Random Screenshot Thread!

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  1. No matter whether that was staged or not, it's great. (:
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  2. Darkness....and a panda

  3. This IS an actual in game screenshot, no resource packs or shaders or anything. On Utopia. Yes, it's meant to look like this! :)
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  4. I think it looks greyt. :rolleyes:
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  5. /v 16200
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  6. A+
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  7. Forgot I saved this when 1.17 was 1st released on EMC. I logged in, made a comment, Hit tab and realized I was the very 1st person (non staff) to join the 1.17.1 release. It was also my birthday that day so a day I'll never forget!

    This was my tab screen

    Jewel king was the 2nd person to join and many others came flooding in in just seconds. I'll never forget the feeling I had every time I clicked to join the server, waiting for it to load. All 100% fresh new land untouched by anyone!! Ahh... That blissful day.. #Neverforget 9-06-21
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  8. You have 1201 unopened mail??
  9. Yes.
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  10. You have more mail than me. :O (whatever the surprised face thing is)
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  11. Very cool, thanks for sharing!
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  12. 2021 Halloween fun!!! And yes that's a ghast riding a minecart!!! xD

  13. What's this weird block? Is it snow-capped grass without the snowcap? A creeper blew up and I was filling in the hole and laggy weirdness was happening. Also one of the dirt blocks I placed automatically became protected by another player.
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  14. 1198x640?
  15. I think it is, interesting sight! The grass texture looks like that in the files, but it gets recoloured according to the biome. If there's snow on top of it, I suppose it isn't done because it won't be seen anyway.

  16. I didn't know it was possible to split per logical processor in Task Manager! Cool, might be useful once.
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  17. This has been possible since at least Windows XP. :p It's the first thing I do when I open task manager on a fresh install of Windows 10, change it to the much more useful per thread usage. :)
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