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  1. Give a thanks to cadgamer101 for giving me this idea :)
    I've noticed over time there are a bunch of miscellaneous commands
    on EMC. By the way, how cadgamer101 and I found these was typing in / and pressing tab.
    Post any cool commands you know in the comments!

    /xp (Current level : Lifetime XP : Decimal % of next level earned)
    /train(Aikar's EMC training academy)
    /newbie (Opens up Empire assistant)
    /games (Crashes game, possibly for future game server)
    /checkban (Another command for /p)
    /qm (Single message to a specific chat channel)
    /homersimpson (For you to find out :D)
    /wnether n,s,e,w (Teleport to specific waste nether outpost)
    /wild n,s,e,w (Teleport to specific wild outpost)
    /waste n,s,e,w (Teleport to specific waste outpost)
    For some reason there isn't a command for nether outposts?
    /location (Multiworld world : X : Y: Z)
    /nav new (Get Empire Assistant compass)
    /c clear (Clear chat)
    /time (EMC time aka EST USA)
    @t, @r, @l, @e, @s (Message to either town, residence, local, economy, or supporter chat
    @@ (Reply to last PM)
    @[First 3 letters of name] (Quick /tell command)
    //calc [Math Expression] (Calculates expression)

    Interesting fact:
    There are supposedly 1000's of hidden commands
    Example: /spawnmob

    I'll add onto the list as more people comment.
    Sorry if this list is not up-to-date, I got lazy :p
  2. /time already exists?
  3. Some people don't know about it :p
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  4. They all already exist.


    And /home works even if you do /homeplate, /homeontherange, /home6t5ygy6gt5b, etc. (I had fun slamming my head on the keyboard for that last example.)
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  5. Pretty sure we confirmed this. This will be how you get to the games server. It doesn't crash my game =P
  6. Oh wow... 10/10 reading skills from me. Thought this was a suggestion thread xD
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  7. Will have to help new peoples with the /train i didnt know about that before
  8. So many new commands. I remember all the old en's :'). JackBiggin used to do this ages ago :p
  9. Ha...ha funny.... Cause your like a... staff and all.. so yea
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  10. /nav new, /newbie, and /c clear are already able to be done (There's a feature that clears the chat, but it's not an EMC command)
  11. Also, I like the in-game PM shortcut.
    Instead of ...
    /tell AwesomeBuilder33 Hi
    You can type ...
    @awe Hi
    or type ...
    @r33 Hi

    Any 3 sequential name characters, as long as they are unique.
  12. Also @(First 3 letters of ign) will start a convo. @@ enters a convo...
  13. @T, @l, and @r are the same as /qm t or /qm l.
    @@ responds to the last person to PM you (or @@ message - for a qm).
    /c l, /c t, /c e, or /c r will set your chat instead of a quick message.
    /Nwaste n,s,e,w is the same as /wnether.
  14. Wait I always use /c l, /c t, etc?
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  15. /stage

    Used to connect to stage (only for like, contrib members, build team and staff.)
  16. Not really a special command
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  17. /tell (first 3 letters) *press enter* starts a convo untill useing a different command
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  18. No idea if they're still like this, but there's actually an absolute ton of commands that exist, but are hidden from tab complete, and show a fake "command doesn't exist" message. ;) Most are permission based though.

    Another fun fact: /location is stupidly useful for mods. The co-ords on there are the same format that Square shows them.
  19. Thats a common command
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