Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2020 Edition)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. oh we met alright
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  2. and nice to see you were in-game tonite :)
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  3. Did both of the pictures have to be Snapchat filter pictures? :rolleyes:
  4. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  5. im gonna ask her out.
  6. yesh lol xD only way i look good xD
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  7. So many nice faces this year, I'm glad to see them all~ ^^
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  8. Its been a while since I posted my face (couple of years maybe lol) and its safe to say even my profile picture is a bit out of date...2018 throwback

    Heres the recent picture of me (couldn't get a better photo) and it was just before I turned 18! It's been 5 years since i joined EMC (nearly) and this server has seen my teen years wow.

    And here is the most recent picture of me and my boyfriend <3 (which was also taken yesterday)

    Since my break off the server I guess you could say A LOT has changed but ya girl is back :p

    HERES TO 2020! (a bit late)
  9. A Japanese grocery store in New Zealand? In any case, creative picture, and you're looking good. :)

    Hey Jadziaa! :D (it looks like I'm extra enthusiastic because of the prolonged vowel, but your name's just that way :p)
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  10. I'm still reppin' as FDNY :rolleyes:

  11. Love the JPmobile!
  12. I was just looking forward to a conversation in the future in which it might be relevant to say "I know a guy who has a Jurassic Park Panda". :D (Followed by "I think he has 3 or 4 Pandas, anyway" ;))
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  13. And that's not even counting his cars. :p
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  14. Thanks mate! It gets some attention ;)
    I think there's 5 now, new one coming on Saturday... ;)
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  15. first year out of 7 on emc posting an image of myself, haha taken a few days ago.

  16. need to get a comparison picture from the 2015 show yourself thread
  17. I shall stay hidden for a bit MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (Idk im random lol)
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  18. I do be showing myself