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  1. Here's an idea for an outpost.
    1. Every player on EMC is automatically a citizen, and gets a vote on all issues.
    2. We make a forum for it, for:
      • discussion,
      • making and voting on motions
      • volunteering to carry out the motions (i.e. if a motion says "to build a tower in the SMP9 wild", a group of volunteers could get together and do that)
    And that's it. What happens from then on is up to EMC's players. They could pass a motion calling to elect a President (or even Presidents), who could carry out everyday duties, with citizens having a veto, or they could have multiple different roles elected, including judges, representatives, ministers, presidents, the whole lot. Or they could just keep it directly democratic and elect nobody. And if a government is set up, and it goes all NR, the people can abolish it.
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  2. communalist democracies end up being lead by majority. essentially one person who is popular makes a motion, the people who like that person dont oppose and he gets his or her way. its essentially popularity lead
  3. Not necessarily. If there is a severe schism, the minority could bring forth a motion to set up their own outpost as part of the wider 'nation', with the new outpost having responsibility for the matter(s) being disagreed with, and the wider nation having responsibility for everything else relating to that outpost.
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  4. the only way i can think of to get around this would be an 'anonymous' poll for everything which would be annoying for whoever had to write them all lol
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  5. Secret ballots would probably be preferred for setting it up, yes.
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  6. this wouldnt really solve the problem of the original outpost tho, would just castigate the minority to break off.
  7. They would only really break off on the issue disagreed upon, but the overall nation would still be able to vote on other matters concerning them.
  8. Interesting, as always.
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  9. Exactly.
    Sometimes, the best form of democracy, is no democracy at all.
    Especially when working with people who don't understand basic politics, because then it does turn into a full-on popularity contest.
    eg: the school council of Randomtown School
    Bob stands for class rep.
    So does Tim.
    Tim has a brilliant understanding of politics, but isn't popular, but can get things done when it comes to getting plans into action.
    Bob has very basic understanding of politics, but is popular, but can't get things done when it comes to getting plans into action.
    Obviously, Bob wins, due to his popularity, and the people end up with a leader who can't do anything.
    Because EMC has people who have a "basic" to "very basic" understanding of politics mainly, the idea would elect:
    A president who can't make a half-decent speech.
    Ministers who have no knowledge of their department.
    Judges who don't understand the legal system.
    And Representatives who don't even go to Government meetings.

    Therefore making the political system a big mess.
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  10. But why would people who aren't good at it be popular?
  11. Because popularity on EMC is mainly measured perhaps by your personality, amount of rupees, presence on forums and in-game and status in rank system etc. (moderator, admin) and not really by how good you knowledge of politics is, because EMC doesn't tend to engage in politics too much (although you could say that it does, but only in a basic way). Only people like Volt and Kitten may be known for their knowledge in politics, and that won't be known by everyone.
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  12. If anyone decides to make this, I suggest 'Panimperia' as a name.
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  13. Correct. However, even a presence on forums won't matter, because the majority doesn't even know who I am, and I'm practically the most infamous person in the wild. Same with Volt, however he is the the most famous in the wild, without the in part.:p
    Which in other words, you could also end up with a President who doesn't use the website, resulting in a total disaster for the outpost if nobody can contact him when he's away on a vacation or something.
    But Volt.
    Sign me up for this.
    While I won't be able to help much in game, I could help on the forums, and I could scan the live-map for possible locations of settlements.
    Also, Volt, I've changed my mind about Wrem having Neorepopolis(I'm changing my mind faster than Wrem changes names). Feel free to use it in any shape or form as a settlement for your idea, just please don't work on the Underground until I get unbanned.:)
  14. Panimperia?
    Sounds good.
    Although, at the start, a Provisional Government will probably have to be set up, but it would be good to get elections out of the way quickly, a repeat of the NR or 2nd NR would be too vile to think about.
    I can make a Provisional Website and Forums if needed.
  15. So, will anyone make it?
    You Volt?
  16. Bit of a bold statement, don't you think?

    Personally, this sounds like a nice idea. Would it actually work in minecraft? I can't see it happening.

    Why? Well, simply the outpost isn't really designed to get much done quickly. Votes could take far too long, and agendas could never come to fruit unless one has the support of the people. Basically what others have said about popularity.

    Outposts in minecraft, in my personal opinion, should be left to however one wants live within the parameters of the outpost. Having too much sense of control in any way just leaves the outpost limited and unable to grow opposed to one with minimal to no control.
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  17. If you can come up with a player who was more uncooperative and rude in the wild than me, I will eat a bowl of brussel sprouts.
    It could work, just simplify it mainly and use Direct Democracy in most places.
  18. I really like the idea and it would be fun to have something like that set up. If someone does, set it up, they would only need to make a location and a system for voting and then could step back and watch the fun unfold.
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  19. I'm just saying, simply because you did all that stuff doesn't make you in any more well known than others.
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  20. Copherfield.

    I personally will refrain from taking part in this until it has been proven to work.