[idea] Voluntarist Association

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  1. Here's an idea: a group with the sole aim of helping EMC and its players as much as possible.

    Membership would be free, though members would be encouraged to donate goods and rupees which they aren't using and won't need in the near future, which would then be held by the association and released when someone needed them. Members would be listed in a spreadsheet of some sort.

    Anyone wanting assistance would post on the association's thread. Requests for items or rupees for the sole purpose of hoarding would not be answered. A request may involve assistance in:
    • building
    • designing
    • mining
    • hunting
    • exploring
    • farming
    • writing a post
    • designing a graphic
    • voting on someone's behalf
    In addition, members would be encouraged to promote EMC through:

    • referring users
    • advertising EMC on MinecraftForum and elsewhere
    • using the /report feature and helping staff as much as possible
    The Voluntarist Association would be based on a few simple principles:

    • helping EMC players as much as possible
    • opposing hoarding for hoarding's sake
    • encouraging players to collect their own resources, instead of buying them
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  2. Seems like a good idea.
    Although, in the end, you'll have a corrupt group probably take power of everything and hijack the supplies, just for money.
  3. Group supplies could be managed by an elected committee of 5 secretary-treasurers who would monitor everything going in and out of their storage, noting and confirming it in a Google spreadsheet.
  4. Question:
    What if one secretary turned corrupt?
    Wouldn't the entire thing collapse?
  5. Yeah, I think this could work out well, if it gets a good leader :)
  6. A good group of leaders would not come from thin air, kitten. They would have to be trusted veterans who would have no chance of ever becoming detrimental to the community of empire minecraft.
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  7. I like this idea :) You just need the right group of individuals that are trustworthy and love EMC. +1
  8. It would require great dedication to the idea as not to turn corrupt and wreck the idea, but if nothing happened and it was kept a safe environment where people could help out one another, then it's definitely a +1 from me.