The Community's Outpost (all are welcome)

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  1. Welcome to the home of the community's outpost. This is very different than any other outpost on the Empire in that it is run by everyone in the community. Not a single decision will be made based on what one person or even 10 people say. Instead, everyone will be, by default, a member of this outpost and will be able to vote on rules and help us grow. There are a couple of details though that you need to know before coming out here.

    All rules and motions are first suggested by a player. Every Friday, a Google form will be sent out where all players can vote on the different issues brought up. Players can bring anything to a vote (unless it goes against EMC rules) and things will be passed. Anything such as having an election to moving the actual day forms are sent out can be passed. There are a couple of restrictions though:
    • No preventing players from coming to the outpost (although those who break rules can be banned from the outpost)
    • A Forms vote must occur at least once a week.

    If you are interested, here is the original idea by 72Volt:
    With all of that out of the way, here some pics and the directions to get there:

    2015-01-19_14.51.23 - Copy.png 2015-01-19_14.51.33 - Copy.png 2015-01-19_14.51.38 - Copy.png 2015-01-19_14.51.38.png 2015-01-19_14.58.44.png

    On smp5, head to the East Frontier outpost and travel to the coordinates: 10800x, 647z
    From there, drop straight down and go through the nether portal. From the Nether, walk down the staircase and follow the ice path (hint: jump while sprinting on the ice) going straight whenever you can. After going really far, you will find a portal which leads to the outpost. This is incredibly far out from anything else and takes a little while to reach.

    All discussion, including rules you want voted on, go in this thread.
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    • Building a public farm for all to use that will be located near the entrance hall
    • No destroying any naturally generated structures (npc villages, dungeons, etc.) without first revealing the structure and putting a vote on how it should be used.
    • No killing of sheep, mooshrooms, villagers, ocelots, or wolfs. All of these entities have little use dead and can be farmed or used while alive.
    • Allowing all visitors to build houses as long as the houses are more than 2 blocks from other structures unless permission is specifically given by the owner of the structure.
    • While structures can be owned by a player, offer the option of making it public where all modifications to it must first be voted on before they happen.
    • The following are actions that can be taken with the new village: All villagers are moved without being harmed to a trade zone located under the church The village is fenced off, lit up, and made our central landing zone. A safe pathway will be made from the portal to the village and the buildings will be used for community services. Building within the fenced area will be prohibited without a vote. The perimeter of the village will be a rectangle around the edge of all parts of the naturally generated village. The villages will be used to show a wall of rules and the message board. The building in the north east will be the new landing zone and with the message board and other amenities. The rest of the buildings will be given a use at a later time on a vote.
    None as of now. Feel free to suggest movements for the outpost.

    None yet

    You have a few options to get your ideas up for a vote. First, you should check the pending section for your idea or something close to your idea. If you find something close, try asking the suggestion poster if they would modify the rule to include your idea. If that doesn't work or you don't see your idea, feel free to post your own version of the idea. If it would conflict with another movement up for vote or an already passed movement, voters will have to choose between you rule, the alternative rule, or neither.

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  2. None as of now.
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  3. Hello.
    Resident of the SMP9 East Wild here.
    And I'm interested in helping out.
    I can start helping in April, and I would like to build a settlement nearby, or just build a district in the current one, whatever suits the outpost more:)
  4. Hey, could I please have direct coords to see it from the LiveMap if thats alright? I want to see what progress has happened and stuff.
  5. I think this is it?
  6. That's for the Nether Portal.
    Thanks for trying to help though:)
  7. So, will this be named Panimperia, like Volt suggested?
  8. Yay! You can get back on then? Amnesty for the kitten. See you then.
  9. If I am accepted. We're trying to look at this with a positive outlook.
    However, I'm sure the community will allow me back in.
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  10. I know I will. All people *cough most people cough* deserve a second chance. I hold almost nothing against you, so I see nothing wrong with letting you back in. Also, you are allowed into Albion when you return.
  11. I probably won't be going near Albion.
    But, lets not clutter up this thread. This thread is for a outpost, not discussing the SMP9 Wild:)
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  12. Now, for this outpost, I'm keen on building a small district/city/town/village/whateveryouwanttocallitsettlement when I come back called either Ayr or Fife.
    It will have a Brutalist architecture scheme.
    (This is why I'd like direct coords, to scan LiveMap for good places to build when I get back in april).
  13. The name is "The community's outpost" because that name best encompasses what the project aims to be.

    Here is what is visible on the live map. Coordinates are in the top left corner.
    Screenshot (36).png
    There is a little more I have seen and it is overall a very cool place which includes an NPC village.

    I'll keep an eye on this, I want to see how it turns out :)
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  15. Seems good. I suggest though for a short name you have Panimperia, because for things like a outpost Mooshroom Stall, you'll spend a entire sign spelling the outpost name.
  16. Indeed.:)
    This is likely to become the next LLO/Minus-Flame-War-And-Complicated-Politics NR, in my opinion. Likely.
  17. Ahh. Isn't the ideal thing to search for swamp biomes where I can build when I get back.
    Will have to wait for livemap to generate.
  18. Okay, so considering "recent events on the LiveMap" aka, the LiveMap being so blacked out the land is a tiny dot, I would like this to come into action, if the Community votes yes.
    This bill makes the LiveMap around the starting outpost:

    *Look clearer. This means that players can find new places to build or settle easily.
    *Look nicer. It will look nice on maps having a full settlement, not just a small dot of land.
    *Prevent griefings. We can nearly always have a phone or a trusty EMC investigator, but we can't use our LiveMap detectors(aka phones)unless we have the area clear.
    *Be able to find each others house. This means it will be easy to find
    a friends house.
    *Therefore, asking that players team up and explore, while spending time in those chunks, to get the world to load up on the LiveMap!
    (Is this a good-enough thing to be voted on?:))
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  19. I like the name as is of the community outpost. It's already in motion.

    Once it's established we'll take a tons of torches out there which should start opening the area. Traffic to the area now can cause delays in establishment request.