[IDEA] A combination of an outpost and a forum game.

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  1. The forum game would be based on the greatest EMC forum game of all time, The New Era. (don't dare bump that shit) Whoever can send a manned ship to the Moon in the game and keep it there would have control over a special wild outpost.

    If two or more nation's astronauts are on the moon at any one time, more than (but not exactly or less than) 50% of the nations on the moon must agree to it, or they would be disallowed from making that decision.

    On each page, the player who played best will be awarded one point, to be spent on:
    • A hospital, which generates 100,000 people per page
    • An oil rig, which generates 20,000 barrels of oil per page
    • A refinery, which generates 500 tonnes of steel per page
    • One tech point, to spend on a technology from the Civilization 5 Technology Tree from the start of the Modern Era onwards (all nations get everything before that automatically) The first column of tech is 1 point each, second is 2 points each, etc.
    Once the player has reached the Moon, they will have control over the outpost, and can do what they wish with it. They will also be able to convert the diamonds they mine to points, by depositing them in a locked chest at the outpost, at a rate of 1 diamond per point (subject to change). They can then use their points to defend their position, and trade them with other players.
    So, whether someone's interested in the forum game or the outpost, they will need to participate in the outpost to further their efforts in the game, and they will need to participate in the game to further their efforts in the outpost.

    The game would combine:
    • strategy
    • negotiation
    • diplomacy
    • political organisation and establishing structure
    • resource management
    • decision making
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  2. Very interesting, although probably too complicated for many people's likings.
  3. mfw someone remembers my forum game

    I would be interested, probably not as a leader though.
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  4. It had 73 pages in, like, 2 weeks. Come on.

    Only slightly more complicated than the very popular New Era. It's just got points, which can be spent on 'resource factories' and technology, and the outpost link. Shouldn't be too unsettling.
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  5. I never really understand the game in the first place so this would make it even more confusing lol
    1. Pick a country.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • Amass an army
      • Help other nations
      • Collaborate with other nations
      • Broker agreements with other nations
      • Develop technologies
      • Accumulate wealth
    3. Don't overdo it, or you'll be criticised for godmodding.
    4. Take over the world.*
    *taking over world may not be feasible
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