[Project] Help me think up a project!

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Should I build whatever I am building on my res or wild?

Entire res 8 vote(s) 66.7%
Wild 4 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Hey guys, I have not done anything on empire for quite awhile. I've been online sure but all I do is wander my res wait for someone I know to come online... I need the communities help to think of a project, a BIG project! I want it to take me quite awhile but not too long. I'm thinking something I can finish by early September. Let your imagination flow! Get creative please :) Also, I have a decent amount of redstone skill, that shouldn't be an issue. It does not have to produce something however it totally can! It can be in town or wild :D -Thanks, this should keep me into minecraft a while longer!! Undetermined prize, whoever I choose will a promo worth around 20k :)

    Here's something I thought of, make a HUGE castle in the wild with a whole lot of cool wall surrounding it :D Think big!
  2. Build a guardian farm for 1.8

    Oh wait, 1.9 will be out before we go 1.8

    All jokes aside... Make a public farms project, make it fun.
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  3. Biuld something the whole community could use, like a mob grinder
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  4. If your feeling adventurous, here is an idea:

    Go to the frontier, and go somewhere random, and build a GIANT building either above or below ground, and put a chest with lots of expensive goodies in the middle.

    However, booby trap this building, from top to bottom. Sand/gravel traps, lava traps, TNT traps, mob traps, dart traps, put them ALL in there. If you want to prevent cheating by people digging through, make it all out of obsidian, or you could put random lava in the middle of walls, so if they try to dig through, then BAM! Lava in their face. +1 point if you make it like a maze/riddle
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  5. If only that was legal jtc :D
  6. If you want to have fun with redstone, try building a calculator. That will leave you busy for a while.
  7. I would do it in the wild as well IRON FARM ill help you get the supplies and craft it!
  8. Bump! Prize is a rare valued around 20k!
  9. You should go somewhere random in the frontier and build huge statues of mobs. It would look pretty cool, I think.
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  10. You should make a giant stone generator like the one at /v allengero on smp9 :p
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  11. A magnificent giant chicken made of wool that is actually an egg farm xD
  12. Bruh, I made one in 2 days
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  14. Thanks for mentioning it. Things have been a little quite out there :p
  15. You are very very welcome.

    Now get off the forums and get back to work on that outpost!
    Unless, of course, your work on the outpost involves the forums.
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  16. That sounds awesome! Great idea!
  17. Build the Earth in a 1:1 scale. :D
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  18. Forgot to mention, you can enter more than one. :D