Operation: Stone Slab Bridge

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Will you volunteer?

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  1. This operation will need everybody's input. As you see above, this is a plan to build a bridge between the outposts for ease of travel.

    In order for this to be successful, we will need the following:
    1. A bridge design
      1. If you would like to submit a bridge design, post it below. The bridge will be going over water, through mountains, over canyons, and will have 4 intersections. Please submit a design for each of the terrains we may encounter (bridge, on land, and through mountains). The amount of likes will decide the winner.
    2. Stone Slabs
      1. If my calculations are correct, we need a lot of stone slabs if we are to do this on every SMP.
      2. Also, lighting. That is important. Glowstone or torches.
    3. Volunteers
      1. Bored on EMC? Well this is your chance to participate in something awesome. Feel free to organize and volunteer on this thread. Any and all help is needed.
    This will be tough, but it is achievable. If there is enough interest, there could be a monthly or weekly event where we can gather and build, giving us a break when the event isn't on. The project will begin on SMP1 and continue on to SMP9.
    I have a storage facility that can only contain around 4.5 million stone slabs. I can make that 9 million and more over time. If you have no space for stone slabs, I can store them at my residence. 100% of my stone slabs will be going to this project.
    As a final note, I leave a warning.
    There may be outposts and/or other player made builds preventing us from going all of the way. We can either build through it if we are allowed or work our way around it. It will be under staff and outpost owner discretion.

    If your property is near the x or z values of: 0 ; 10,000; 1,o00,000; 5,000,000; 10,000,000 then please private message me and I can plan around you.
    Near being within 3,000 blocks.
  2. I have donated 1r
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  3. The bridge will be built in the frontier, right?
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  4. Yes, that is where the new outposts will be.
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  5. You're crazy. You're absolutely crazy. This will take at least... a million stone slabs to complete! :eek:
  6. Add my name to the list!

    Since you are starting on Smp1 I can clear a level on my lot for you to store the slabs. Thus saving some time and vault space. I could even set up a smelting system, so if players have to dig through a mountain they can bring back the cobblestone. Pm with whatever help you need ^_^ I'm all for this!
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  7. Just out of curiosity how many stone slabs do you currently have?
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  8. I'll be honest, I am not completely sure. I store most of it in my secret storage.
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  9. I am definitely interested!
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  10. considering that those red boxes on the grid are 1 mill blocks out its closer to about 17 mill, and thats if the bridges are just a single block wide

  11. Doing the math now.
    Main to 10k out: 40k total
    1 million between paths: 8 million
    5 million out paths: 19.960 million
    5 million between paths: 40 million
    10 million out paths: 20 million
    10 million between paths: 80 million

    Let's subtract 1 million for the space that is unplaceable.
    167,000,000 stone slabs

    Now, that is 1 stone slab wide path, single layer. Let's make it a safe 4 wide.
    668,000,000 stone slabs

    Shall we keep going? 9 servers -- why not?

    Any of my math I goofed? 6 billion stone slabs for a normal 4 wide path on the 9 servers.

    EDIT: That is 3,006,000,000 stone blocks
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  12. Just in case it's unclear, this diagram isn't exactly to scale. I tried to make one that would more accurately demonstrate the.. vastness. I'll link to it so you can zoom in and stuff.

    Try to spot the actual outposts; they're in the same colours as the image above.
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  13. At first glance, I assume you are a troll.
    At second glance, I become intrigued.
    At third glance, you are 100% being honest. Wow.
  14. Quite keen to help, may i ask are e going around the millions + boundary?
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  15. Yeah, lol, notice that the tiniest little dot in the very centre is actually all five current outposts. Them being basically touching is why I made all the outposts' dots so small.

    I could barely fall asleep last night, cause I was just laying in bed, chuckling about the absurd numbers. :p

    I get the same numbers you do, except I don't know what you mean by "the space that is unplaceable". I'll incorporate that part anyway, though. So it's 167 million blocks of distance x 9 servers = 1.503 billion blocks of distance, total. If it's 4 slabs wide, like you wanted, then yes, it would take 6.012 billion slabs.

    Let's talk about man-hours.

    I'm going to say that it would possibly take, on average, 1 second to place each slab. Maybe you can place them faster than that for a short time, but I'm talking about on average, over a long time. Factor in tiring. Factor in actually carving through mountains and stuff. Factor in pausing to collect new loads of slabs. Factor in any normal hiccups, like falling off the bridge by accident, or mobs attacking. It would honestly be very generous to say that one could place 1 slab per second on average, but I don't want to accidentally exaggerate, so let's go with that.

    6.012 billion slabs at 1 slab/sec would quite simply be 6.012 billion seconds of constant placing.

    That's 100,200,000 minutes.

    That's 1,670,000 hours.

    That's 69,583.333 days.

    That's about 190.5 years.

    So if one person did the whole thing, it would take him 190.5 solid years of slab-placing, and that's being generous. I don't mean he'd be done in 190.5 years; I mean that's the amount of time, in "man-years", he would need to take, not counting any aspect of real life and health, whatsoever.

    The thing about man-hours, though, is that they can be split amongst multiple people, to shave down the time. There's the law of diminishing returns to worry about, but we can still do better, right?

    Well, the server cap is normally 40 per server, but if we can just get Aikar to raise them all to 668 million, and get almost all of humanity to come online to place their 1 slab each, then we'd be done in no time! I see no flaws in this plan if you don't. ;)
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  16. I'd like to help! I can help get stone to turn to slabs and once we reach smp3 I can build a good portion of it.

    EDIT: First of all, is it ok for me to do this or do you just need builders? If it is ok, where do you want the stone when I have it?
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  17. That would be quite the payday for Mojang...

    Edit: I think that it would be a better idea to focus on the inner outposts first on each server, then go from there.

    Also, what is the plans to protect the walkways from griefers? Post sentries every 100 blocks?
  18. I like the idea of an interconnected bridge for frontier travel. However with how outposts are so scattered. A great number of them could fall smack dab on the straight lined path. Not to mention not being able to build within a 3k range of Established outposts unless given permission by said outposts.
    I don't know about your outpost but I'd prefer there not be a path anywhere near my outpost. I like the natural surrounding. I don't want a busy highway plowing through my neck of the woods.
    All that aside i do like the idea, i just don't like it near my outpost.
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  19. Then I guess we are taking a 3k block detour when we hit your outpost.
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  20. Oh god, could you imagine if this turned into a situation where bases were demolished to make way for a highway? I hadn't even thought of it, but that's a classic ordeal.

    Heh.. :p
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