New Staff and A New SS!

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  1. Woot, We'll be expecting more then :rolleyes: More stalking victims, I mean Pfff..
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  2. Congrats everyone!!! Very exciting!
  3. Gratz! I'm kinda late aren't I?
  4. Congrats Guys!! Good luck, and have FUN!!!
  5. Not really. :)
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  6. Before reading Mod Update:

    After reading Mod update:

    Good Luck to everyone who got new staff positions :D
  7. Wow, awesome!! Congrats you guys :)
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  8. Congrats Sazukemono, JohnKid and AncientTower!!!! and nice colour change AlexC__ :D
  9. congratulations guys...
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  10. Congratulations Sazukemono and AlexC__, and also JohnKid and AncientTower (but I already congratulated you two ingame ;))! :) Looking forward to seeing all of you in action. :)
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  11. Congarats you amazing people! <^'^>
  12. Nice! congrats!

    P.S. I saw nothing. ;)

    - Andy
  13. DANG! I didn't get to ruin it this time :(
  14. Maybe next time you can have a sacrifice like they had in the movie Silent Hill hehe.
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  15. It's OK Aikittykat, the next one will be in a grand temple, and you can ruin that one.
  16. Congrats to everyone! Gl all new staff! :)
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  17. i saw nothing ;)

    - Andy
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  18. Congratulations to everyone! :D
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  19. Some fresh blood, I see.

    (congrats y'all :3)
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