Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2020 Edition)

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  1. I have been lurking here over a year now, so I think it's time....
    (sorry, my phone camera doesn’t have built in monkey filter :rolleyes::D )

    Pic taken at my workplace, on a coffee break. And no, I'm not in the army, that is just an old Swedish army shirt, that they sell here. It's warmer than a T-shirt @ winter and the company shop is located next to sea, so it's windy place almost every day in wintertime.

    And here are 2 pics for you to look some think other than my face, our 2 cats: Carkki and Armas.

    In the first image, they are about 5 months old and in the second one, 7 months old. Second image is taken on our Christmas holiday trip to my hometown @ hotel room (it took over 8 hours to drive with the cats and not a sound from the cats!! :cool:).

    Carkki (Candy in English) is a female with a white triangle at her face. Her lower chin is little shorter than the upper, so her facial expression is quite unique. Fortunately, it's only minor and she can eat normally.

    Armas is the "black panther", little bit of white on his chest and one white "sock". He is a little furball of energy, the female is little bit calmer. And plays fetch...with a ball, that has bell inside. We think he has been a dog in the previous life...:p

  2. Well a couple people were chatting paintball, and I happened to come across my old mask so thought I'd get a pic, as it turns 30 years old this month! :D

    Our team made custom masks of various creatures (Wolverines was the team name), and as the white tiger is one of my favourites, ...

  3. Reading your status, it seems like you accepted! Congrats!

    (but it also seems like this is not a 2020 picture)
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  4. Only for you all would I take a selfie. Note the biting of the lower lip as I attempt this new fangled thing ;)
    And hey, it's not a pic of my dog for a change! :D
  5. Awh I made it to the thumbnail again :D trying to be active on emc more often, so here's me going into second semester of senior year :3

  6. Nice!
    Thanks for sharing. :)
  7. considering you’re in the thread to share, sure :)
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  8. Yeah, you can call me a model too

  9. Hi EMC! :D

    I got a haircut today so I thought it would be the perfect time to make my first post to this thread this year!

    Here's another picture (sorry for the lower quality). I wouldn't have posted this if I hadn't noticed that because of the background and what I'm wearing, it looks like my head is floating XD

  10. wow, I can't tell what's more beautiful..

    you or the mountains behind you.. ;')

    also nice post number muahahah
  11. Obviously the mountains

    Gods plan
  12. and here i thought i was a bad driver :rolleyes:
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  13. Don't start something you can't finish now Faded ;)
  14. Cool picture! Although it seems like that that pose might have put an uncomfortable amount of strain on your right leg. :p
    I can imagine this being quite a surreal experience to drive around in! Believing yourself to be in a video game or something. :D

  15. Haha... I was looking at the truck.... beauty!
  16. it muh birthday, so you know what that means!

  17. Happy Batday!
  18. Out there is where they test martian rovers. So technically, I did meet Faded although no one believed me ;)

  19. Allot has happened since i last posted here. PupInAction and I have moved in together. =)