I have an idea.

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  1. I will try it and see how it goes, more info in the future.

    For now, does anyone know of a location close to a Wild spawn on any SMP server where I could establish an outpost? I'd prefer to be close, for convenience.

    Message me about it if you know one, so the coordinate doesn't get claimed before I can reach it.
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  2. Lava walls? :3
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  4. Bump.
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  5. How big does it need to be? Approx. how many players will reside here? Does the biome matter? SMP Doesn't matter, does it then... I might be able to find something.
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  6. smp6 has a couple abandoned outposts that are close to spawns
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  7. Well an outpost has to be 3k blocks out from all the outposts right? so it cant be that close and hey volt
    -moose former resident of concordia
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  8. 1. It preferably needs to be on land.
    2. As many as we can get.
    3. Nope.

    Noted :)

    Hi ^_^
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  9. Let me provide a few more details on my plans...

    The idea is a city. The name is currently under consideration, but the general idea is, I will get a bunch of people together, and we will dig a step quarry to bedrock. Everyone digging will have the option to keep what they collect for their own purposes (selling, building, tools, etc.) or donate it to the city vault.

    When we get to bedrock, we will build a City Tower. It will be circular, and built gradually from the ground up over time as needed, and it will be 21 blocks in radius (twenny one) with a one block decrease in radius every 24 blocks, meaning it should be approximately one block in diameter by the height limit (though we'd probably cut it off around the top for an observation deck). The City Tower would house all public services, like public farms and cobble generators, as well as city storage, public storage, luxury apartments, and artistic displays.

    The city would be planned with the Tower in the centre, surrounded by a circle of buildings which would form a Central District, made up of shops, luxury apartments, artistic works, transport links, and other attractions. These buildings would in turn be surrounded by another circle of buildings, forming an Industrial District, made up of storage facilities, private farming complexes, cobblestone generators, and other production facilities. Around that would be a Residential District, made up of spacious, high-quality housing, around that would be relatively flat farmland, and around that would be mines. Each District would have its buildings joined up at the top by walls, and gates put in place at the bottom entrances, to give the entire city an appearance of being a giant, multi-walled fortress.

    Each concentric district would be 50% the height of the last; buildings in the Central District will be 128 blocks high at their highest points, 64 high in the Industrial District, 32 blocks high in the Residential District, and any buildings beyond that will be no more than 16 blocks high.

    The City Tower would be composed of Polished Diorite, the Central District will be composed of Polished Andesite, the Industrial District will be composed of Polished Granite, and the Residential District will be made of a variety of materials, with similar materials grouped.

    The city itself will be a loosely democratic voluntarist society, built around communal storage. Citizens will be encouraged to help build and improve the city, and not hoard goods, instead passing them to someone who needs them for an improvement. Rupees should have little use for intra-city trade, and should mainly be used to lock chests and perform other necessary duties, and buy resources and labour from Town to assist with making the city. If citizens wish, they can pass on their goods to the vault, where anyone can withdraw goods with my permission, so long as they state its purpose of use (to avoid hoarding).

    Improvements will focus on:
    • building residences for players
    • building artistic and architecturally appealing displays
    • producing resources for use, not for profit
    • not building useless structures (i.e. hotels, offices) which have no use in Minecraft and will lie empty
    • ensuring anything built will be put to appropriate use; any element of my plan can be circumvented to achieve this, for example, if the farms and facilities in the City Tower are sufficient, an Industrial District will not be built, and if the apartments in the City Tower are sufficient, a Residential District won't be built
    • improving transport and maneuverability
    I'd appreciate anyone interested to let me know the closest place to a wild spawn this can be established, and we could get it off the ground. I'll accept any questions anyone has :)
  10. Twenny One. Still looking.
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  11. So basically kinda like concordia but more much ordered?
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  12. Im interested in this. but can we maybe have it atleast 5k blocks away from a north, south, east, west spawn?
    Really don't want to build at the risk of griefers.
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  13. I think that 72Volt may have a set place in mind, but keep 'em coming, if you have any for him.
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  14. When do you plan on starting this, as diorite, andesite, and granite don't exist in EMC yet?
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  15. Similar to Concordia, yes. There are a few differences in the planned constitutional structure:
    • Concordia was ruled by a constitution, the new project will not; instead, as the establisher of the outpost, I will exercise supreme power in a benevolent manner to ensure the growth of the new project
    • Concordia had a points system to reward contributors and workers for public amenities, the new project will instead encourage people to develop the city voluntarily.
    • Concordia had a vault accruing goods for exclusive use for public services; the new project's vault will dispense goods to anyone who wants to improve the city in some way, even if they will personally make a profit or otherwise benefit. Want to make a nice house? In Concordia, you couldn't, but here, since you're improving the surroundings, you can.
    • There will be heavy planning. Concordia had quite a loose policy; you just asked me, I allocated you a small plot, and you built something reasonable. The new project will require all buildings, except for the outskirts around the outer farms, to be built to a strict vision I have; partly in my head, partly on the previous post.
    • There were Guilds in Concordia, but nothing in the new project. The new project will consist of me and me only, as a one person government tasked with chest locking for the state, the communal storage, the planning policy, and acting as the outpost establisher; all public services will be carried out by those who volunteer. The absence of guilds will allow us to be more flexible.
    The main ideas of this project are:

    • minarchy, the idea the government should be as small as possible
    • communal storage, whereby people can withdraw and remove things almost freely from the state vault with few restrictions
    • voluntarism, the means by which public services will be provided
    • a strong planning policy, based on:
      • settlement sector theory (commercial, residential, industrial districts, like SimCity)
      • holistic design; the entire city, if completed, can be interpreted as a single massive fortress, as opposed to traditional cities, which are usually collections of individual buildings
      • high buildings in the centre, low buildings on the outskirts
      • the circle; the only geometrical shape where all points along the edge are equidistant from the centre, this has strong advantages for citizens; say if they all lived in the Residential District, they'd all be the same distance from the City Tower, a centre of public services
      • dense planning which doesn't waste space, including a light rail network throughout the city for rapid transit
    • maximum use of resources and space; the city will be built in a constantly expanding quarry
    • community over politics, the foundations of the most successful outposts in EMC
    My inspiration includes:

    • that communist server I used to play on when I ragequit EMC, they used an unrestricted communal storage system and a no hoarding rule, and is the inspiration for the voluntarism, etc.
    • the Titanic Quarter, Belfast, 83 miles down the road, which was going to have a rapid transit rail, but it was scrapped
    • a mockup of a hyper-efficient, sustainable city design made in Japan I saw once, it utilised circles
    • The approach of Mba2012, Mrlegitislegit, and others towards the wild, emphasising community and small government over large complex controlling bureaucracies
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  16. I am so happy to see a large project like this that won't be another government simulator. Although there is a time and place for complex governments, smallish groups definitely benefit from the focus brought by 1-3 rulers of equal power.
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  17. In all seriousness, this is the wrong game for those. :p
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  18. Perhaps, but I still must try.

    :) Good to hear, lessons have been learnt since the NR a long time ago.

    >_> I overlooked that detail. I shall consider other materials in the meantime...

    I doubt the risk of griefers is that significant. Perhaps staff could advise on griefing risk within establishment range of a frontier spawn?
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  19. Idk where one is, But when you find one I would me glad to help build. :)
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  20. Oh, that reminds me, I found a location.

    More info to come. An official thread will be up once I am ready to launch an expedition to begin digging.
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