Tempered Trail

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  1. Good Evening Fellow Empireans,

    For quite a while I have been building a road out in SMP2 Frontier to make travel much easier while not detracting from the beauty that can be observed there. If anything, by using the road you can take in more of it's appealing landscape. While the initial section of road lies at varying co-ordinates, I have recently linked it to -25k x 30k, and am currently proceeding to -30k x 30k. At which point, I will then proceed to -30k x 35k, then -35k x 35k, then -35k x 40k and so on every 5k until I reach -100k x 100k where the Tempered Outpost resides.

    The Tempered Outpost is still under construction itself, and any willing to join our cause are welcome. However, what I am inquiring of today are those who while maybe not eager to join The Tempered Outpost, would be willing to become an ally and would like to claim a plot along the path to the Tempered Outpost. At each of the 5k intervals would be a great place to set up an outpost. And it would also be neat to have a linking road to join the different outposts.

    Aside from that, if you just want to be part of something bigger, and enjoy the survival aspect the wilderness has to offer, feel free to lend a hand. This endeavor is taking some serious cobble tonnage. Any assistance with cobble is also greatly appreciated. However, if you just want to come and explore the area, feel free to just come check it out and explore, which is at the heart of the overall mission.

    The journey is not really for the faint of heart, or those who do not want to invest an hour or so to get to the area, as the initial stretch is a major boat ride. The initial run to where The Tempered Outpost resides took literally 2 real life days to traverse. When the road is done, it should only take a couple of hours to get from one end to the other.

    Here are some pics of the section that is built so far:


    I was not sure how to put so many images in thread, and did not want to inundate thread with too much length.

    If you are interested in Joining Tempered or simply lending a hand
    - contact KnightZer0ne in SMP2

    As for the Tempered Outpost, consider this: if I am putting this much effort into the driveway, just imagine what the Outpost will be like. :)
  2. Just thought it might be worthwhile to give directions on how to find the Tempered Trail from the Southern Frontier Outpost on SMP2

    Here are a few screen-shots of the Live Map with an orange line marking the easiest route. Any sections over land can be traversed via horse on roads easily. Otherwise be sure to bring a few boats as there is a long water channel, and you never know when a squid may pop up and break one of your boats.


    The Tempered Trail is approx : 11k Blocks
    From one end to the other at this time.

    I look forward to seeing some of you folks come on down.

    Have a Blessed Day.
  3. It looks like a beautiful trail, good luck with it!
  4. Just wanted to offer a few pics of an update to the progress on the Tempered Trail. My son (IGN - SUPERI0N) was instrumental in getting this section completed. There were a few oceans to cross, so there is not as much to see in terms of mountainsides and landscape, but did manage to get a few cool pics.

    There are not many towers along this stretch, but could be put in, if someone would like to consider building in this section. We would be happy to help integrate a tower upon request.

    Tempered Trail now stretches approx. 16k from end to end. Makes for a nice horse ride :)


    As stated in original post, we welcome anyone who would like to lend a hand or a DC of cobble....still need approx. 142 DC of cobble to complete road. Also feel free to simply come out and explore.

    Have a Blessed Day