Operation: Stone Slab Bridge

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Will you volunteer?

Yes 15 vote(s) 42.9%
Maybe 13 vote(s) 37.1%
No 7 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. That seems like a cool movie.
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  2. In terms of material you might be better off with wood slabs. 1 DC wood logs = 27648 slabs and it requires less human intervention to farm then stone.
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  3. The only problem is one flint and steel can destroy a large amount of the bridge :p
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  4. And it isn't stone slabs.

    Stone slabs are the superior building material.
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  5. Yes, but those can be burnt, and more importantly: this is Sky we're talking about.
  6. I don't believe that this is a real thing.
  7. All 3 of you are wrong you can't burn away wood (might only player placed wood I didn't test on trees) in the frontier it's one of emc differences from vanilla in order to prevent that sort of griefing (fire spread is also turned off).
    To make sure my memory isn't playing tricks on me I just went out and tested it while doing gold farm maintenance.

    The flames just go out no matter how many times you set it on fire. If you want to burn stuff on emc you have to do it on a town res with the flags set to allow it.
    If you don't believe me go out into the frontier and test it for yourself
  8. Looks like I was proven wrong :p but I don't think sky will give up his stone slabs :p
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  9. I'm seeing this operation as a waste of time and unnecessary. While yes, it's something for people to brag about (Ex: "We built 100s of paths all out of stone slabs on all 9 SMP servers."), I just do not see any point of doing this.

    If you're as addicted to stone slabs as "The Sky" and want to satisfy your addiction? You can go for it. But, I expect many consequences as a result, including additional grieves.

  10. Ah, okay, I forgot about that! Thanks for explaining! :)
    Still though, I'm sure Sky wouldn't have started this project if it weren't for the stone slabs... ;)
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  11. Np people tend to forget about it easily assuming they heard about it in the first place (it's not well advertised)
    Fair enough I just figured I would offer :).
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  12. Does anybody know why he has this such extreme addiction/obsession over stone slabs?

    Please explain, if you can.
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  13. Preach
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  14. Sometimes some people just really like a certain block and want too use it in all their builds; I have the same problem with acacia planks, vines, and light blue glass.
  15. Assuming Aikar is almost done with Anti-grief, we shouldn't have the much of a problem. Besides, people can always be banned. ;)

    See it less as a waste of time and more as the community working towards a common goal.
  16. I once was like that with Stone Bricks, so was Oli Mumbo (from channel MumboJumbo).
  17. I'd like to do this, because it's kind of crazy. Plus it sounds kind of relaxing, as long as you're not dealing with mobs or water all the time.
    We won't make it, but we can see how far we'll get. And the result will be quite nice as well, and it'll probably last a while, with occasional renovations.
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  18. I'd love to help, I'll check how many stone slabs I have and donate those.
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  19. Yes.
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  20. While you answered my question, I'm not getting any explanation that I was looking for. :rolleyes:
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