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  1. [Reverse Auction] 6 billion stone slabs!
  2. I have no control in Utopia and the amount of supporters willing to do work in Utopia is a bit low.

    If your base is near the x or z value of 0; 10,000; 1,000,000; 5,000,000; 10,000,000 then message me and we can work around you.
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  3. This is definitely a NIMBY situation.

    Here is my thoughts. You build your road and it crosses a Colored Clay Biome (whatever it is called), someone coming by says "I just need a stack of red clay, no one will notice." The next person says the same and so on and so on. Soon it looks like the Waste and will not be reset. Every biome has something in it that someone will want.

    That and it will cross through several of the places I call home on EMC.
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  4. They can already do that? It is just a path. The waste is far easier because you can do whatever as soon as you leave the structure.

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  5. Why can't we have railways linked to certain areas where thier are outpost

    For example pretend 3 outpost in a certain area. In the middle of them there should be a railway going through and linking to other important areas or clusters of outposts
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  6. I think we should put a minecart track on the bridge to make it easier to use and transport materials to build. I just put this design together in a single player world

    This obviously uses more slabs than a simple 4 wide bridge and also has rails and powered rail every 8 or so blocks.

    edit: looks like someone else already had that idea :p
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  7. We may have to have a discussion about this road as I think it might come close to my outpost. I'll have to chech the coords and then get back to you. I do not want this thing within 3k blocks of my outpost until land claiming is added.
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  8. Still don't get what land claims are

    I like the idea of making a railway yea know
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  9. Thats a great idea! (And actually really kind of useful)
    A walkway in the nether that corresponds to the coordinates of the outposts in the overworld. Then, place portals outside of each outpost that will link to these walkways. Then we could even put rails in eventually, horse trails, etc.

    That way its less resources, more useful, and can be actually beneficial!
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  10. Basically you own land and nobody can break or place anything on it.

    Private message me and I'll make sure it doesn't go near your base. :)
  11. With Kytula's huge help, SMP1's bridge building will be easier.

    To prevent theft, I will reveal the location when we begin. ;)
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  12. May I donate a set of my gargantuan stone generators somewhere near this place?
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  13. You would need thousands DCs of enchanted picks to dig out the stone ...

    500,000 Unbreaking 3 Pick durabilities for stone for 6B slabs ...
    ... dig out 250,000 chunks down to bedrock (assuming average chunk has 12,000 stone blocks)?
    ... one Waste has 250,000 chunks, so completely dig out one Wastelands border to border?
    ... if 500 people, each digs 6000 stone blocks in average each day,
    (not more to avoid getting all sorts of conditions when they see a pick or a block of stone)
    there would be enough stone dug out in less than 3 years!

    I guess one would rather use afk stone gens :)
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  14. Voter'a Dia Pick :)
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  15. I'm not handing out cords to anyone, even if my base were to fall on that axis line.

    Kinda defeats the whole point of having a SECRET location, doesn't it? If you go around handing out cords to anyone who asks? And even if you were the only one building & you told no one else... Having a giant 3k block detour in an otherwise straight road would be like putting a giant flashing neon arrow over my base with a sign that says "grief here please". Not to mention all the ppl coming by to "borrow" my farms. I do all the labor to build them & make them as efficient as possible & someone else comes along to flood the market and make prices even cheaper than they already are? No thank you!

    But as I said before, I have no real worries as I don't believe this project will ever reach smp9.
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  16. Hm, I don't think the road will be too much of a problem for anyone. For builds, perhaps, we should ask permission if builds are established. The thing is... how to check if a build is indeed established?
    But I really don't think it'll be a problem for the look of the place. The mesa thing, for example... if somebody is using the road, they must be going somewhere. If they're going somewhere, they won't stop at every mesa to mine all of it out or anything.
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  17. Okay, where to start? While I cannot say I have the same admiration for the stone slab as you do StoneSky, I do share your overall zeal to bring transportation to the frontier. I have been working for almost 2 years on an outpost for my family. Your initial statement about "If this is completed, then we will work on diagonal." would be a problem for me, as my outpost is actually 100k x 100k out which would land directly on a diagonal path.

    However, as Mob_Meal pointed out: "Lastly, since you will be starting on smp1 & working up and I live on smp9... I have nothing to worry about personally. I'll probably be dead from old age irl before you ever make it to smp9 with this plan.", I too believe this would take way too long for it to be of concern for me in regards to the diagonal paths.

    Just wanted to say the above statement does not apply to all, as my family have trekked out diagonally over 100k via the overworld. There is simply no nether connection to our outpost, and we like it that way.

    Over the course of many months, we have laid almost 25k of road in an attempt to build a road out to our outpost. The road is mostly 4 cobblestone slab blocks wide with cobblestone wall used as railing to prevent falling off. As the release of Empires has become more plausible and imminent we went on out to the outpost area and have begun building roads out there. The roads around the outpost are 5 stone brick slab blocks wide and we are using glass panes for railing. It gives it a nice look, and you can see through it to observe your surroundings. I see your inquiry about glowstone or torches and I would say neither is truly necessary unless you go through a mountain. I have used torches so far in the tunnels I have dug through mountains, as acquiring glowstone while not connecting to the nether and that far out is a bit difficult.

    My son SUPERI0N has been a Major help in what we have accomplished so far, and my wife Musical_Beacon and daughter LadyJaye have also helped, but they seem to like town a little more than us guys :) SUPERI0N and I even laid 2 cobblestone slabs beneath the other 4 wide section that we intended to put rails on at a later time. You may be able to see how there is a drop down under the road / bridge which also has cobblestone walls on each side in some of the pics made available via this link https://empireminecraft.com/threads/tempered-trail.52847/#post-987287

    From that link you will also see we had plans to do a zig-zag road build which we thought would offer others the opportunity to set up their own outpost at one of the zig or zag points. We have built towers along the way and especially at the turning points. Initially the towers were only for players to go up and down, but then LexiBret95 requested one be built so they could take a horse down the tower. So we have enlarged our tower builds and have made some progress in accomodating horses up and down the towers. The road across the frontier I believe was situated about level 90 on the Y co-ordinate, and around the outpost we have lowered it to level 80. Using slabs on the lower half of the block allows you to keep bridge mob free even without light.

    I noticed you mentioned that the bridge would be going across land? I think that truly constitutes a road vs. a bridge. I would recommend the "SKY" bridge idea because that still gives adventurers the opportunity to build stuff around it and it does not deter from the original landscape as much.

    When I first set out to build the road it was just to help speed up the travel from EMC Frontier Outpost to the outpost we are building, but as we progressed I could see this would be a great way to help jumpstart others traveling further out into the wild and doing their own thing. One such outpost that has sprung up along-side the initial stretch of road we laid is UnderHelm. I have to give ElfinCarrot props for doing an excellent job in rallying the masses, and coordinating the construction of an underground outpost. It is quite the busy spot in the frontier on smp2, and people traverse that stretch of road frequently. I have also seen many other individual builds along the road, and several have made their own staircases to connect to the road. I have even seen a few farms in that area. So as a testimony of the benefits of such a road, it can have a lot of positive impact on the wilderness community.

    Having said that, it should be obvious if I am one to go so far out, I did not want close neighbors...well, initially that was the case. As soon as Empires becomes active and people can protect their areas, I see the support for such an endeavor growing. I also feel that if coordinated well with those who have outposts in the area they could help build the roads as they see fit in their region. Who knows, maybe Aikar will add World Edit Road construction to the Senior Staff offerings to outposts so that they can build a road system quickly. Here is another link showing some of the progress we have made at our outpost with relation to the bridge / roads and the last pic shows that I have used over 112k of stone slabs so far in smp2.


    Sorry that some of those pics turned out so bad, it became stormy and then it got dark all at the same time.
    I hope some of my thoughts and experience can be of help on your endeavor, Good Luck.

    I look forward to how this turns out :)
  18. He's not asking for the coords just asking you to clarify if this road comes near your outpost or designated area.
    Might I have a suggestion? Why not make this in the nether? It would run across more swiftly, you run less of a risk of running into someone's outpost and you can have small shacks set next to the outposts for people to enter/exit a portal. I feel like a nether road would be just as (if not more) useful than an overworld one.
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  19. I like traveling through the overworld as well, but I don't call it "easy traveling" ... in the sense of "efficient traveling."
    I visit several outposts on regular basis and I transport stuff from farms to the town - easy or efficient travel / transport just has to use the nether because of 1:8 distance factor.

    I think that many people are going to use the roads to get to distinct biomes and collect resources, but they probably wouldn't travel more than 3k out, as then it doesn't pay off because of the travel time.
    It is then easier to use Wastelands - with simplest paths that can be easily built / cut into the hills.

    That's also my opinion - the people using / "living" in the area should agree where and how to build travel and transportation facilities.
  20. Hm... I really prefer traveling through the overworld. Not because it's faster (it's way slower) but because it feels nicer and it's easier to keep track of where you are.
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