Staff Involvement
    Due to the circumstances involving selling spawner locations, the support from staff is limited. If you purchase a spawner location and it is NOT what you expected, you will have to take that up with the seller. If you believe it to be an outright scam, then you can contact a staff member by messaging them on the forums. One such scam would be the selling of a location that does not belong to the seller. Contact staff if this is the case.

    When you purchase a spawner location, you are not purchasing exclusive rights to it. If a player finds your spawner and uses it without causing it damage, then the player has not broken any of our rules. All spawners upon discovery are usable by all parties that find it. However, if an owner wants to use the spawner, they have first rights. If you are the owner, ask the other player to leave in a respectful manner. If they refuse or do not answer within 10 minutes of you messaging them, then you may ask a staff member for assistance. Note: You may be required to prove that you own the spawner in question. This is usually done by verifying a sellers' message or by verifying the location around the site is yours. Contact staff for more details.

    When making a post regarding selling a spawner, you must include a link to THIS post as a disclaimer for buying/selling mob spawners. This will ensure that everyone sees and knows the risks involved.
  3. Storage Banks and Loans

    Storage Banks and Loans
    Storage Banks
    A Storage Bank is formed when you pay someone to store your items on their residence. A player's Hotel may or may not include a Storage Bank option.

    Storage Banks put your items into another player's possession with no way for Staff to enforce that those items will be left alone and untouched by the owner. Additionally players sometimes suddenly disappear or could get banned; making your items unavailable or removed due to a purge.

    Storage Banks are not moderated by Staff. Participating with one is done at your own risk and if something goes wrong, Staff will not have the proper evidence to take action.

    Residence Permissions
    Selling residence permissions is when a player offers the ability to move, use items, etc on their residence. The participation in these situations should be approached with caution. Like storage banks, players will sometimes stop playing or could get banned, which would remove access to whatever permissions you purchase.

    Staff will not intervene in the case of issues with the selling/purchasing of residence permissions and you will be participating at your own risk.

    Loans and Savings Accounts
    A Loan is formed when you allow another player to borrow something of yours, with the intention of eventually returning the item, with or without additional bonus.

    By opening a saving account with someone, you're effectively giving them your Rupees, and trusting them to give them back. By investing your Rupees in a project, with the expectation of receiving something in return, you are participating in a loan.

    It's possible for a player to build up lots of debt, draining them of all their Rupees. In addition, it is possible that a player may not give back what was loaned to them. According to Staff, when you willingly give your items or Rupees to someone else, they stop being yours, and are now theirs.

    Loans and Savings Accounts are not moderated by Staff. Participating with one is done at your own risk and if something goes wrong, Staff will not have the proper evidence to take action.

    It is NOT allowed to publicize the offering of nor the inquiry of a loan or savings account. By this, we mean that you may not make a forum thread or speak in the public Chat channels about them. Unsolicited advertising through other means is also disallowed.

    Please follow the simple and fair EMC rules derived from our professional staff team.

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